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Wednesday January 17, 1973

Day of rejoicing and excitement because Denny brought £6 deposit for the holiday. Got up at 6.30. and revised until nearly 8. I had a quick breakfast (boiled egg) and rushed off to school on the 8.30 bus. Revising by 9, as was Irene, Christine B, Christine J, and MM. I was very satisfied by the exam paper, and managed to answer four questions. Mr Ayling actually came across from the main school in person at about 11.30. Honour for us all indeed. We spent the afternoon relaxing after the exam and Louise, Denny, Dave, Chris and myself joined in with the lower sixth. June and Janet were in usual form. June is such a nice person. We all went through the usual procedure of being ejaculated from the common-room by Mrs Capstan Fullstrength and the caretaker at 4.15. Groves was away. Lousie wants me to go to Denny's tomorrow afternoon. I don't really want to. Things are much more amusing at school. Besides, I promised I would take my "Fog Theory, by Wyndham-Logg" in. I am still awaiting a reply from Darlington College of Ed. They've been considering me for a week as from Thursday. I think they are waiting for my Biology results which should be out on Monday/Tues. I hope to God that I have passed. I doubt very much whether they'll accept me if I fail. Ah well, that's life. I have done no revising tonight. I consider my daily quota to be done for today. History mock A -level is the next thing, and if I don't begin revising I'll be in for it. But I take life as it comes and stuff the consequences.


Tuesday January 16, 1973

Revision today for economics exam. tomorrow morning. I read through Harvey's "Elementary Economics", but it went in one ear and straight out of the other. We have been planning Friday evening and I think that Dave, Chris, Louise and Denise are coming up to Pine Tops before we go down to Menston. We have no idea what to buy Tim and Liz. No doubt some suitable gift will be found before Friday. Chris and Louise are quite serious. She's Louise Somes-Harris. It's quite remarkable how many people in the 6th form have hyphenated names. Dacre-Braithwaite, Somes-Harris, Hart-Woods, Vere-Bujnawski, etc. Did some serious revision this afternoon. At 4.15 Mrs Capstan-Fullstrength threw us out of the common-room and Dave remained firmly seated in his chair shouting: "Stand up for your rights and sit down". However, cowardice forced us all to drift out into the cold January air. Walked to the bus stop with June, Lynda West and Janet Rootes. June gets nicer by the day (throb, throb). From about 6 to 10pm I did economics revision. Went to bed at 10.30 leaving a note for Dad to get me up at 6am. I intend revising before breakfast...


Monday January 15, 1973

Frustrating day. Denise was in a foul mood. In the morning with Louise we learnt a paragraph from Marshall's "Principles of Economics". She ignored me this afternoon. Chris told June Bottomley that Dave fancies her. I wish June would find the time to fancy me, but she never tells anyone whether she does or not, June told me that Linda West fancies Andy Graham. We all intend revising economics tomorrow. The exam. is Wed. 9.30-11.30am. Phil Raynor was reading "The Sun" this afternoon. Headline "Queen visits Mark's home". Does this mean wedding bells for Princess Anne? The Queen and Mrs Phillips chatting over a cup of tea. Choosing the bridesmaid behind poor Anne's back? It's about time Pcss. Anne was married. At 22 you're getting a bit past it.
Tonight "Big Decision" night. Should I take Denise out?


Sunday January 14, 1973

Dad woke me up at the late hour of 1pm. Had a light breakfast. Lynn and Sue were out all day, and John, Mum and Dad were watching a very ancient film on the television. At 8 David and I went down to the Motts (Emmott Arms, Rawdon). Denise, Mick Lea, Julie, Andy Graham, Chris and Louise were all there. Chris fancies Louise and Louise fancies Chris but neither are making any move. MM and Louise have been revising economics on Ilkley Moor all afternoon!
Mick Lea asked Denise out. I told her to ignore him, but she's very worried about the situation. Mum expected Denise and Dave to pay their deposits but one can't expect someone to fork out £6, especially at the age of 16. Home at midnight. Am starting revising at school tomorrow. That is my resolution for the week.


Saturday January 13, 1973

Awoke and had breakfast at 11.30am. Had a lazy day listening to records until lunchtime, Watched the television in the afternoon and I especially enjoyed "Dr Who" - one of my favourites since the age of 6. After tea I walked down Thorpe Lane arriving at the Chuck Wagon at 7.30. Things went very busily until 1am. You can imagine how tired we all felt. A couple of drunks kept us waiting until nearly 2am, but at least we had a laugh. Little Worthington is the most pretty dog I have ever seen. Sue is attached to Webster, but I am always absorbed by cute puppies. Sue did not mind in the least when I told her I was having next Friday off. I had told Toffer last night but he had forgotten to tell Sue. He has a memory like a sieve. Arrived home at 2.30am. John was asleep in the chair. I had to awaken him to let me in. Poor boy. He had to sit up all night simply because I did not take my key with me. Susan and Lynn are staying the night with Alison, and Mum and Dad are at Geoff and Lorna Saxton's annual rave-up. They probably won't be home until 4. Mum distinctly told me not to wait up. All Hell will be let loose if I happen to be sitting here when she walks in. I will do a bit of writing before going to bed which rules out the chances of my getting up early in the morning.


