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Friday October 4, 1974

Up at the unearthly hour of 8.30 in order to tidy the place for Mum, who is expecting a little man round to mend her cooker.

 Sit in the dining room and drain the contents of a full tea-pot. Continue with the biography of Prince Albert Victor, which states in a round-about sort of way that he had several homosexual relationships whilst at Cambridge University in the 1880s. It must really be a blessing that the poor soul never lived to be king.

Much later: everyone to the Hare & Hounds, including Lynn and Christine Dibb. Stay till 9.30, and Dave B arrives with Denny, and he looks positively thrilled when he lays eyes on Lynn. See the photographs from last Saturday which are fantastic. The let down of the evening is when everyone refuses to go to Wikis. I insist that we all should go - Sarah Jane will be there - but they take little notice of me. John invites everyone back to our place, but before the pubs shut we all go to the Yorkshire Rose - a grotty place indeed. Back to Pine Tops where we show Mum the photos. She is almost hysterical. See a terrible film on the BBC which fascinates Chris, him being a Dracula-Frankenstein, Werewolf type. Far too ridiculous for my taste. Dave and Lynn were sitting together all night, which pleased me immensely. Denny and I are in the same chair which proves painful for me in many places. To bed after getting rid of everyone at about 1.0am. Miss not going to Wikis. Poor Sarah Jane.


Thursday October 3, 1974

Busy day but quite pleasant. Go to Leeds library taking my driving licence as a means of identification, and get out a couple of books. One is 'Clarence' by Michael Harrison which incorporates a biography of Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence & Avondale, grandson of Queen Victoria, and 'Jack the Ripper'. Dr Stowell, the man who in 1970 spread the story that the prince was the killer, may have fooled a lot of people but not myself._______.Also get a book on the Prince of Wales.

Home at 6 to find Mum in her bed, a box of chocolates placed between her weak, sickness-ridden knees. Lynn makes eggs and bacon for me, and we discuss her relationship with Dave Baker. I only wish he'd ask her out, propose to her, and eventually marry her, because he's such tremendous fun. He's just the sort of chap I'd like for a brother-in-law.

Read all evening and don't see John, who is at tech till late. Looking forward to the day off tomorrow and the night out with Sarah Jane. (Oh, rang Denny at 8.30 but she's at college. Mrs Akroyd says she'll ring when she comes in). Denny rings at 9 and I say that I will pay her a visit tomorrow afternoon., and she says that Chris may also be going up. Should be fun anyway.