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Monday October 15, 1973

Crawl out of my lovely warm bed at 8.10am. Lynn is yelling at me to get up. I stagger downstairs and eat my breakfast wondering where Mother can be. At 8.30 I discover, to my surprise, that she's in bed with some sort of illness - upset tummy. Leave for school on the 9 o'clock 55.

The weather is lousy once again and by the time I arrive at school I am rarther wet. I sit all day with Christine and Glynnis Margerison - a plain but hilarious girl.

In Economics Ayling carries on about people who think that 'the Economist magazine is politically biased.' Poor Pauline Barlow realised he was getting at her. Such a laugh. But the bugger cannot con me. We all know that 'The Economist' is a fascist rag.

During the lesson I speak to Miss Helen Taylor (the girl who is crazy about me and I apologise for the change in ink colour). She says that the Wyndham-Logg memoirs are 'very amusing'. I don't know why, but the word amusing immediately prints onto my mind the image of Queen Victoria. 'Amusing' is such a very middle-class word. I would have preferred Miss Taylor to have said 'very funny', or something equally amusing.

Later. See tv until 11.30. Bed at a quarter to 12. Arrgghh! Blimey O'Reilly! Chris rang twice. At the second call be brought tidings of a spine-chilling nature.__________________.


Sunday October 14, 1973

Wake up having had another dream about June. She had written to me asking me to forgive her. Me forgive her! My God it should be vice versa. I must have been a swine, a real swine!

A typical lazy Sunday. Andy doesn't ring about the swimming baths. John and I sit in the lounge listening to Jimmy Savile on the radio. Mother is preparing lunch and the girls do homework.

Later: after an excellent chicken lunch we watch Sidney Poitier in the film 'Lillies of the Field' - very amusing in places.

Chris rings at 7 o'clock. John decides to have a night out with Chris and Andy - females prohibited.

I stay at home and see a programme on tv about why we laugh, but the end result is more of a programme concerned with what we laugh at, completely different to what the title suggests.

Mum and Dad and the girls go to Pudsey at about 7.30 and do not return until about 1.30. I sit watching the tv until it closes down and then compile a letter to June asking her to see me again, and will post it tomorrow.

Do not get to sleep until about 2.30. I feel listless and completely useless really.

Oh dear. When John and Chris arrived at the Emmotts they encountered Marita, poor soul, and Laura. Chris hadn't told Marita he was going out. Chaos and pandemonium followed. The girls walked out. Is this the end of Chris and Marita? I do hope not. M is such a nice old girl.