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Friday March 23, 1973

Got up at 8 o'clock. Very late. The sun shone brilliantly throughout the whole of this truly marvellous day. Somehow I feel as though I want to write down everything that passes through my mind due to the fact that one day I might be a lonely old soul in need of something to remind me of the past.

The day was remarkable. I ate 2 oranges, fish and chips, and a bag of potato crisps for lunch and then bade farewell to June who is going to Hawksworth Hall to visit a mob of spastics.

At every available opportunity such as breaks and lunchtime we rushed out onto the field - Chris, Louise, Denise and MM were ___in a made passionate orgy of fun and Spring-like frolic.

However, the sun lost its appeal for me and Dave and Christine plus a a mob of lower 6th scum and we chased into the groggy smoke-filled common room where we had a few hands of knock-out whist.

Louise and I had a hysterical double lesson of Biology, and we had our usual "Italian half hour" coming out with phrases like "Tia Maria" and "Santa Maria" with more and more affectation.
A 4 returned to the 6th form where June, Cowie, Janet, Dave, Christine, Louise and I played a few hands of cheat. June and I went down to the bus stop. Mournful due to the fact that I am working Sunday and we won't be meeting again until Monday morning. A very, poignant, tearful parting!

Before leaving for work I had the idea that Janet Roots lived near June and so I rang her and asked her to pass on the message that I'd be at Guiseley Swimming Baths on Sunday morning at 10.30. Janet agreed to be my go between.

Went to work, where Sue R told me that Martin, the Sunday washer-up, was now able to work on Sunday evening after all. I was furious. My Sunday evening is going to be free after all!

Came home completely fagged out. Immediately to bed.


Thursday March 22, 1973

OUR 7TH ANNIVERSARY!! Got up at 7.30 and had my breakfast listening to the Tony Blackburn Show. Left for school on the 8.30 bus. June arrived at her customary hour of 9.45. Groves gave one of his weekly futile lectures. We decided to go the Emmotts tonight. But this is merely a formality. Where else can we go?

Mrs Lane's History lessons was once again spent pulling Napoleon III to bits. My essay had better be good when I hand it in on Apr 10.

The weather is again quite remarkable for March and the sun was shining brilliantly over Rawdon when June and I went for our regular excursion to Riggs and Hinchcliffes. Before lunch we actually sat outside with Dave in some made attempt to do a spot of reading on Napoleon III, but the breeze, June, and the brilliant sun prevented any serious revision.

The afternoon was rarther exciting. Yes, Thursday afternoon actually lived up to its name of destruction, fire, misery and deluge, etc. Christine B, Louise and I went to see an old man in Rawdon to invite him to one of Christine's OAP orgies a week on Friday. He was very amusing. Having had his 85th birthday on Sunday. We then went to see an old woman who refused to commit herself due to ill health. On leaving old Mrs Whatsit, Christine departed for home forthwith at 3.20, whilst Louise and I made our way back to school. After about 10 minutes the fire alarm went off in the main school, and the 6th form came out for the laugh. However, Mr Ayling, who was with Dave's mob in the lower classroom, was unable to get out owing to the fact that the door handle had been removed. In a real fire situation he would of course have fried!

Bus stop and affectionate kisses at 4.50. No sooner home then off again down the lane to meet June. We sit drinking lager until 9, when Chris, Christine, Andy and Linda asked us to go to the golf club disco. June refused. I would have willingly gone, but June had other designs. We remained at the Emmotts until nearly 11. She felt extremely guilty at denying me the pleasure of going to a disco. But we had a very good time. She is so sweet.

At the bus stop June was followed by a over affectionate Airedale terrier. Even dogs are swept of their feet by her beauty, gentleness and charm.


Wednesday March 21, 1973

The first day of Spring! Got up at the late hour of 8am. After a suitable breakfast I received a lift from Dad to Rawdon. Arrived at 9. The weather was beautiful all day. The long range weather forecast says Britain is in for a fabulous summer. I am pessimistic here.

Dave and I sat watching June walking up the path into school. He remarked on the tiny, mincing steps she takes. We both dissolved into fits of laughter. June is too delightful for words.

Mrs Lane's double lesson passed remarkably well. Carol Bailey and I were pulling Napoleon III to bits. What a laugh! In Economics we went through "The Economist", covering some amusing points about Chinese exports of Wellington boots and jade pottery, etc.

At lunchtime June persuaded me not to have my usual fish and nerks. "How can you eat greasy fish and chips on a beautiful day like this?" she said. Which is rarther a poor excuse because she always finds something wrong with eating fish and chips. She says the same in the fog, rain, typhoon and hurricane.

Originally we intended going out tonight but on revising our monetary situation at the bus stop we decided to postpone our evening out until the traditional Thursday liaison.

Groves actually turned up at the Current Affairs lesson and we discussed film censorship corelated with the growth of violence in the UK.

At 4.20 we went down to Cleggs, where June and I indulged in our usual Cream Eggs. We have been going out for 7 weeks tomorrow!

Heard some remarkable news today. Apparently Dave is going to ask Ruth Ashmore out. She is one of the few girls I have ever seen who looks just the same at the front as she does at the back! However, it's every man to his own, eh?

