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Thursday January 8, 1976

I have a half-day and go into town with a Barclaycard that is £1.36 overdrawn. Buy a new suit from Samuel Pepys and get home at about 2pm.

Dad goes out to see his accountant and then takes Mum off to see the Henry Jenkins pub at Kirby Malzeard.

I have the stereo at full blast until John comes in for his tea at 5.30. Mum and Dad are back at 7.30 and are greatly interested in the Henry Jenkins, though they think it's too far away really. Dad is doubtful about our chances of getting the Craven Heifer and besides, they both think the Henry Jenkins is pounds better. We are all going over on Sunday to see it - even Carole and Maria.

I go down to Carole's at 8.30 after meeting Denny in the Hare & Hounds. Tony left her to go off for a meal, and so John befriended her for an hour or so. Carole's Dad's birthday today and he came into the Hare with Mrs P.

Carole and I get the 9.30 bus to Leeds. We're in Cinderella's by 10.30 and have a great time until after 2am. The music was good, and it wasn't crowded at all. We came home by taxi (£3.50) at 2.30 and all was well with the world. Carole wore her new red dress and looked gorgeous. We will have to do this sort of thing much more often.


Wednesday January 7, 1976

Make a start to planning the holiday. John doesn't want the girls to come. That is just one of the many simple facts causing problems here. By ditching Maria for the holiday he expects me to also drop Carole for 2 weeks so that we can have a holiday abroad together with Chris, Pete and probably Keith (Brown). I think this is a bit unfair on Carole, who has set her heart on laying besides me on some distant Mediterranean beach this summer.

David L takes Carole and I to Yeadon to see 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'. I saw it at Bradford with Gillian Upton last summer, but still found it absolutely hilarious. Carole is quiet, and I put it down to the fact that I'm going off on holiday without her. She says that Maria wants her to go off to Belfast with her this summer. If she goes she'll be a braver person than I am. Going on holiday for a week and coming back legless, eyeless and armless isn't really my idea of a relaxing break. David too can forsee only danger in the girls chasing off to Ireland for the summer.

Home at 11.30 after calling in at the Clothiers for a quick one. Carole's mood gets me down at times. She's not boisterous like me, and I cannot understand the things that madden her.


Tuesday January 6, 1976

Epiphany. A mild day. Sit at work thinking about holidays and worry over who is going this year and who isn't. John refuses to go away if females are included in the party. (That's his contribution to Sex Equality Year, and all that).

Chris too says he doesn't fancy sitting about on the Continent with half the female population of Guiseley, but neither do I really.

Who would have thought that Carole and Maria could have stirred up such controversy. I want to go on holiday with Carole, but not if it's just the two of us. Why nobody rellishes the idea of going in a crowd God only knows. She (Carole) rings me at 2.30 and I tell her we shall have to discuss arrangements so that some conclusion may be drawn on this vital subject shortly.

I get home at 5.30 and Mum is ranting and raving like a lunatic. Sometimes I fear for her sanity because she can carry on in a most hideous fashion when she is so inclined. I get out of her way after tea because we get on each others nerves and I find solace in my room. Fretting about the holiday arrangements, or rarther the lack of them.