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Saturday October 19, 1974

King John died 1216. Oliver Wilson born 1893.

Up feeling sprightly at 7. Poor Lynn was taken ill late last night & does not get up with us. I have an orange juice.

Go to the YP. Home at 12.30. Spend an hour in the bath.

Marlene, Frank, and children come at 2 and stay to tea. Very disappointed at about 6.20 when I ring Lynne. We want to go to this party but nobody else wants to. Subsequently we decide not to bother going out at all & call it a day. Promise to see her on Sunday at all costs.

Mum says I can accompany her, Dad, Marlene and Frank to the Commercial, and we all go at 8.30. Back at 10 to find Lynn and Dave entertaining the kids. My powers of persuasion fail to attract Lynn and David to the idea of the party at beloved Jackie's, and when John, Carol, Andy and Linda arrive they are also unmoved at the thought of an orgy at the Woolpack. Sit by candle-light watching a revolting film starring Ann-Margret. Bed at 1 feeling very unhappy indeed.


Friday October 18, 1974

Go to the Hare & Hounds where everyone is full of cold. Lynn joins us with David B, and I am on my own. Lynne is entertaining one of her lady friends. Move on to Wikis at 10.30 where I see Sarah and her friends. John and Carol sit with Andy and Linda all night & I'm really quite alone.

Seeing Lynne (with the 'e') tomorrow. Keith Brown is with a revolting little girl & I think it all looks amusing. Home at 2am not at all intoxicated.


Thursday October 17, 1974

See in the EP that Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia is having an affair with Richard Burton, the notorious profligate and actor. The princess is a first cousin of the Kents, being a niece of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent; and thus is a second cousin of the Prince of Wales, Duke of Edinburgh, &c. A remarkable coincidence arises from this romance which the Press doesn't seem to have caught on to. It is that the Burtons are, or where before Liz (Taylor) got her divorce, good friends of President Tito of Yugoslavia. Putting two and two together Tito, in one of his discussions with Burton, could have intimated that on his retirement he was considering restoring the monarchy. Does he intend to place Princess Elizabeth on the throne and make Burton the Prince Consort of Yugoslavia? It is not impossible. The twice-wed princess took Burton to lunch with Princess Alexandra at the weekend.

Don't feel too well today. My throat, chest, nose and other numerous parts are quite poorly and exhausted. Could do with a few days off really. At lunchtime I get more Windsor photos and copies of those taken at John's 18th birthday party - £3.70 they rushed me.

Amused by an article in 'Private Eye' which says that since Princess Anne married her 'stable lad' many people have traced the decline of our country's status from that shameful occasion. It also states, in its infinite wisdom, that since the princess was made a GCVO in August, she is 'Princess Anne, Dame Anne Phillips' and not 'Princess Anne, Mrs Mark Phillips'.

Ring Denny who isn't very informative, and speak to Marita who is visiting her. See 'Top of the Pops' then ring Lynne. Spend half an hour on the phone and poor Mummy was quite desolate at the thought of the coming phone bill. Have bath and see tv all evening. My voice feels like it's on the verge of collapse. Goodnight everyone.


Wednesday October 16, 1974

Cold and miserable all day. Really a typical autumn. My half-day. Meet Lynne outside the YP at a bit past 12. Because of the rain we go to Whitelocks, where we have one drink and discuss what we want to do for the rest of the afternoon. Don't fancy walking through Leeds in the drizzle, and she suggests we go home to Bramhope, for lunch, &c.

Look around the Art Gallery whilst waiting for the bus, and eventually arrive at Lynne's at 2. We sit cosily on her sumptuous sofa, doing romantic things like eating beans on toast, and afterwards the passion becomes too great for us and we go wild watching a repeat of the 'Forsyte Saga' on the BBC until 4. We leave at 4.30. She goes to Leeds to have tea with her Papa, who is general manager of Schofield's (just thought I'd drop that morsel of information in). I get several buses and eventually roll in at 6. See 'Carry On Screaming' till 8 and feel generally bored. John goes out as usual, and so too do Mum and Dad. Dave rings Lynn, Peter calls on Susan - so in one way or another we are all paired off now. Haven't seen or heard of Denny since Saturday.

