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Sunday May 14, 1978

Whit Sunday ~ Pentecost

Sue, Pete, Jacq and I made lunch ~ all together in the kitchen and afterwards we watched Lord Olivier in the 1940s version of 'Hamlet'. I enjoyed it but Jacq looked miserable and Sir Larry's procrastinating drove Sue and Pete from the room.

I felt decidedly sick & low all day. Lynn and Dave came back from Burley-in-Wharfedale covered in grime.

We had beefburgers and fried onions and afterwards I walked Jacq to the bus stop, and one actually arrived that intended going all the way to Leeds. She mounted this rare article of public transport but not before an interesting piece of conversation had taken place regarding my sexual orientation.

In the Shoulder last night Tony told her I am ACDC. We laughed about it. It just goes to show what rubbish is bandied about in the bars and lounges of the dear English pub.
Tony ________________________________. Oh dear.

Mum and Dad come back from Scarborough after a riotous weekend with Edith, Ernest, Margaret and Jim.


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