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Saturday March 3, 1973

Got up at 11.30. Had breakfast with Mum, Dad and Sue. John and Lynn were both at work. I played John's Supremes greatest hits record - it's a bit dated. In the middle of lunch Stuart Little, Mum's 5 year-old godson came to see us, and stayed until nearly 6. The weather was warm and sunny and they decided to go with him for a drive to make the most it. I remained at home for a lazy afternoon. I played records and watched a chronic film on the telly until 4.30 when John arrived home from work - we watched the football results together - how delightfully interesting!
Mum, Dad, Sue and Stuart came home at about 5. I had dinner - which consisted of some kind of curried beef creation - very tasty, and then proceeded to watch 'Dr Who'. Lynn came back from Leeds in a terrible state. After work she had gone to Leeds with Alison to do some shopping - to spend her birthday money -Well, whilst going around Leeds she caught her foot in the turn-ups of her Oxford Bags and fell heavily onto the pavement - her arm is awfully bruised, probably broken.

Went down to the Chuck Wagon at 7. We were moderately busy all evening. Pauline begged me not to sit too long with my drink after my work is done. She wants to get off home, but seems to forget that she is finished at 11.30 and is able to sit supping for a hour and a half before I get the chance to have even one. Came home at 1. Had a couple of boiled eggs and came to bed at 2 after sitting with a coffee.


Friday March 2, 1973

Got up at 7.35. Not at all nervous about my coming interview at Middleton St George. In fact I've grown quite accustomed to having these interviews now. Put on my interview suit, and got a lift into Guiseley with Mum and Dad at 9. I boarded the 55 bus and got into Leeds for 9.50. Looked into a few shops and went to the station at 10.30. My ticket to Darlington cost £1.55. The train left for York at 11.15. Changed at York at 11.55 and got into Darlington at 12.55. My first impression of the college was not a good one. In fact I had doubts I'd come to the right place. The college dates from 1970 and was previously a RAF camp - it still looks like one. What else could it be situated slap bang in the middle of Teesside airport. We began at about 2. The interviewees were separated into 2 groups. Half going to interviews and the other half doing a written test. I started with the test. What a stinker! It lasted 45 minutes. My first interview lasted 35 minutes and was conducted by some sort of college idiot - a decent bloke really. We got talking about family histories and went into length about the Wilson family. He seemed to enjoy it. My second interview was with the head of the History department - a fidgetty, intent, little Welsh chap. He also went on about family history and suggested me doing it for a project if I was accepted at the college. I left at 4.25 and caught a train back to Darlington. After chopping and changing I arrived in Leeds at 6.20. I rang Mum and told her to ring Sue and Toffer to let them know I'd be late. I got home at 7.30. Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony, Karen, Jill and Diane arrived simultaneously. I had my dinner and Uncle T kindly gave me a lift to the Chuck Wagon at 8.
I have never known it to be so busy. Sue R was almost crying with the deluge of orders which Toffer kept bringing in. On adding up the orders at the end Sue said that they had taken £60 in the one night! You can imagine how I felt at 12.30 - up to my eyes in dirty, greasy dinner plates. At about 1am we all collapsed into the empty restaurant and drank off our exhaustion. Worthington hasn't half grown since our last meeting - his legs especially. Toffer brought me home. Mum and Dad had only just gone to bed. The Gadsbys had left at 12.45. I was utterly exhausted after chasing round all day. To bed.