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Wednesday August 2, 1978

I phoned Jacq at Dacre Son & Hartley to report that Dave isn't coming out tonight and cancelled our meeting too, or rather postponed it until tomorrow when we're going to the Ostlers.

At tea time whilst preparing to go to Lawn Road David phoned to say he can go out after all because the man from the 'Pru had been and gone in the space of ten minutes.

Christine came at 8 from Philip Birdgarden's (yes, she's going out with him again)and we drove to David's where we found him in a terrible state. He has conjunctivitis and is clad in a large pair of dark spectacles and clasping a large family~sized box of Kleenex. At first he said he was not going to join us, but we protested strongly and he relented. Christine is like a bloody witch when it comes to persuading people to change their minds.

Dave amused us at the Crown with his specs and Kleenex. I do think his eyes improved as the night went on. Christine was drinking Bailey's Irish Cream, or something, and we all became slightly intoxicated. At 10:30 we took Dave home and Christine came up for a coffee. She spent an hour with me, Mum and Dad discussing the 'Jersey Project' and her family history.


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