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Thursday January 25, 1973

I learned today that June isn't the only one to fancy me. Add Janet Roots and Christine Jennings to the list. Today is Sue Crosby's 18th birthday. Dave, Denise, Louise, Chris, Martin Vere-Bunowsky, Skinhead, Malcolm, Tim, Liz, MM, Judith Lea, Roy Molkin and me went up to the Emmott Arms at 1pm. Denise and I went out at the back of the pub and I told her that I didn't want to go out with her. Inside I bought Denise a Britvic orange and myself a pint of lager. Sue was really pissed. We had a sing song in the Emmotts before returning to school & Denise and I were able to squeeze into the back of Skinhead's car. However, we were pushed with force into the back and he had to drive with the doors open. Denise saved us both from being dashed to pieces on the road surface by holding both doors together with her hands. A pretty sight.
On arriving back at school Denise set to work on Paul Denby. June was very sweet when I told her I had failed my biology (Louise and I failed the mock. Denise got a grade 5). Dave, Christine Braithwaite, Chris and Louise nicked off at 2.30. It was fun watching them all scatter down the drive at Benton Park.
Later June and I walked to the bus stop together at 4.30 and we watched each other until our buses separated us for many hours to come.


Wednesday January 24, 1973

Denise phoned me tonight at 8.45 and asked me whether I wanted to go out with June. I said I did. She had received the news that J fancied me via Louise & Benita. Immediately after Denise was gone I rang Dave. He was startled beyond words. At 9.30 John and I went round to the Smiths next door. He was a major in the army. She is German. Lynn and Sue joined us at about 10. Mum and Dad are keen on the Smiths and they are going out to the Chuck Wagon with them next month. We came home at 2.30.