Dustmen who went on strike in Nottingham after being called 'idiots' by a local councillor, have gone back to work after the young man in question made a public apology. (Just heard that morsel on Radio Luxembourg and thought I'd slip it in).


Tuesday October 15, 1974

Good day really. Busy at the YP, and Carol is back after her sudden attack of generalelectionitis at the beginning of the month.

The Monday Club has asked Edward Heath to resign as party leader. He's going to speak to us all on the tv at 9.30 this evening.

Home at 6 and help Sue with her homework on volcanoes for about an hour. Ring Lynne but she isn't in. Speak to Peter instead and he says she'll ring me back later on. Is she being unfaithful? Am I to be deserted? All will be revealed.

Depart upstairs and dive into a warm bath to remove from my person the dirt and grime, odours and such like collected in my hard days toil at the YP.

Chris finished with Marita one year ago this very night. I can hardly remember them together. Last October seems a long, long time ago. Lynne rings at 9 and chats for half an hour. Meeting her tomorrow lunch. John goes out with Carol and sees Helen in the Woolpack, who says that Jackie's party is next Saturday, and wasn't last Saturday at all! Wild horses won't keep me away from this one.

See tv. A programme with Ludovic Kennedy on how the Tory party elects its leader. It includes old film of Sir Alec Douglas-Home and Harold Macmillan, &c. Poor Sir Alec. It was hardly worth his while renouncing the earldom (of Home).


Monday October 14, 1974

Queen Jane Seymour died 1537. James II, born 1633. Busy day at the YP. The papers are full of poor Edward Heath, who looks like he's about to have his cards thrust upon him. The Tories are a very ruthless mob when it comes to being defeated. Take poor Sir Alec Douglas-Home for example. He got the chop for losing one general election. So, now Heath's lost TWO elections, and I cannot see the Monday Club allowing their hapless leader to continue in his miserable existence.

MUM PASSED HER DRIVING TEST!! Really, I should have gone with this at the top of the page. but I forgot all about it. She rang me at work whilst I was out of the office, and passed on the joyous information to Eileen. We are all thrilled at the thought of Mum behind the steering wheel, and soon I can forsee us having four drivers in the family. Don't ring Lynne tonight, though I will do before my half-day on Wednesday in order to arrange a lunch time booze-up, or something equally entertaining.


Sunday October 13, 1974

18th after Trinity. Before I recount the days events I ought to say something about Cousin Jackie, who is my favourite relation of all time, other than Uncle Albert. Never did I imagine that a small, pale, pig-tailed young girl of yesteryear would develop into a glamorous, well-proportioned young lady with tremendous prospects. I only hope she'll come to stay with us for years to come.

Up at about 12 for lunch. Sit listening to the radio and laughing with Jackie about Chris Ratcliffe. She was talking about him in her sleep, or so Lynn says. MM & Marita and even David come round after lunch and I pay Marita for the Appletreewick pics.

MM isn't coming home again from Sheffield until Oct 31, and David's not back from Worcester until Nov 1. Carol comes too, to cut John's hair. She also does Mum's hair. After tea & 'Pick of the Pops' Jackie departs for Pudsey, and John goes out with Carol, George Waite and Jane, to Harrogate.

I sit in front of the tv all evening until Lynn and Dave come back from the cinema. Dad, who comes in shortly after 'the lovers' arrive, gives David the breathyliser test. He was 'over the moon' and no doubt telling everyone down the Hare next week that he's been breathylised by a genuine policeman. Show Dave our photo albums, which kills him. Bed at 12.30.


Saturday October 12, 1974

Lynn wakes me at 7 and I feel absolutely shocking. Lay on the dining room floor - eyes tightly closed - wishing that last night had never happened.

Go to the YP. Sarah says I look shocking. I blame myself entirely. Leave at 12. Home by half past. Have lunch which revives me slightly, then lay on the bed for a few minutes to recouperate.

John suggests we go to Otley and (strangely) I agree. I say strangely, because walking around the market towns of West Yorkshire on a Saturday afternnon cannot be the best hang-over cure. We go, but find nothing worth buying in the town's only boutique. Decide to move on to Bradford.

