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Saturday July 29, 1978

Sun rises 05:19 Sun sets 20:54

I woke up at 7 feeling ratty and unfriendly. Jacq disappeared after having a coffee, and I went back to bed for the remainder of the morning. Mum grumbled and complained when I eventually got up.

Tonight I went down the lane with Sue and Peter where we collected Jacq from the 8:30 bus and then moved on to the Shoulder (of Mutton) where we sat in the garden with Gus, Chippy and Dave Wainwright. Quite a boring evening really. It was after 11 before we decided to leave, and Sue and Pete went into Guiseley for a Chinese take~away. ____________.

Came home and attempted to watch two Lon Chaney Jr films but I went into a coma before the end of the second one.


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