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Saturday February 4, 1978

Sun rises 7:35 sun sets 16:55 Independence Commemoration Day (Sri Lanka)

Keep a diary and one day it may keep you. How true these words are. Anyway, here goes.  A filthy, wet day. Jacqui, Chrissy and I went to Muswell Hill and spent a fortune on wine, cheese and french bread. Over £20 I think. We intended going to see the Arsenal play Aston Villa but the rain deterred us. Instead, the two us went to the Minstrel Boy pub for a few drinks.

Chrissy is going to join a kibbutz as soon as they'll have her, and so Jacqui is coming north within a few months. She says she'll stay at a Leeds Youth hostel until a flat can be found. I think she's remarkably brave about it all. You wouldn't see me dossing down like a refugee.

Back at the flat: we dressed in tramps gear and cracked open a bottle of wine and waited for the first party arrivals. A few came after 9, but it's 'dead' for most of the night. Cheryl came with a new boyfriend, Steve. Joy, who goes to Holland for three months from tomorrow, Shirley, Jake, Trixie (a killer). &c, &c. Jacq was off socialising for most of the night with her male work mates. Trixie, Cheryl and Steve stayed until the end, and we were all drunk, dancing to Glenn Miller. Trixie noted that Steve was being over familiar with me considering we are of the same sex. We laughed a good deal.


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