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Saturday October 6, 1973

On October 6, 1970 we moved into Pine Tops. It seems much more than a mere three years and to think how much has happened since then.

Get up at 11 o'clock. Have no breakfast and ring Dave at 12. He is in Yeadon, but Mrs Lawson says he will ring me back when he comes home - she says he seems to have had a good time - and that is all that really matters. But, whether he's having a good time or not I have made up my mind not to go to college and I intend to stick to that decision.

John goes to Leeds shopping and Mum and Dad go to Morrison's. Lynn and I are left at home on our own, Sue being at work.

After having had fish and chips for lunch I walked down to White Cross where I withdraw 80p from my Post Office savings book for tonight's wild fling. The sun became very hot whilst I was walking back up Thorpe Lane and I was sweltered.

A chain of telephone conversations between 5 and 7pm, between Chris, Dave, Andy, etc. In the end it was decided that Dave would collect John, along with Christine W, MM and Linda, and Marita would collect me, Chris and a friend called Laura, who is quite vivacious. We set off to Chris's at 8 o'clock.

It was raining as we arrived in Leeds at 8.45. Before 9.30 we had been turned away from the Pentagon and Cinderella's. But wait for it, Dave and Linda were first into Cinderella's, and were well inside before the rest of us were turned away. Subsequently, Dave and Linda spent the hours 10.30 until 2am quite alone. I'll never forget poor MM's face as Linda disappeared inside with Dave. The remaining mob finished up in Samantha's - not a very nice place, but we all enjoyed it. Actually, when it comes to having a good time I prefer the Cow and Calf. Marita brings me home at 2.45. Dave brings John at 3. Dave comes in and we sit talking and laughing until 4.15.