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Tuesday October 16, 1973

Believe it or not, Mum woke me at 7.30 bringing me out of a dream where I arrived for my interview at the Yorkshire Post a whole four hours late! Also, in the dream, Len Fairclough of 'Coronation Street' was in a lift with a machine gun! What a ridiculous dream. Quite frankly, I don't know what's come over me lately.

Arrive in Leeds at 9.40 having travelled for one and a quarter hours. One would think I had come from Arabia, and not lil' ol' Guiseley. On my arrival at the Yorkshire Post I go see a Mr Austin-Clarke, the boss. He gives me the job immediately and asks me to start on Monday! The pay is £17.50, and with four weeks holiday per year that can't be bad. Leave the building jubilantly at 10.34.

To go to the city centre. Spend half an hour in WH Smith's. Get a 55 bus at 11.10. Home by noon.

Mr Blackwell rings me and asks me to pass on a message to Mrs Blackwell. The old girl isn't in residence.

When Mum arrives home I tell her of my joyous news - she thinks it's great. So does Papa when he arrives home at 2.0. I don't bother going into school, and clean out my room instead.

The Daily Mail is, this week, publishing colour photographs of Princess Anne. A build up to the wedding which is to be televised from 7.30am to 3pm. No previous royal wedding received such lengthy coverage. The last really big royal wedding was Princess Margaret and Snowdon, but Princess Alexandra had a fair sized one in '63. Blimey, don't talk to me about the Gloucesters! An anti-social lot that bunch are. Prince Richard didn't even have St Margaret's, which is the next best thing to the abbey. Oh no! He had a rotten old village hall in Barnwell, Northamptonshire.