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Monday February 11, 1974

Go by bus to the YP for a change and see Lynn Dawson, a cousin of Christine White, who I haven't seen since the summer of '71. I accompanied Miss Dawson in the drizzle to her occupational emporium, namely the Yorkshire Bank. By 8.45 I am at the YP.

Those two vile beasts of corruption John Poulson and William Pottinger were sentenced to 5 years imprisonment at Leeds today. It's a just reward for the creator of Leeds Olympic Swimming Pool I must say. Anyway, it makes a change from the usual OBEs and KCVOs. To be honest, I think the new Leeds baths is one of the most hideous monstrosities to be erected since Centre Point, and for that alone the judge should have doubled his trifling sentence. Poor Poulson wept in the dock - no doubt he'll not come out of jail alive. Poor sod.

The tv tonight was full of election news. Both major parties have now published manifestos and the usual bitter attacks upon each other have begun. Mr Heath seems very confident, but the opinion polls don't give him a massive lead. I cannot understand why Jeremy Thorpe doesn't receive the acclaim and popularity he so rightly deserves - and I seriously think that we ought to give him a chance in government. It would be nice to see Marion Harewood in No. 10. Even Mary Wilson will make a change from the boring bachelor escapades which have hung over Downing Street since 1970. A lot of popularity could easily have been created by the PM if he had married after the last election. His evident leaning towards male company cannot help raising certain doubts in my mind.


Sunday February 10, 1974

Queen Victoria married Albert, 1840. Up with the larks at 12 noon. Poor Dad went to work at 10am where he will remain until 10pm. The current miners crisis renders it impossible for the police force to have days off or any free time at all. But still, working a 12 hour shift will bring in a bit more money.

Have bacon for breakfast, then listen to the radio as usual. Lynn and Sue are now successfully recovered from the joint attack which they both underwent earlier this week. This evening Sue is bringing her latest, Peter Nason, around for a record playing session. My sisters have had more boyfriends than even a computer could record. However, I see no reason why they shouldn't enjoy themselves in any way they see fit. Nothing eventful or anything, except for 'Monty Python' that is, which had me in stitches. Ironically, now that the tv is back to normal hours, Mum and Dad spent all evening stood before the new washing machine, watching the clothes spinning round! It's a funny world isn't it?

'Tiger Feet' by Mud.


Saturday February 9, 1974

Mum woke me at 7am after only 4 hours sleep. Completely dead. Feel as though I've died in the night and the angels have forgotten to come and fetch me. Still, it was well worth it, and I arrived home at 2.30 this morning after a ten minute car ride over the moors with Ray.

Stagger down the lane at 8 after waking Sue. Get the train as usual. Carol, Kathleen, Sarah and me are the only bods working this morning - and strangely enough Carol is very nice with me. It appears to me that Janice and Carol must have had a conference to decide upon a policy of 'Let's be nice to Michael for a change'. It certainly does make a change anyway.

At 12.15 I walk into Leeds with Kathleen and Carol - arrive too late to catch my train, which is pulling out of the station as I arrive. My arrival home is therefore delayed until nearly 2 o'clock. Have chicken for lunch.

At about 8 John and I go to the Emmotts, but I feel too tired to drink more than a pint. Hear from Chris that Andy was awfully sick this morning. Laura, Pete, John and Chris decide to go to a better pub, and I say I'm going home. They all look shocked. At 9.30 Pete goes down for Andy, and we change places, as Andy arrives, I go. Home for 10 o'clock. Mum and Dad are out at Esholt, and Sue is babysitting. I sit with Lynn and Christine Dibb in front of the tv which was working all the way through until 1am!! See a horrific film - 'The Norliss Tapes', which even scared me! Films rarely drive me to the paroxysms of fear, but this one did. Bed at 1.


Friday February 8, 1974

Quite a satisfactory day with very little hinderance from the girls. Frankly, Janice was being most civil with me for a change. Kathleen seemed a little bogged down with work, but I suppose the head of a department does tend to take on more responsibilities.

Have a funny afternoon. Laugh ourselves silly when we hear that the miners are still going on strike although they have no Government to argue with. The General Election isn't going to have the effect which Mr Heath thought would come about. Undoubtedly, the country falls into a worse state every day. Everyone in the Emmotts tonight agreed that the Conservatives should be re-elected, but most thought that Uncle Ted should go.

John and I get the 7.30 55 - meeting Andy on the way. Dear Christine White joins us - followed by Laura (ugh) and Paul. Chris doesn't come until after 9 o'clock. The Emmotts is packed by 9.30 and when MM and Marita come we are packed in like sardines. Helen and Keith pile in and I give her my stool, spending the remaining 45 minutes crouched on the floor near Chris and Ray. _____MM and Marita leave us and we decide where to go for the remainder of the evening. Keith mentions the 'Speak Easy' again, which was suggested last Saturday. We decide therefore to go to the 'Speak Easy' at Keighley. John and Andy go with Keith in his car. Helen and Christine go with Ray, and me and Chris go with Laura and Paul. All the way over the moors, arriving at the place at about 11. I always thought Denny was a good dancer, but Helen is also gifted here. If she wasn't going out with Keith I could quite fancy her.

The 'Speak Easy' is a brilliant spot - inexpensive and quite classy with it as well. Much better than the so-called 'Cat's Whiskers', which may as well have been named 'The Dead Bears Bum' for all I care. Dance through until 2. But John and I are mad about the drink arrangements. Everyone seemed to be buying drinks for each other and leaving dear brother and me out. Bugger them. The past months have shown that John is the only real friend I've got - the others tend to 'take the piss' out of me.


Thursday February 7, 1974

The one day rail strike delayed my arrival at the YP until 9.35. Travelled to Leeds on a bus where I saw the second most beautiful lady in Horsforth - namely Sue Bottomley. What a darling she is! The epitome of sophistication. Such beauties were never meant for the horrid industrial 20th century. The splendours of Regency England would have been more suitable for the divine Miss Susan Bottomley.

My half-day again. Leave the YP with Sarah and get a bus outside a mill on Wellington Street. Home for 1pm after dropping off my library books at Rawdon. Have an invigorating walk up the lane in brilliant sunshine only to find myself locked out of the house. Realising that Lynn is still in bed with a chill, I shout through the letter-box, but she arrives in the kitchen laughing saying Mum has the only key. Anyway, I soon remedy the handicap by climbing into the house via the kitchen window - Lynn found the whole incident very funny. Lynn goes back upstairs and I sit with her listening to the radio until nearly 2.

The 1.30 news shook me. Mr Heath announced this morning that a general election will be held on February 28, and the Queen has dissolved Parliament by telegram from New Zealand in the early hours of this morning. It seems as though all the speculation is correct after all. My only fear is that Mr Heath will be succeeded by that two-faced little pip-squeak Wilson. I pray to God that we will be spared from the vile insinuations of the fiend, who has already proved to us that he is incapable of being a good Prime Minister. A Labour government would be the final blow to an already weak nation.