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Friday August 9, 1974

Rains like hell all day. Get soaked to the skin whilst walking up Hawksworth Lane.

Gerald Ford became president of the United States at noon today. Can't say I know anything about the bloke really but I suppose he'll do a good job till election time in '76.

Dave L collects John and I at 8.0 and we go to the Hare. Everyone comes too and we remain until 10.30 when we all - except Chris - go back to Dave B's for a so-called party. Peter Mather and I go to Harry Ramsden's first where I see Ronnie, who is having a night free from the clutches of Lynn. Back to Dave's in a torrential downpour for 11. See Christopher Lee in "Dracula - Prince of Darkness" - a load of old rubbish which wastes the best part of two hours. After seeing tv we play tapes, and Denny gets stoned on a full bottle of Dave L's port. "Al Capone" a reggae record will forever be imprinted upon my mind. Don't drink much really and actually tip one whisky down the sink because it makes my stomach feel suicidal. Peter takes Denny home (or so I'm told) and Andy and Linda go too. John, Dave L, Dave B and I sit listening to rubbish like Diana Ross till after 3. Home in torrential rain - again and to bed immediately. Feel uncertain about Scarborough tomorrow.


Thursday August 8, 1974

Not very good at the YP. Hear from Mrs Beaumont that she is leaving on September 20. What a change that will be!

Feel sick all day after last night's boozy celebrations at Dave Baker's. Glad that he and Carol (Smith) are back together. Anne and Carol Shires, the girls from way out west, go back to New York today. John didn't even get their address - talk about cool!

Speculation all day abut Richard Nixon, the US president, who won't be with us, or perhaps I should say the Yanks, much longer.

Denny rings at 7 and is slightly peeved when I say I don't really want to go out tonight. You can't really blame me. Being an alcoholic at 19 is a bit much.

Sit now watching the tv waiting for news of the fate of President Nixon. Susan, Peter and myself are like vultures crouched around the telly.

Hear on News at 10 that Nixon is to broadcast to the American people at 2am (our time) and I decide to sit up in an armchair and hear what he has to say. Sit until 1.30 and then fall asleep until 2.35 - so that poor Nixon was talking to himself. Missed him altogether. Had Dad not come in for supper at 2 I would have slept in the chair all night. From the tv I gather that Nixon is to resign his office tomorrow.