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Tuesday August 3, 1976

Begin a mammoth task. Spend the evening going through Burke's Peerage tracing the descendants of Charles II in this weighty volume. From the 2nd Duke of Grafton alone (a grandson of King Charles II) I've so far traced 19 or 20 peers alive at the moment ranging from the Earl of Longford, the Marquess of Hertford, the Duke of Newcastle, & Lord Ponsonby of Shulbrede, to worthies such as Lord Harlech and Katie Boyle's ex-husband, the Earl of Shannon. Charles II certainly has a lot to answer for.

Sit with Dad at midnight and read to him the proclamation by George V establishing the Royal House of Windsor in 1917, and three minutes later he's aslseep good and proper. It's my personality folks! But really royal proclamations are not what I'd term suitable bedtime reading. They make very nice reading for Kings and Queens, who had a hand in the wording, but shagged-out 42 year-old policemen want something a little more exciting. Lady Chatterley, probably.


Monday August 2, 1976

Bank Holiday in Scotland & Irish Republic. A thoroughly miserable day at work. _____.

See two articles about the Prince of Wales and Davina Sheffield in the Sunday papers. One of them told of an incident in Devon a few days ago when the prince and Davina went down to a beach with a crate of beer accompanied only by one detective. The other was concerning an event which is alleged to have taken place on the same occasion. The prince had changed into bathing gear in a changing room and Davina went up later to change, using the mens room by mistake, and was caught in a naked state by one of the local clotted cream manufacturers who received a right eye-full. It will be a nice tale to tell if the couple ever marry.

Home at 5.15 and have a good argument over tea with Lynn, Dad and Mum. They argued that it was wrong that immigrants can get away with not wearing crash helmets because of their religion. My argument is that ones religious beliefs are more important than a ridiculous law that's been cooked up in Westminster one rainy afternoon just to pass the time. The same applies to the wearing of car seat belts. If a chap wants to risk his own life then why can't they let him get on with it? The sooner Roy Jenkins goes the better.

Mum handed in her notice this morning. Moon's Mill will certainly miss her because she's a brilliant worker and so efficient. Nothing can make her change her mind once it is made up. Prospective grandmothers shouldn't have to go to work anyway.

I was rendered speechless when, after taking my bath, I went downstairs to find Mum & Dad watching the Olympic Games on TV. When I exclaimed: "I thought they had finished yesterday?" Dad responded: "Oh yes, but now they're showing the hilights."
Oh My God. I quickly departed back to my room to read Burke's Peerage until the 9 o'clock news. Later watch Faye Dunaway and Kirk Douglas in a film until after 11, and then watch that last hour of 'Billy the Kid'. I'm addicted to the TV at the moment. The book by Trollope just does nothing for me.