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Saturday June 17, 1978

Sun rises at 04:43 Sun sets 21:20

Another party. Jacq and I went to Bradford this afternoon where I collected the air tickets from Denise. It was Jacq's first meeting with my former constant companion.

A bright, sunny afternoon, but I dislike the town intensely. We were back home for 4 or 5. After tea with the clan the two of us walked to the Crown at Yeadon. Philip K, Jane and co told us that Jed is having a party tonight, and so Jacq immediately approached the young man and secured our invitation. We purchased a few bottles and walked with Jed to his house, where his DJ brother has millions of brill records. We didn't drink to excess but did a lot of dancing and laughing.

A guy by the name of John taught Jacq to say "Doctor Bob!" like Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show, and far into the night the house, and indeed the street, rang to the sound of screeching puppet piggy voices.

Miss Carol Smith was at the party. She now owns her own hairdressing salon.

It was 5am and the birds were forming their own choral society when we finally decided to call it a day. Fourteen neighbours had committed suicide en masse out of protest at the noise level.

And so it came to pass that Mig and Jacqui left the party at Rawdon with the morning sun on their faces to venture out into the unknown.


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