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Tuesday January 23, 1973

Uneventful day. The snow has gone completely. Our winter for the year is over. Went to school on the 8.30 bus. I revised in the morning. People go wild with hysterics over my "Fog Theory" which I wrote just before Christmas. I could make millions writing satires. Sometimes I wonder whether teaching will be worthwhile after spending 50 years at college. The dreaded letter came today from Darlington College. I have been passed on again. My next choice is Middleton St George near Newcastle. I must be bloody awful at interviews. When I told Mr Groves this morning that my letter had arrived he didn't break down crying like he usually does. All he could say was "place your hopes in Middleton". Silly bugger. At 2pm Denise and I had a mock O Level Biology exam. Louise finished at about 3.30 - everyone else finished at 4. I could only answer half the questions and was sure glad to get out.
President Nixon of the USA announced something about Vietnam on the radio today. It was live on BBC1 at 3am. It will probably be a ceasefire or even an end to the war which has been raging since about 1400BC. Strangely enough, if the end of the war has come Pres. Johnson will have just missed seeing it by a day. They are burying him on Thursday.
Did a bit of revising and watching TV until almost 12. I have History exam tomorrow. If I get more than 40 per cent I am high and dry. In the last "mock" I got 29 per cent.


Monday January 22, 1973

The main subject of discussion at school today was the amusing events of Fridays drunken engagement party. To my amazement Janet says she caught to bus to Horsforth. It seems I am madly in love with June. But I'm not the only one, or so it seems. Dave, Steve Tate, Peter Hurst, Michael Stott, and many more have fallen under her bewitching spell. I would love to know whether she fancies me...the competition gives me an even greater urge to succeed in capturing her beautiful heart.
It was announced on the late night news several minutes ago that Lyndon Johnson, former president of the United States 1963-69 has died from a heart attack. No doubt the mess in Vietnam added a couple of decades to his life. He has looked 90 since 1966. He was only 64.


Sunday January 21, 1973

I was awakened by Dave on the phone at 11.30. Louise is putting it about that Denise and I are engaged! Louise is going to feel the sharp end of my boot on Monday. It snowed solidly from 12 until 4.30pm but alas it began to rain at 5. It'll be slushy tomorrow.
Dad came home from work with a story that they (at the police station) had received a letter from the Home Office stating that the Duke of Norfolk was in receipt of a letter from a Guiseley man claiming the throne of England! Dad of course had to investigate but the culprit (a certain King Terry the First) is nowhere to be found. His mother (HM The Queen Mother) hasn't seen him for weeks. It gave Dad a laugh even though it was a waste of time.
Poor Lynda West and Janet Rootes may have been wandering around Aireborough in the snow since Friday night. I blame myself. I should have offered to escort them to the bus stop at least. I will make my apologies in the morning. It is now 12.45 and I am retiring to bed forthwith.


Saturday January 20, 1973

Boring day. John and I went to Leeds in the afternoon. I intended buying a coat, but was unable to find any suitable ones. John bought a pair of Oxford bags for £3.50 - not a bad price. Mine cost £5.50. After having lunch in Leeds we browsed around until 3.30. 33 bus back to Guiseley for 4.10. A couple of cars had bumped in the snow on Hawksworth Lane and Dad (who was on duty) invited a couple of the victims to take refuge in our house. When I left for the Church Wagon it looked like a refugee camp. Distraught ladies were using our phone to ring garages, etc. Approx. 50 people dined at the Chuck Wagon - not bad going. Worthy grows that little bit more every time I see him. Florence has now settled down with him. He was just the same when Webster was a pup. At 1am Pauline, Toffer and myself decided to have a mad half hour in the snow - snowball fight outside the CW. I think Toffer scored the most hits. Me and Pauline did lousy. On arriving home at 1.30 Toffer shoved the stuffed dogs head out of the car window and barked like a dog, at which P and I broke into hysterics. Mum and Dad came to the door in curiosity at the noise we were making. Came to bed at 2am. Hope to revise in the afternoon.


Friday January 19, 1973

Snow. Tim and Liz's engagement party. I had three whiskies and a pint of keg bitter. I escorted Denise to the party. June looked ravishing. Denise and I were out in the cold drinking whisky at 10.30. At 10.45 poor Janet Roots set off in the snow for Horsforth. She was supposed to be Harry Ramsden's just after 11 to catch the 55 bus. Gillian Widdop's brother-in-law brought Dave and myself home at 11.10.


Thursday January 18, 1973

Louise and I went up to Denise's this afternoon where D made me some lunch. L and I played records. Chris arrived at 1.10pm. We all settled down to some revision at 1.45 but weak willed Chris and Louise began copulating on Denise's lounge sofa. Denise and I sat by the dining room fire reading (D was doing her Biology and I was reading Lord Moran's life of Churchill 1940-45). At 3.30 we raided the lounge. We couldn't persuade Chris and Louise to vacate the sofa and so we retreated to the yard to see the dogs. One was called Forrester. Another was some sort of hound - a fine pair of dogs. We returned to the lounge where Louise and Chris made room for us...
Arrived home on the 5.30 55 bus from Leeds. Watched TV until 10.30. It's now 12 midnight and Mum has just stuck her head around the bedroom door and told me it's time I was asleep. She's now threatening to turn off the lights. I had better go.