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Thursday May 11, 1978

Princess Margaret is suffering from hepatitis coupled with gastroentiritis and is back at Kensington Palace after a week in hospital. She is undoubtedly wrecked.

To the dentist. Hough accidentally impaled my tongue on his needle whilst injecting me for the two fillings I required. The stench of rotting and burning dentine as he drilled down towards my gums was nauseating. I think I gave his new receptionist a nervous breakdown. Men are allowed to scream. A most revolting experience.

Tonight: Mama gave her usual Thursday 'at home' for the Nasons and Blackwells. Ern went out his way to annoy Mum. Motherdear drank NO alcohol and consumed only 2 glasses of water. Only I was privy to this fact. Everybody else thought she was on the hard stuff.


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