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Tuesday August 13, 1974

Out of bed at 7.30. Quite a nice day really - weather that is, but not so at work. YP is miserable. Carol comes in and tells us that she's leaving in two weeks time to be a secretary or something. Grief, that means only Sarah, Kathleen and myself left after September. Janice is looking fat now and it is indisputable that she is "with child". Happy to leave at 5.

Home by 6 and have salad for tea. Feeling bored I ring Marita and spend 20 minutes deep in conversation with her about the forthcoming Bank Holiday, etc. We both agree that we ought to go somewhere nice for the weekend, though Mrs Akroyd is not happy about Denny taking Marita, MM and to the caravan. Quite understandable really. We joke about covering up from everyone our secret rendezvous at the Grey Horse on August 5. I promise to take her to Leeds Utd when the new season begins in September.

A girl calling herself 'Alison' rings at 6.30 and in whispered tones asks me to meet her at the Town Hall, presumably Leeds, at 8o'clock tonight. I tell her not to be silly, andshe says something about a Janet something-or-other, then the phone goes dead. Hell, these subs girls become more and more childish.

Ring Denny at her babysitting place at about 10. She is worried about a couple of airline tickets which she 'misplaced' at work today. I tell her not to worry. Surely they'll turn up?