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Saturday August 3, 1974

Mum wakes me at 12 with the news that Andy is waiting for me -she's not too pleased that I'm going out drinking on an empty stomach, though she doesn't give Andy that impression. To the Commercial with Andy, Bruno and Keith, then the Emmotts, then the Dyneley Arms. Back to Bruno's for spaghetti on toast and listen to the Beachboys Greatest Hits LP. A and I then go on to Dave Brown's in order that A can buy some cheap jewellry for Linda's holiday present. Have a good laugh. Back home for 5.

Denny comes with Lynn at 6.30 and we book a taxi, or I should say 2 taxis, for 8.45. All leave for Pudsey - John, Denny, Carol and self in one car, and Susan, Peter, Ronnie and Lynn in the other.
Super party. Jackie looks great, and we have a good time with Neil, her fiance from Xmas. Never will I criticise Peter Nason again. He may be shy but he loves my sister more than I could have imagined. If I ever see a couple who love each other like that again I will be surprised. Drink until about 3am, though Auntie Eleanor was a large dampener on events when she separated the sexes into different rooms at 3. Sit with Peter getting him drunk and to take his mind of Susan, who is slightly ill with drink. Finally sleep after 6am, and wake up at 10.30am Sunday morning.