Friday January 12, 1973

Mum sent off the deposits for the holiday this evening. I spoke to Denise and David whilst Mum was carrying out this historical spectacle at the Post Office. School was a big laugh. A Professor Corbett came to give us a lecture on humanities. It was the most boring one and a half hours I have ever experienced at school. Cowie (Graham Cowburn), Andy (Graham), and myself were sitting behind Pee-Wee, Dave and Dale (Elkington) - tormenting them by kicking the bottom of there chairs - causing them to bounce through the lecture. It happened at last. Chris fancies Fat Louise. I can't see why. However, she's the most nympomaniacal woman in Bramhope. They are off to the Emmott's tonight - and a damned bloody soddin' nice evening they'll have whilst I slog my guts out down at the Chuck Wagon. Went to the denist at 4.15 - 15 minutes late. The receptionist was bloody wild with rage, but all the same I received a filling in one of my upper teeth. The numbness from the injection in my face was still evident at 9pm. My next appointment is May 4. And that isn't too far away for my liking. Went down to the Chuck Wagon at 7.30. Busy all evening. Told Toffer I was having next Friday off to go to Tim Wallis and Liz Richardson's engagement party. I can't wait for it. However, Tim and Liz aren't the type to spend the next 50-odd years together so I don't know why they're bothering getting engaged because I'd eat my hat if they got married. It's now 1.15 am. Retiring to bed after a hot beverage, i.e. coffee...


Thursday January 11, 1973

Got up at 6.30 - nervous and tired. Arrived at Guiseley train station at 6.50. The Leeds train arrived 9 minutes later. On arrival at Leeds my Darlington ticket cost £1.75 - remarkably cheap for British Rail. Caught the train at 7.48 and arrived at 9.31am. Found my way easily to the college - which seemed very impressive in its Victorian splendour. At college I was immediately pushed into a room where several girls and a boy were writing an essay under exam. conditions. I did the same. It was a comprehension on Tolstoy's teachings. After three paragraphs I finished and joined the others for a good laugh (to hide the nervousness). My interview with the History man went down quite well for both os us - and I left after 20 minutes feeling rarther pleased. I was somewhat less confident when I was interviewed by the deputy principal (who incidentally was the double of the Duchess of Windsor). By 12 it was all over and I was invited to lunch by two of the interviewees - both public schoolgirls. One of them had a nice car. We were all friends by the end of the lunch and we parted at 1.30 not knowing if any of us would meet again. But we promised to "meet in September" - a rather optimistic view. I made my way back to the station and departed for York at 2.50. At York I changed trains and went to Leeds. Home at 6.30. Mum tells me of the new holiday arrangements. We are now going to the Adriatic for 15 days. "Stuff the cost" attitude by Mum has worried Dad slightly - but one can always rely on Mum to manage affairs of monetary principle. We start hols on July 13, the very day that Dave I leave Benton Park. Looking forward to school tomorrow. It will be a change to have a laugh, in fact all we ever do in that place is get from one laugh to another without giving ourselves hernias, etc.


Wednesday January 10, 1973

Things moved at a phenomenal pace today. Mum instructed me to solve the holiday question before the day was out. At school I hear that Chris has asked Louise, MM, and Liz Richardson to join us on holiday. At 11.15 I decided to take £2 to Rawdon Post Office to put in the savings bank for my hols. Passing Rigg's Butchers I notice the window cleaner working busily, and merrily whistling. I proceeded to the P.O. within 2 minutes I emerged back onto the high street and to my horror found the said window cleaner had collapsed and died on the pavement outside the butchers. Mr Rigg had covered him with a sack. Enquiring at home Dad says he (the window cleaner) was 78. So it's hardly a bad way to go is it? Back at school I was treated for the rest of the day as if I was suffereing from a severe case of shock. Mrs Harris offered to fetch me a brandy from the staffroom - how very touching. Dave and Denise came up at 8 and we decided on a 10-day visit to the Venetian riviera - phew! They remained until 11. Retired to bed at 11.30. Going to Darlington tomorrow - looking forward to it. Everyone wished me luck as I went to bed. I have to be up at 5.45.


Tuesday January 9, 1973

One of those days doomed to failure from the start. David and Denise said they'd come to Pine Tops tonight. Chris also decided to come. Mum prepared a get-together over holiday brochures and suggested that D and D should join the family on our Continental holiday - an admirable idea from all points of view. David rang at 7.30pm and said we should go up to Denise's instead - Mum and John were furious at the change of plan. I left in a lousy temper. Arrived at Arthington at 8.45 and we discussed everything except holidays until David's Dad collected us at 11.15. The topics ranged from sex before marriage to abortions, marriage and divorce, and God and the Bible. Nobody had any objections to our going to one of the Italian Rivieras, and we made haste to get home -