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Tuesday August 1, 1978

Horrid weather on this first of the month. No startling news to impart other than to say Dad and I were at Burley again slapping paper on walls. I'm beginning to enjoy it now. When all is finished here it will leave a massive void in my life.

I pray to God that the marriage of my sister will be a long and happy one. We couldn't tolerate a divorce so close to the throne. I am very fond of Dave and regard him as a brother. His disappearance from the scene would be terribly sad for me. I know he can, at times, be something of a pain, but aren't all brothers?

Whilst I was at Burley tonight Dave L phoned to cancel tomorrow's drink because the insurance man is coming to see him about his car. It's just as well really because I am on the verge of destitution. I am seriously considering donating my body for medical research # if they'll take it before I have vacated it. A couple of hundred quid wouldn't go amiss at all.


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