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Monday August 12, 1974

Up at nearly 7.45. John saved the whole household from over sleeping. Mr Rawnsley takes me to Henshaw Lane wher he puts his car in the carriage before joining me on the bus to Leeds. Arrive at 8.45. A deputation of subs girls came across before lunch and told me that they'd started a fan club for me - and they requested that I give them details of my life and background, my likes and dislikes, etc, for a pamphlet. They carry on ringing me all afternoon and Sarah and Kathleen get quite sick and tired of answering the phone.

Home at 6 feeling tired, not having had an early nights rest for ages. Sit in front of the tv from 7 until the end of the 9 o'clock news. Go upstairs and leap in the bath whilst Mum argues with John and Dad about finishing the decorating in the kitchen. See more tv until the end of 'Emmerdale Farm' after 11. To bed at 11.30 and sleep immediately.


Sunday August 11, 1974

Up at 1. Cramp quite gone. Nice lunch. Mum spends the afternoon either sitting in the garden or lying on her bed - one of her Sunday afternoon privileges. Denny, Lynn and I watch the tv - a film - then "Department S" and then "Alias Smith and Jones". Salad for tea at 6. Denny goes on the 7 o'clock 55. Pleasant day really. Sit on my bed counting my money and see that I have £3.15 to last me until Thursday. I need £2 for bus fares and £4.50 for Barclaycard and thus discover that I am £3 or thereabouts in debt. Ah well, worst things happen at sea. I shall have to employ an accountant to deal with my monetary affairs. John goes out with Pete M at 8.30 and Lynn, Mum and I sit around eating chocolates, drinking sherry, and watching 'High Society' starring Bing Crosby and Princess Grace of Monaco. Chris comes in with John for a coffee at 10.30. I go to bed at about 11.30. Lynn and Sue sit on my bed talking about holidays until nearly 1. Yet another late night! When will they ever end?

"Rock Your Baby" George Macrae.


Saturday August 10, 1974

Mum gets John and I up at 7.30. To the YP for 9. Pleasant morning at work. I file a lot on President Ford and poor old Nixon.

Darling Denny rings me at about 10.30 enquiring about tonight's arrangemnts for the Scarborough trip. I ask her what she feels like this morning, being drunk last night, and she informs me that Peter Mather look he back to his place until nearly 5am. We laugh. Finish work by 11.30 and come straight home. Lunch with __ and laugh at the holiday photographs which the girls took in Spain. Poor Susan spent £5 having 40 of them developed.

See in the Airedale & Wharfedale Observer that Barbara Woodhead married last weekend. God Bless her. My favourite girlfriend is off the market, and I do suppose that type of female has now gone into complete extinction.

John and I go to the White Swan in Yeadon at 6.15, where Denny, Chris and Pete soon follow. Sit until almost 7 without seeing anyone we know. All the crowd are dressed in casual jeans and things and we feel rather stupid, Chris, Denny, John and Pete and I that is , being garbed in our Buckingham Palace garden party type outfits. On coach at 7.10 and leave for Scarbrough, which seems too far away to go just for an evening. On our arrival everyone goes to the pub except Denny and I who go find a fish and chip shop in the backstreets.At 10.20, having had nothing to drink at all, we go to the Penthouse Disco, which is the roughest place I've ever been to and even Denny says she will never criticise Wikis again. However, they play some fantastic music and we manage to enjoy ourselves without consuming any vast quantity of ale or spirits at all (see next page). Denny and I go for a walk on the beach at about 1.30am and we are forced to return quite early due to the drizzle which soaks us thoroughly. The walk certainly brought Denny from her semi-coma, and we were quite cheerful when we arrived back a the Penthouse. The others joined us at 2am in a shop doorway here we sheltered from the rain. Phyllis Whitethighs (our new name for Christine W) was an absolute bore all evening and shouldn't have bothered coming in that kind of mood. Coach at 2.30am - home by 5am. Terrible cramp in my stomach and no sleep until 7am.