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Sunday February 5, 1978

7th Sunday before Easter

Jacqui and I got up at 9, 10 or 11. Oh, I was in such a state. Felt ghastly. Did the cleaning up and created an avalanche of soap suds in the kitchen.

Jacq felt incredibly hungover, but we had planned to go out on Hampstead Heath with Trixie at 12:30. Chrissy took hours getting ready and we didn't get to Trixie's until after 1:00pm. The bloody pubs close at 2 and so we scrapped the idea of going on the Heath and instead we went to the Victoria Stakes pub opposite Trixie's flat. Jacq went into the ladies loos and was violently sick. Chrissy was very pale too. Trixie and I drank the normal capacity though.
Chrissy, Jacq & Trixie.
Trixie: her FiatX19.

It was a nice sunny day and so I took photographs of the party around Trixie's new Fiat X19. Never have I seen such a voluptuous automobile. I want one, please.

Jacqui recovered slightly in the sunshine and is completely recovered at her mother's where we had a good lunch. Steak pudding followed by strawberry slush. Afterwards, I felt completely exhausted and before long I was hurtling along the underground from Finsbury Park to Victoria with my best girl by my side. I was hurried onto a damp, noisy coach and driven out of London at 6:00pm. Coaches are always the same, full of bronchial, asthmatic old men and West Indian doctors smoking Capstan full-strength cigarettes. Ghastly. Slept for most of the journey but had the usual break at Leicester.

Home for 11. Spent a pleasant hour with Mum and Dad.


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