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Wednesday January 24, 1979

Auntie Mabel: had dinner on the boil ...
Went to Auntie Mabel's at 5 o'clock where she has dinner on the boil in readiness. I am utterly spoiled and mollycoddled by her. She tells me I am her first visitor for over a week, not counting Marlene, of course.

A night in front of the TV. 'Coronation Street', then 'The Aphrodite Inheritance' , and Daphne Du Maurier's 'Rebecca'.

I bet you didn't know that Daphne Du Maurier's daughter is Viscountess Montgomery of Alamein. She is, anyway.

To bed at 11:30pm. Auntie kindly offered to come into the bedroom to switch off the light once I was safely tucked up. I think she might have forgotten that I am almost 24. I told her I'd switch off myself, and we said goodnight.

Found a copy of 'Rebecca' on my bedroom bookcase and glanced at the first few chapters. It was first published in 1938.


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