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Thursday August 3, 1978

Jacq and I had a lunchtime drink at the Ostlers which was pleasant. She showed me a letter she has received from Gina inviting us both to RAF Benson for a weekend. Should be OK. Gina seemed like a very nice girl at our brief meeting in April.

Tonight is 'Margaret & Jim' night. Jim says he's related to the Bronte sisters but doesn't remember how exactly. He also says his mother's maiden name is Fowkes, an ancient Yorkshire surname which entitles him to bear arms, &c. I will do some research into this for him.

Poor Lynn is ill. She went to the doctor with chronic ear~ache this evening, and he partially syringed her ears and subsequently she came home in really bad pain. She was in tears at midnight. Jim went home for some pain~killers because we didn't have an asprin in the house, and she slept quite well after that. She suffered a few twinges at about 5 or 6am.


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