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Sunday September 3, 1978

15th after Trinity

At 12 we went to the Commercial for the traditional 'wet' Sunday luncheon with beef sandwiches too. Back at home we played records, looked at photos and had a constitutional around Greenfield Avenue. Sue and Pete were at home but in their usual state of heavenly, solitary transit rendering the boring and dull conversationalists, except with each other.

Mum, Dad, Lynn and David went to Lawn Road laying carpets, hanging pictures and generally domesticating the interior ready for residence. She (Lynn) sat here later puffing on a cigar.

The Second World War began 39 years ago today. It was a Sunday too. Tonight on BBC1 a new series entitled 'Holocaust' began. It depicts the Nazi genocide of the millions of innocent Jews of Europe. Compulsive viewing. We all watched in silence as the ghastly crimes unfolded.

Bed with Lady Chatterley (still) at 12:30am.


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