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Saturday September 4, 1976

To Castle Howard with Lynne, Peter & Jane. We set off in Pete's van but he broke down near Kirkbymoorside, and struggled home and set off again this time in Donald M's car. L and I have a great giggle. However, I've seen nicer stately homes. Too many marble busts and long, empty corridors. The grounds are great though, and the two of us walked round eating liquorice & making fools of ourselves. Peter and Jane seem besotted. Lynne cannot get over it. She's never seen Peter so taken before. What he sees in the girl God only knows. She's 17 but has the brain of a backward 6 year-old, is flat-chested [not even nicely flat chested as some ladies are], and very pale. Ugh. Come on, Peter Baby! Pull yourself together!

Out tonight to Tiffany's at Scarborough until 2am. A good, enjoyable evening. In fact the weekend's been far better than I thought it would be. My only worry was that it might coincide with John & Maria's 'big' event, but so far so good.


Friday September 3, 1976

Lynne comes at 7 and after a few sandwiches we go up to Bramhope to collect David __[surname held back], a weedy 13 year-old friend of Karl, and brother of Jane, Peter M's girlfriend.

Arrive at Thornton-le-Dale at about 9 o'clock and go to both pubs in the village with Lynne, Peter & Jane. I don't like Jane. A 17-year-old 'know all' who in fact knows absolutely nothing when it boils down to it. Back to Ty-Onnen [the Mather residence] at 11 o'clock with King Edward cigars and a couple of quids worth of beer. Also have two bottles of wine awaiting our consumption. Lynne and I get a bit pissed, but the others look sober. They all seem to enjoy themselves anyway. When everyone else had drifted off to bed only Lynne and I were left [obviously], and we proceeded to drink even more. I'm taking photographs like a regular little Lord Snowdon. Don't ask me what time our orgy of fun finally fell through, but I'm quite sure it was virtually dawn. Lynne is a beaut. People however are saying nasty things about us. "That Mig Rhodes only goes out with Lynne Mather because she looks like Princess Anne." To those misguided souls, whomsoever they are, here is my message: "Drop Dead, Tosh."


Thursday September 2, 1976

To Oakwood Hall at 8.30pm with Lynne. Stay until nearly midnight. Had a few drinks. Had the occasional dance. Had a great time. Need I say more?

Oh yes. Posted a Silver Wedding card to Mr & Mrs Mather for tomorrow and dropped a line to CB in Blackburn, but after I'd done this she rang me for a chat. I tell her that Tony is thinking of ringing her to see if she's doing anything on Saturday night. She is startled because she hardly knows him, but says she's coming home anyway. I can't get over what she said to me the other weekend. _________.


Wednesday September 1, 1976

To W.H. Smith's straight from work and hang about chatting to Denise until Tony finishes at 5.00. She isn't all that friendly and gives me strange looks. _______.

Back to [Tony's] flat and have chops, spuds and peas for tea. Tony is in high spirits and jives around in the kitchen like a regular little Fanny Cradock. Go to the cinema at 7 to see 'Shout at the Devil' starring Roger Moore and Lee Marvin. Very good.

Home at 12.30 after coffee at the flat. Bring home a biography of the Beatles with me and read it sitting propped up in bed. Quite a remarkable story really - especially when you see what backgrounds they came from.

Mum and Dad not speaking at all tonight. Papa must be over-working. His treatment of Mama last night is unjustifiable & insane.


Tuesday August 31, 1976

Mum and Dad had a terrible row this evening. He wants to go out for a drink but she is still feeling too ill [with her back]. So he goes off on his own leaving Mum crying, and Lynn [for some reason] virtually hysterical. Is it a full moon tonight, or something? If so it will answer the question about Daddy and his sanity. I think I'll change my name to Wilson. And that's not after, or in honour of, Sir Harold either.


Monday August 30, 1976

Bank Holiday in England, N.Ireland & Wales. Out for a drink with Tony. He comes up at 8 o'clock and we go to The Drop in Guiseley until closing time. Discuss the usual subject: 'Miss Akroyd & the Details [Once Again] of the Collapse of Her Entanglement with Anthony Brotherwood, Esquire'.

It's three years since I had a nasty verbal exchange with the fat, wholesome landlady of the Drop [Mrs Hanson], and although I vowed never to darken the doorstep of that place again, I have been in a few times since.

Tony comes home for a coffee and we watch part of the revolting Edinburgh Tattoo on the BBC. The sooner Scotland is granted its independence the better. Why should the United Kingdom continue to be associated with such a far-flung, bleak, and pagan nation? [Just a joke, mate. Some of best friends are Scots].

List of Nice Scottish people:

Sir Harry Lauder
Dame Flora Robson
The Queen Mother
Flora MacDonald
Hugh Fraser, MP
The Earl of Dalkeith
Moira Anderson
Andy Stewart
Mary, Queen of Scots
Sir Iain Moncrieffe of that Ilk
The Duke of Rothesay
Billy Connolly
Lord Lovat
Rupert Murdoch........

Rupert Murdoch?


Sunday August 29, 1976

11th after Trinity. CB stayed the night at Pine Tops and we entertained her to luncheon. Mum remained in bed throughout and I received some icy looks from her on the few occasions I ventured into her [bed]room to see her. I don't think she approves of me entertaining young ladies when Lynne is away. Am I married? Am I a bachelor?

Carole was at the Stoney Lea last night with her new found friend, Naomi [Downing]. CB had a bit of a chat with her, and so did Tony. I think she fully expects to get back with me one day.

Straight after lunch we drop CB off in Guiseley and Dad and I go back to Silverdale Dr to do some decorating for John & Maria. Stay until 7.30 and do the hall and staircase a green colour.

At home I fall into a coma at about 10.30 and miss the end of a thrilling episode of 'The Avengers'. Stagger up to bed and into a deep sleep.

Saturday August 28, 1976

Up at 8.30am!! Planned to see CB but changed my mind over a cup of tea. Go up to see Mama, and she sends me to Dr Ludlow to get some tablets for her pathetic back [ache]. I also go to the library and get a pile of books to entertain her while she's bedridden.

Home at 12.30 and go straight out again. This time with Dad to Morrison's. Do the week's shopping and after lunch the two of us go down to 69 Silverdale Dr where we get on with the decorating. I rub down and sandpaper the lounge window and undercoat it. John comes in just as we are leaving to inspect our efforts. He stands around like the 1st Duke of Marlborough watching the progress of the building of Blenheim Palace.

Home at 7o'clock and after a hurried bath I go down to the Hare with Lynn & David. Lynn sitting on my knee in the [Triumph] Spitfire. See Judith and Kathryn and they have people in stitches with their quick flowing repartee and humorous chit-chat. CB and I go into the tap room and ring to book a taxi to collect us from the 'Upstairs, Downstairs' disco at the Stoney Lea. She gets pissed and tells me that she wants to go to bed with me. She always says that when I'm involved with another woman.

Tony and his 'latest' [girl] from Hertfordshire come in to the Hare at 10 o'clock, and they take CB, Carol Smith and me to the British Legion in Ilkley where we pass a hysterical hour waiting for Martyn. Up to the Stoney Lea at midnight with Martyn, CB and Carol S in a taxi, and don't remember all that much about the next couple of hours. CB and I are together all the time, and I feel revoltingly guilty, deceitful and unpleasant. I bet Lynn and Dave have something to say in the morning because I had the distinct feeling that disaproving glances were coming my way.