A beautiful afternoon and I am in shirt-sleeves all the time. Go see Lynn working at the British Home Stores - she's quite busy, then go see Denny. I get a pair of trousers, but John comes home empty handed. A bomb-scare in the Arndale Centre held things up for a few hours. Give Sue and Peter a lift home at 6. (Cousin) Jackie and Lynn arrive home together, and by 8 we are in the Hare & Hounds. Lynne M doesn't come until nearly 9 because Chris was ferrying her and Peter M. Move on to the George & Dragon where I have a tremendous laugh with Dave L. Nobody wants to go to the other Jackie's party, and therefor Chris, dear Lynne, Peter and I go back to the Mather residence where we stay till 2.30.Mr & Mrs Mather are like somebody from the 'Forsyte Saga', but the most decent future possible in-laws anyone could wish for.


Friday October 11, 1974

Back at the YP as usual. Surprised that Harold (Wilson) will not be seeing the Queen, who is still at Balmoral, to accept her invitation to form a government. But really, I suppose he has been Prime Minister throughout, and it would have only been necessary for him to see the Queen had he been defeated. HM must have been quite confident of a Labour victory because no plans were laid, or any attempt made, for her to return to London.

Go to Otley at 8, and meet Lynne (Mather) at half past. Acutely cold evening and we go into the pub close to the Victoria Memorial Clock. Stay till 10.30. Lynne is a very nice girl, though she reminds of June in many ways, & doesn't like going out in a crowd, which is unfortunate really. At 11, after seeing her safely onto a bus, I go to Wikis, where all the mob except Chris and Phyllis Whitethighs are assembled. Even Laura and Philip Cartwright. Get quite fresh.

See Sarah whos says her hair-do cost her £8 at Vidal Sassoons in Leeds! Bloody madness. John and Carol bump into Dave Slater and he proceeds to buy bottles of champagne and Bacardi, &c. Naturally, John and Carol become quite intoxicated. Dave Slater was already pissed up to the eye balls. We decide to come back to Pine Tops, and Dave drives me in the Bentley - a memorable journey to be sure. Sit till after 3.30.


Thursday October 10, 1974

King Henry III born 1206. Polling Day again. John and I go (vote) in the car at about 7.30. He votes Labour, and I Liberal. I know it's shocking of me to desert the poor Tories in their hour of need, but they made such a mess of it last time I feel as though it would be almost criminal to get them elected again. YP all day. Quite busy, but nothing of importance happens. Home at 6pm and see tv until 1am. It's quite clear by midnight that 'Darling Harold' will remain Prime Minister. Go to bed feeling very tired, and fall asleep with the knowledge that the nation is now doomed to destruction under the crushing hammer of Antony Wedgwood Benn's nationalisation plans.


Wednesday October 9, 1974

The Duke of Kent born 1935. My half day at the YP. Home for 12.30 for lunch with Mum. We're both undecided as to how we are going to vote tomorrow. I'm either Tory or Liberal and Mum is either Labour or Liberal.

Dark day, with occasional showers, though nothing like the torrents produced yesterday. Read the Prince of Wales again, and also, on this subject, I read in the Daily Mail this morning that the Prince will not be moving to Chevening House in Kent next year as was originally decided. The trustees of the Chevening estate are planning a further 2 years' work before HRH can move in.

Saw Christine Braithwaite on the 33 bus this morning. She looks a lot more slim since we last met, and her hair is longer, a much improved appearance. She dropped the bombshell that her love affair with Philip is 'virtually on the rocks'. I cannot believe it. Christine without Philip is like Victoria without Albert, or a horse without a carriage, &c. (not love without marriage, that's quite permissible), &c.


Tuesday October 8, 1974

Shocking day. Miss my lift with Mr Rawnsley and have to walk down the lane. The traffic is terrible. Don't arrive at Leeds till nearly 9.20. Busy day because Carol is still away - though we do manage to keep level and tidy. Eileen is much more helpful than Janice Beaumont ever was. Have no lunch and by 5 I'm quite starving to death.

Meet Lynn and Al (Dixon) on the 33 and we come home together. Thorpe Lane is certainly a straining walk on an empty stomach. Demolish a pile of liver and fruit pie. Do sweet sod all tonight and continue reading the Prince of Wales, which is fascinating. Haven't looked at the Duke of Clarence book since the weekend. It got slightly gorey towards the end & Dave Baker seemed interested by some of the intricate detail when I enlightened him with some of the facts on Saturday night.

