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Tuesday April 17, 1973

June did not ring me. However, she did send me a lovely letter, to which I replied immediately. She must have forgotten about ringing me - she is always telling me how scatter-brained she is. But I love her and would never have her change. Got up at 10 o'clock. Dad was painting the side door, and the girls were having breakfast - the weather is perfect. I read June's letter and reply immediately. By 12 o'clock she still had not phoned.

Had mutton for lunch. Mum and the girls went to Bradford. Dad went to work. I was left alone with Sir Anthony Eden, or should I say Lord Avon, plus my awful doubt. Why has June not phoned? What can I have done wrong? I am like a big kid. She would laugh if she knew I was worrying over her. At 2.10 I beging seriously reading Eden. What a terrible way to spend a beautiful Spring afternoon!

She rang at 4. How relieved and thrilled I was to hear her voice. We are meeting at the Emmotts at 7.30 tomorrow. The pips came much too soon. I blew a kiss down the phone. Swoon, Swoon, Pant, Pant, Swoon, etc.

Tried to settle back down with Eden and the rearmament thing of the early 1930s. Oh, how happy I am! John came home at about 5.30 followed by Mum and the girls, and they were followed by Dad. We had tea. By 7.30 I was back at the Chuck Wagon, where it was unusually busy for a Tuesday night. Came home at 11.30 and had a discussion with Susan about the order of succession to the Throne. I told her how silly it was to say that it should go in order of birth regardless of sex, and not by the usual male first. If this idea had been in operation in 1901 then Queen Victoria would have been succeeded by the Empress Frederick who would have been Queen Victoria II from January to August and then succeeded by her son, King William V (aka Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany). Not a very satisfactory idea is it?


Monday April 16, 1973

Got up at about 10.30. Lynn and Susan were watching the television. Mum was at work and Dad was in bed. Lynn was complaining like mad about no one wanting to go out with her, Susan intending staying in all day.

Woke Dad up at 12 and he went and collected Mum from work. We had omlettes for lunch. In order to shut Lynn up I decided to go to Guiseley with her. Dad gave us a lift down at 2pm. We went into the Library where we remained for about an hour. We brought 8 books out with us. I found two of Eden's large memoirs - 'Facing the Dictators' and 'Full Circle'. Eden says that he resigned due to ill-health and not due to his arcaic policy which was shunned even by his own colleagues. It goes to show how history can be twisted and warped. I can understand how King Richard III has been wrongly portrayed over the past six hundred years. It was Shakespeare, who may have been a good playwright, but a lousy historian. Henry Tudor was the blackguard.

Lynn and I went from the library to Mrs Little's at Silverdale. We remained for about an hour. She made us a coffee. We didn't see much of Stewart, who was out playing with a friend. At 4.45 we set off for home. The weather is really beautiful and we discuss our very first memories as we walk up the lane. Dinner at 5.15. Watch the television for the remainder of the evening. I briefly look at the Eden memoirs which I'll look at in more detail tomorrow.

June is intending ringing me up tomorrow morning, and event for which I can hardly wait. We will not be seeing one another until Wednesday or Thursday. Too long to ask any love-sick man to wait. Came to bed at midnight.


Sunday April 15, 1973

Palm Sunday. Nearly 12 again when I get up. I ought to be ashamed of myself remembering the days when I spent Sunday morning in church. Have breakfast and then go upstairs to tidy my bedroom which is a disgrace with books, papers, and useless articles piled everywhere.

Have a small snack at lunchtime then watch a corny film (black and white). Nice tea at 5 followed by Badminton Horse Trials on the telly (Princess Anne there). Horse trials are always very exciting. One poor girl succumbed to a heavy blow on being thrown from her horse which landed on the top of her. She was taken away in an ambulance. Dad was being anti-social and he did the washing-up. Susan and I departed to the dining room to listen to the top 60 programme. At 6 o'clock I rang Dave. His mother told me that he was in Sheffield for the day but he would contact me on his return. At 7 I rang again. He had just got in, and due to several severe nose bleeds he said he wanted an early night. So it seems that June and I will be alone.

Arrived at the Emmotts at 8.25. June had been there since twenty to 8. But in her note she said quite clearly that she'd been there at 8.30. Anyway, she was enjoying herself with dear old Ivy. We have a laugh about her name. She dislikes Bottomley. Evidently, her grandfather, Mr Bottomley, married a Miss Sidebottom - what a remarkable arsey phenomenon! Bottoms run in the family. June's brother, Geoffrey, changed his name to Dalton, and her sister, prior to her marriage, changed her name to Langley. Bottomley is not so bad. Very much to our surprise, Dave came in at about 9 o'clock. He had a couple of cokes and stayed until about 9.50. He had to take the car home for his Dad. June and I remained until 10.30 - she very much liked my new furry jersey and said that her sister Sue is having a crush on me at the moment. God! Not another one! Came home at 11.15. Watched a programme about what the Commonwealth thinks about the Royal Family. Ray Belisario, that horrid photographer, showed some phots of Princess Margaret scantily clad. Everyone should be allowed to have some privacy - Belisario wants hanging!