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Monday April 17, 1978

The Leeds buses are on strike for some obscure reason and the traffic into the city was like hell today. I was of course travelling with Jim Rawnsley (who sprained his ankle on Saturday) and Jennie ______. Later this morning I received a phone call from Jim at the Civic Hall asking me to accompany him back to Guiseley this evening in the absence of public transport. Jim Rawnsley is a very good gentleman.

I collected a photo of young John with his grandmother from Betty (the YP photographic wizard who has framed an enlargement for me). It was taken on Dec 27 last year. I am very pleased with it.

I worked until 5:30 and then walked to the Civic Hall to meet Jim. He was in a meeting banning a march planned by the National Front in Leeds on Saturday, and didn't get away until 6:20 and so I sat on the wall near his car reading the newspapers. He was very apologetic.

I fear I have smashed one of my rear teeth on something I ate at Yeadon Fair on Saturday.

A quiet evening at home. Saw an film about Lee Harvey Oswald.


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