Came home at 5. Bed at 11.


Tuesday March 20, 1973

What a day! Awoke at 7.30. Mum was tearing round the house screaming with excitement. She's won a day trip to London with £50 to spend on clothes. She entered a fashion competition in the Yorkshire Evening Post. She can hardly believe it. She was still chasing around in a mad panic when I left for school accompanied by Lynn and Alison at 8.20. It's the first time that Mum has won anything. She travels to London on Tuesday April 3.

Christine Braithwaite and MM were fun at school this morning. June arrived at 9.30. Just before she arrived Mrs Harris came in to say that June's file is missing, going on to say: "June is floating four feet above the ground at the moment, and cannot be bothered to find her file". What was Mrs Harris implying by this remark?

During Mrs Lane's 1st lesson I was reading my book on the History of Modern France 1800-71. Napoleon III was certainly a comical chap, and the historians do tend to "over do" his greatness somewhat. But what else can they do when they're doing the bloke's biography?

At lunchtime June and I made our usual excursion to Rigg's. The weather is really beautiful. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Passing the telephone box in Rawdon I had the idea of ring Mum saying I was Norman Hartnell seeking her sound fashion advice! June persuaded me to do otherwise.

Mrs Lane's afternoon lesson was very interesting. Liz Clapham, Mrs Lane's only lower 6th pupil came into our lesson to hear us discuss Chartism and its achievements. The first reaction is that chartism achieved nothing, which narked Mrs Lane. Her theory is this:-

Parliamentary Reform 1832 --->enabled the growth of chartism 1830s/40s/50s (a bit thin aint it?) - - -> model trade unions and working class organisations 1850s/60s - - - >Parliamentary Reform 1867 - - - >led to the Ballot Act 1872 - - - >etc

In the last 2 lessons we had our usual orgy of fun, frolic and excitement. Denise sold me a piece of liquorice stick, which I haven't seen in years. Dave also had some. June and I made our usual trek to the bus stop. My bus came at 4.50. We kissed goodbye.

Had tea and went to work. Home at 12 midnight. Very tired.


Monday March 19, 1973

Awoke feeling very dry in the throat at 7.35. Had little breakfast and departed for school on the 8.30 bus. Mondays are such terrible days at school. The boredom is simply awful! We always end up arguing with each other (June and I). Dave arrived at the same time as me but I settled down in the study areas to do my Biology homework on genetics. Louise took my work into Mrs Stancliffe's class - who was surprised to see homework from me which is an obvious reaction due to the fact that I NEVER do Biology homework.

Oh what a rotten day it's been. June and I went through our usual Monday "make a nasty slanderous remark period" which lasts until about 4.

The Economics lesson was completely uneventful and I was most narked that my newsagent had failed to deliver my copy of "The Economist" which Dave shares with me.

June and I are certainly a pair of mugs, due to the fact that we went down to Rigg's for half the 6th form again. Shopping until nearly 1 o'clock. June is a real darling. The past 1 and half months have been like a dream. My main worry is that it will end one day. God I hope it isn't for many years (preferably about 70 or 80).

Mrs Lane wants me to give a talk on Chartism tomorrow afternoon for the benefit of the lower 6th group. The subject seems very straight forward, but knowing Mrs Lane she will almost certainly spring some surprise on us.

June accompanied me to my bus stop as usual and it came remarkably early. On arrival home I had tea and settled down to "overlook my homework". Came to bed at about 11. Mondays are always dreadfully boring days. Tomorrow ought to be more exciting.


Sunday March 18, 1973

2nd in Lent. Awoke to the sound of all the people on Tranmere mowing lawns and pruning back those sprouting roses. It was 12.30 and the morning was gone. A beautiful sunny day. Went down for bacon and eggs and mushrooms. Absolutely delicious.

After a quick chase around the garden full of "a host of golden daffodils" I took up the sunday newspapers. Tragedy. Mark Phillips has denied the rumours of his romance with Princess Anne. She denied the rumours 2 weeks ago. Is it curtains for the Christmas wedding? Yes, it seems as though at Easter engagement is now dashed on the rocks of disaster. Such a pity.

Watched an old fashioned film on the afternoon film matinee spot. Then took to the bathroom for 40 minutes emerging feeling greatly refreshed and healthy.

After tea Dave phoned and offered me a lift to the Emmotts in his car. What a tremendous feeling it was! Fancy, Dave being able to drive! Mum and Dad went out about 7.30. Dave called for me at 7.45. He drove away perfectly. We arrived at the Emmotts at 8. June was late and didn't arrive until 8.40. I sat in the bus shelter wearing my new bags feeling very miserable until her arrival. We stayed at the Emmotts until 9.30, when Dave gave June and I and Martin V-B a lift to The Drop in Guiseley - not a very nice place and much too modern for my taste. June wasn't keen either. On the whole it was a beautifully pleasant evening. Dave gave June a lift home to Horsforth dropping Martin V-B off at Rawdon Crematorium - rarther appropriate. He dropped me off at my door at 11. Such a good day it's been.