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Sunday January 7, 1979

1st after Epiphany.

Rain washed away the snow. Out of bed at 1pm. Mum, Dad, Sue and Pete went off to see Lynn and Dave at Burley.

John left for Scotland today. ______________.

A dull day. Just sat drinking coffee and listening to Anne Nightingale on the radio. I wished I'd gone to Burley with the others. Undoubtedly they're finishing off all the left over Christmas booze. Lynn's attitude to alcohol in January is similar to that of the major stores policy of clearing all stock from the shelves and starting again. _______.

They came back at 5pm - the four of them. Mum was pissed and her face black with soot. David had been doing his 'Black & White Minstrel' gag apparently. They had stopped the car on the way home for Mum to 'have a bit of fresh air'. My God. It's only three miles.

A candle~lit dinner of roast beef at 6:30. I was ravenous.

Watched two films. Steve McQueen in one and Peter Sellers in 'Hoffman'.  Bed at 12:30.


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