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Tuesday March 13, 1973

Got up at 7.30 and went on the 8.30 bus. Revised my Russian timed question until 12.30. How's that for dedication! Mrs Lane came across at 11.45 - it didn't stop us continuing our revision. We were all revising our separate topics which are:-

Me: Estimate the progress made my Russia 1890-1917

Michael Attenborough: German Military Power 1890-1918

Carol Bailey: Why did the Settlement of Vienna fail?

Sheila Woodhead: Why did the Revolution in Europe in 1848 fail?

How's that for intellectualism, eh?

June and I made our usual journey down to Hinchcliffe's and Rigg's. We seem to spend all our lunchtimes knocking about the shops in Rawdon. We must put our foot down (or should I say 'feet') and tell these lazy people to do their own bloody shopping. The trouble with June and I is that we are too damned kind-hearted.

After lunch we had a remarkable visitation. June was in lessons, and Dave, Christine B and myself were messing around in the study booths. Dave was smoking one of his cigars, and Christine was playing hell about the smoke, when Mr Elliott, the headmaster, himself drifted into the block accompanied by some sort of visitor. Christine was going berserk trying to empty the room of the smog and dirt caused by Dave and his cigar. The boss didn't stay very long and her sauntered out several minutes later. (See Thursdays entry).

After a pleasant afternoon June and I went down to the usual Cadburt's Cream Egg stockist, and subsequent our romantic interlude at the bus stop. Came home and revised (or at least tried to). Went to bed at 10.45. The test is tomorrow and I am quite looking forward to it! I don't suppose you'll believe that, or will you?


Monday March 12, 1973

In remarkable contrast to yesterday the weather today is terribly dull, overcast and thoroughly miserable. Got up at 8. I partook in one glass of ice-cold orange juice before chasing off down the lane and getting the 8.30 55 bus to school. Passed a thoroughly boring morning. Chris, Dave and Louise are all away! Surely this is more than a coincidence? Well, I'll fins out tonight, or at least tomorrow morning.

I made some attempt to revise Russia 1890-1917, but due to several very gorgeous distractions I had no chance to do any work. Yes, June was free for several lessons and all I could do was look at her. Poor June has lost her GCE English file. Old Mrs Telford was quite narked! Groves humiliated June in front of the entire 6th form by asking her when she had last seen it. She claims it was 2 months ago....

(Dear Diary)... I am so sorry for the break in my cronological flow of daily events, but the plain and simple fact is that I have been extremely busy over these past few days, and I have no time to fill you in. It is now Thursday March 15 1973 and to be quite honest I cannot remember in detail what actually occurred on Monday March 12. Anyway, it can't have been much because I would have remembered anything significant. By the by, it is 6 weeks to the day since June and I first went to the Emmotts. Grief, it seems longer than that. Anyway, that's all for now. Sorry if you are upset about the dreadful break. Yours, etc MLR.


Sunday March 11, 1973

1st in Lent. Yet another sunny, spring-type day! Got up at 11. After an almost non-existant breakfast I struggled into the garden with a pair of shears crawling back some 90 minutes later with ample scars to prove I had been amidst Mum's hybrid floribundas. Yes folks, it's rose pruning season! At about 1 I went into the lounge for a sandwich and a chocolate biscuit only to be told that I couldn't have a proper meal until tea time. I proceeded to potter about in the garden again until 3. I then had a bath and washed my hair - emerging from the murky depths 45 minutes later.

Karen, Jill and Diane came at about 4.30 - having walked from Pudsey. Not bad either having broken Lynn and Sue's record achieving it in 2 and three quarter hours. Jill looked dead! Within the hour Auntie Hilda and Uncle Tony had arrived for tea bringing with them a massive jar of Uncle T's home-brewed beer. I find the stuff quite repulsive, but John seems to enjoy it.

We ate pie and peas. Then went to my bedroom to prepare for tonights rendezvous with June. Went downstairs to listen to the 'Top 60' show. Unfortunately, Slade and 'Cum on feel the noise' are still holding the number one spot - so uncouth.

At 7.30 I made my usual trek down the lane. The bus ride gets longer. It broke down at Rawdon traffic lights. The evening was uneventful. June, myself and Ivy and Tim Wallis's gran's bulldog sat in the usual spot until about 9.30. Linda and Jane Wood were sitting at the other side of the pub and June and I joined them for a laugh. Linda accidentally knocked a glass of 'Cherry B' over Jane, who was, unfortunately, dressed entirely in white. She took it all in her stride and had a good giggle. I did the sopping up of the Cherry B with Uncle Tony's handkerchief. Chris and Christine, Andy and Linda came in with MM and Skinhead. At 11 we (meaning June and myself) went out for the buses. June sat on the signpost at the bottom of the lane. Chris found this very amusing. Andy thought I was strangling June making my passionate embraces. We missed the buses and all got lifts home. I rang Dad and he and Uncle Tony came for me. I would have walked but it was too cold.