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Thursday July 27, 1978

A Jim and Margaret Nason night. But first I have a piece of historic news to let you all in on.

I left the YP at my usual hour and Dave picked me up half way up Hawksworth Lane. John Pinder was also with Dave ~ they'd been to Rochdale or Doncaster or somewhere on a job. John P was his usual cheerful self. At home Alison and the family were having a glass of wine. It was obvious that something was afoot. Alison had a glint in her eye. John announced: "we're getting married on October 28". John has a house with his new job at Oxford, and it's given them the impetus to take the plunge. Lynn and Sue are to be bridesmaids and all the family are invited to the wedding.

So when Jim and Margaret arrived we had something to celebrate. It was far from riotous and we ended up playing 20 questions. Poor John P looked bored silly. He was under the impression we were going out for a drink.


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