Ring Lynne Mather at about 9 o'clock and we, or rarther I, decide that we are to meet in Otley on Friday night. At first she thought I was going to bring all the mob with me, i.e. Chris, John, &c, but I made it quite clear I would be waiting upon her in a single capacity. She plays the typical 'hard to get' Miss at first but I tell her to be at the bus station for 8.30. No doubt she'll be late, but I am going to make it clear from the start that I will have no nonsense with her. After all, there's plenty more fish in the sea. More party political broadcasts all night, and bed at about 11 o'clock.


Monday October 7, 1974

Weather terrible all day. Read biography of the Prince of Wales all night, with the exception of the 9 o'clock news. Denny rings after 9 to give her impressions of the letter I wrote to her on Saturday. She especially liked the bit about my not writing any more 'in case Auntie Evelyn sees this letter'. She's put one in the post for me, and I should be on the receiving end by tomorrow morning. See the election thing on the TV again, and decide that in this coming General Election I am going to vote Liberal. Neither Mr Wilson or Mr Heath have achieved anything int the past four and a half years, and I'm developing a growing admiration for Jeremy Thorpe. Besides, the liberals have had long enough out of office to have made some decisions about exactly what to do when they get in. (P.S. Harry, the driving instructor, calls after 9 to arrange my future driving lessons with him. I'm to take test on November 20, and have about six lessons before that. Should earn a few bob out of it for himself.)


Sunday October 6, 1974

Wake at 1pm. Mum is busily cooking breakfast. I can hear the girls questioning Denny on everything that went on last night. Sit looking at the photos of Appletreewick and read the biography of the Prince of Wales. Get up at 1.30 and have lunch at 2. Denny is silent about last night, and I expect she's annoyed about me going off with Lynne.

 John says he saw Jackie yesterday and says she now has a flat in Yeadon and is throwing a party next Saturday. I'm certainly going to make every attempt to go. Feel very warm and happy inside about last night. It was so romantic and unusual for me really. However, Lynn (sister) says I am a 'lady-killer'. Lynne (Mather) is only the second girl I've seen in eight days.

Do nothing all night. Dave comes for Lynn at 7.30 and they go see the Barbra Streisand film 'For Pete's Sake' in Leeds. They're back for 10.30 and sit with us for coffee and we have a laugh at the photos of John's party again. Because of the fact I'd been in the bath I missed seeing Vanessa Redgrave in 'Isadora Duncan', only catching the end bit where she strangles herself at the wheel of her lover's car when her scarfe is caught in one of the wheels. Bed at 11.30.


Saturday October 5, 1974

Up at 7.30 - not too tired really. Sit with Lynn on the dining room floor talking about last night. Dave is taking her out to dinner next week and she is thrilled that it's turned out this way. I always knew that Lynn and Dave were a good match. John hasn't said much about it, but I suppose he's been officially silenced by Carol.

To the YP - just Kate & Eileen at work. They leave me at 12 I work until nearly 4. Have a headache all afternoon and put it down to the lack of food.

Stuff myself with Shepherd's Pie on my arrival home and wait for John to evacuate the bath so that I can get in. Marita comes to Pine Tops at 8pm with my photos and she looks lovely with all the curls in her hair.

Denny came with Lynn straight from Bradford. Chris comes at 8.30 and shocks us all by saying we are meeting at the Hare & Hounds.

Meet Lynne Mather for the first time. Quite fell in love with her, and she does resemble Princess Anne. Go to the Highlander in Leeds, and then walk miles down to Lower Briggate and the Pentagon, where we are refused entry again, just like last time, which was a year ago tomorrow. Hurry back to Cinderella-Rockerfeller's where we all get in. After half an hour or so Lynn and I go fron Cinderella's in Rockerfeller's where we stay quite alone until 2. She's such a gorgeous female, and acutely feminine. Arrange to see her sometime next weekend. Marita and Denny drive off together - Denny was deposited at Pine Tops & I bid farewell to Lynne before coming home with Chris, John and Carol. Bed at 3am feeling very hungry but too tired to make anything.