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Wednesday September 18, 1974

Brilliant day. Denny and I are up and out by 8.15 and are in London by 10am.

Very wam morning and we stand outside Buckingham Palace where a large crowd is assembled to watch the changing of the guard. A very impressive scene with the Welsh Guards follows. We go by tube to the Tower of London, where a Yeoman warder rumages through Denny's handbag looking for bombs and grenades. Have a guided tour before seeing the Crown Jewels again. the Imperial StateCrown is the ultimate in beauty.

See from the newspapers (hanging about the place) that we are going to the polls on October 10. Denny and I move on to Downing Street where a large crowd of BBC, Thames TV and ITV cameras are displayed awaiting the arrival of Mr Wilson or some other worthies. See Lady Falkender arrive and capture the event on camera for posterity. Get the tube to Westminster and stare at Big Ben and the new statue of Sir Winston Churchill which is an unsightly object. Quite exhausted we go back to Victoria and get the train to Windsor arriving back at 7.

Go for a pizza at the restaurant near Queen Victoria's statue at the head of Peascod Street and leave 10 minutes later after scoffing loads of the stuff. Sit in front of the TV all evening with John and Sheila seeing "Steptoe and Son" which gets more and more hillarious each time the series is churned out. Get some beer in from the Copper Horse pub and feel drowsy in front of the gas fire. Not at all surprised about the election date...


Tuesday September 17, 1974

Denny and I spend a quiet day in Windsor, doing nothing exciting in particular. Buy a silver locket from an antique shop over the bridge in Eton, and then drift around capturing the favourite views in permanent photographic creations.

Decide, with Denny's prompting, to have my hair permed on Thursday morning - should make a nice going home present for all the family!

Go to the safari park disco at 8.30 which brings back memories of last June with John. Don't like the local crowd much and the bar staff are shocking. The prices are.. arrgghh! It cost £1.16 for two double pernods and orange. Hell Fire, Mr Wilson ought to do something with his prices minister, Mrs Shirley Williams, MP. If you ask my opninion, she isn't worth the money...


Monday September 16, 1974

Gorgeous morning. Denny and I walk the length of the Long Walk which goes from Windsor Castle to the 'Copper Horse' with King George III sat proudly upon it, a total of three miles. We also walked all the way back. We were completely fagged out. The glorious views of the castle relieved the pain of our aching toes and knees.

Came back to Clewer Fields and devoured a massive breakfast with John. Do nothing in the afternoon other than browse around the shops and take another glance at the castle, seeing Her Majesty's private rose garden which is only open to the public when HM is out of England. She is in Scotland at Balmoral at the moment. Everything about the castle is truly breathtaking - the most glorious place in Britain and even Uncle Harry said he thought Yorkshire was the best place on earth until he clapped eyes on Berkshire.

Denny and I go the Bierkeller, which is very quiet, no doubt because it's Monday. Move on to the College Arms at Eton, where we are the only drinkers in the bar. Drink Cinzano. Finish at 9.30 and look round the tiny antique shops until after 11. Home for 11.30 to discover John and Sheila have gone to bed leaving us to our own devices.


Sunday September 15, 1974

14th after Trinity. Wet, rainy day. Not a nice start to the holiday, but Denny and I enjoy ourselves all the same.

Have a late breakfast and go up to the castle at about 1pm where I show Denny the sights of Windsor. At about 2 we get tickets to view the state apartmentsm royal picture collection, and Queen Mary's Dolls House. The interior of the castle is splendid, though the place is being re-decorated at the moment and workmen and scaffolding littered the plush interiors like discarded ice lolly wrappers on a vicarage lawn. Saw the throne room and noticed that the throne is in a rarther bad state of repair - the stuffing poking out from the arm rests. The whole thing looked really shoddy. Prince Philip really ought to spend more of his free time doing odd jobs around the house on Sunday mornings instead of rushing off out to play polo or go fishing.

After one of Sheila's famous sizeable dinners we collapsed in the lounge to see the film 'Battle of Britain' which was good, and then another one 'Twisted Nerve' starring Hayley Mills, who is the doube of Lynn, my sister who I miss when I'm away. Bed at about 12.


Saturday September 14, 1974

Up at 6.30 with Lynn. Denny and I are thrilled at the prospect of spending a week in Windsor. Leave with suit cases &c, for Bradford at 7.30.

Pleasant morning and it becomes warm and sunny as the day progresses. Leave Bradford for London at 8.15. We stop at Leicester on the way and buy a copy of 'Forum' magazine which deals with all the sexual aspects of life. Some really filthy letters are published herein by perverted readers.

Get coach from London to Windsor passing close to Heathrow where Denny is thrilled at the sight of the 'planes. Arrive at beautiful Windsor at 3 and go immediately to Sheila's with the luggage. Uncle Harry comes shortly later and we discuss details of the weeks schedule over a cup of coffee.

Uncle Harry takes Denny and I for a quick tour round Windsor, taking in the Great Park and Stoke Poges (joke). Back for a sizeable meal and then we all go on to the Bierkeller where Harry and Denny become quite fresh. Really hysterical evening and John was on the receiving end of half a pint of Denny's lager which accidentally slipped through her fingers in the mad crush. When Uncle Harry had absorbed his share he disappeared when it was time for us to go.

Go back to John's where Uncle Harry eventually turns up. We take a few photos with a flash cube and depart to our appointed places of sleep.


Friday September 13, 1974

Last day at the YP before Windsor. Janice leaves today. Thank the Lord she is gone.

Go to the Hare and Hounds in the evening where we see the photographs of our Grassington weekend which Dave B's had developed so soon. Dave Lawson is also a member of the party and it's the first time I've seen him since last weekend._______.Mum and Dad join us for a drink and we bid farewell to them because when we get in tonight it will be too late to make any farewells of any kind. Dave, Chris, John, Denny, Carol, Phyllis Whitethighs, &c, go to the Tudor Bar at Burley-in-Wharfedale. Good laugh is had by all.

On to Wikis, all except Dave L who refuses to patronise the place, though he promises to come on Friday September 27. Home at 2 after a thrilling evening. I think that John and Carol are going out again, but you know what the "happy family" are like. Far too much of this 'here today, gone tomorrow' attitude. I think John and Carol make an attractive couple.