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Thursday August 22, 1974

Cloudy, overcast day but really enjoyable. Sarah, Carol J, and I go to Whitelocks, a charming 18th century pub in Leeds centre. We get somewhat sloshed before staggering back to the YP at 1 o'clock. Sarah really is too gorgeous when she's sloshed - a pity she can't always be that way.

Katleen isn't at all nice about our boozing excursion, though she lets us out for 4.30. The three of us, Sarah, Carol and I decide to have a night out next week so that we can really let ourselves go.

Today, Sarah confimed that Janice is pregnant, and says that Janice has never told me because she's too shy to do so. Not characteristic of Mrs Beaumont. Come home on the same bus as Sarah, who is too fanciable for words.

Do nothing in the evening except see 'Top of the Pops' and sit with Susan and Peter listening to records.


Wednesday August 21, 1974

Yes, my eye is much better this morning, thank you. Bright, clear day. Both Phyllis Whitethighs and Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret celebrate birthdays today.

To the Hare & Hounds at 8.15 with Lynn and John. Lynn wears her new Marilyn Monroe-style pullover. All the crowd are within by 8.30. I go home with David B to collect some records which he lent me when we were at his place two weeks ago, then we come back to the Hare. Denny brings me a new single 'Queen of Clubs' by KC and the Sunshine Band and lends me a James Brown LP. MM and Marita come in and ____. Denny seeks refuge in the charms of Graham Pease, who takes her to distant places. Don't really know why Denny and ____.

Phyllis drinks approximately ten shorts before landing flat on her face in the Hare's car park. A frantic departure and Andy, Linda, Carol and Phyllis go home - the remainder coming back to Pine Tops for a coffee. David B is quite attached to Lynn and I harbour secret hopes of a future romance. Bed at midnight. Good day really.


Tuesday August 20, 1974

Very warm day but bloody lousy from my point of view. To the YP at 9am - Janice and Carol are both off leaving Kathleen, Sarah and myself. Quite busy.

Going to lunch at 1 o'clock I get something in my eye which iritates me. By 2 the pain is unbearable, and having puchased a £9 postal order I return to the YP and go to the medical room where the little man there gives me an eye-bath - which proves unsuccessful. At 3 I go back to see the little man and he repeats the treatment - which, again, is unsuccessful. Kathleen finally decides to allow me to go to the hospital and I stagger to Leeds Infirmary. A doctor plays around with my eye and pulls out a piece of grit, relieving me of great agonies. I stagger to the bus station where I find consolation in the shape of Susan Bottomley, who joins me on the 35 bus. We discuss nothing in paticular but she tells that June passed her 'A' level and is going to college for certain.

My eye continues to be very painful and I don't intend straining myself any more this evening. I'm about to climb into a hot bath and hope to retire early tonight.

The whole family have been very sympathetic about my tragic disposition and Mama expressed relief I hadn't rung her beforehand because she'd hav been worried sick.


Monday August 19, 1974

After the weekend I will never again _________.Wake at 7.30. YP very interesting. Carol, Sarah and I decide to go out for a drink one lunchime later in the week, and decide to make a regular habit of it. Believe it or not, I am now attracted to Sarah more than ever and can forsee the possibility of a future relationship.

File some pictures of the Duchess of Gloucester and decide once and for all that she is now the sex symbol of the Royal Family. Of course, most Danes are fair haired and pretty. That Prince Richard certainly knew what he was doing when he got her down the aisle.

Home at 6. Sit listening to 'Gypsy Man' by War whilst eating a salad, trying to avoid the arguing of John and Mama in the lounge - quarrellng over the serious business of buying and selling cars.

I must remember to buy Phyllis Whitethighs a birthday card for Wednesday August 21. Lynn is to accompany the mob to the Hare to join in the festivities of this joyous occasion - should be fun.

See TV all evening including a programme about the history of the Labour party which was very interesting. See on the news that the U.S. ambassador to Cyprus was assassinated in Nicosia last night. A sticky international situation may well arise from this atrocity. No one rings me by 9 o'clock and I give up hope of outside contact tonight.


Sunday August 18, 1974

Still at Appletreewick: wake at about 7.30 and we all lay listening to the fading radio until about 9. We make the breakfast which is very apetising and then do the washing up in the river - or perhaps I should say that Marita and I wash up in the river - because the other two refuse to do any chores others than those directly involved in eating. Marita and I decide to go into the Wharfe, which is incredibly cold, and glide down some 'rapids' on her inflated lilo. Sit on the river bank and take photos until nearly 1 o'clock. Back in the tent we all stretch out and listen to Jimmy Savile, singing along to the records of 17 years ago. Begins to rain at 3 - spoiling a beautiful weather record for the weekend. We hurriedly pack up the tent and equipment and flee in a torrential downpour to Ilkley, where we sit in a lousy cafe eating fish and chips. Rain stops as we leave Ilkley and I'm home for 4.30. John is at Andy's discussing buying cars, etc. He rings Mama to say he's staying there to tea. I have a steak and chips, then have a bath and wait in anticipation, fo further developments. Peter Mather rings and asks for John. I tell him to contact him at Andy's. He does. I then ring Denny and Chris to arrange something. Denny goes babysitting at 8 and Chris says he'll be at the Hare quite late on. I walk down on my own to the Hare - picked up by Andy on the way at about 8.30. Nice evening and I sit with David B for most of the time. At 10 o'clock we all move on to the Yorkshire Rose. Chris comes to Pine Tops at 10.30 for coffee and Mama and Papa come home simultaneously. Bed at 12.


Saturday August 17, 1974

YP till 12. Not all that busy and I sit talking with Sarah and Carol for a good deal of the time. To Marita's at 12.30 collecting a few loaves and cheese on the way. Mrs Fountain makes Denny and I a nice meal, and MM comes at 1. We pack the things in the car - one would think we were going camping for a month - not just the one night - and depart for Appletreewick at 1.30. We call in at a wine store in Ilkley where we purchase gallons of Cinzano and Martini Rosso, etc. Arrive at Appletreewick before 2 and erect the tent immediately - very close to the Wharfe. The sound of the babbling water makes Marita run to the toilet. W do nothing really other than go for a walk, and scoff a meagre meal, before going o the pub at 7.30. Have one drink outside but the midges and geese drive us in. It's a pub strictly for non-smokers. Have a tremendous laugh at all the eccentic people within, including bunch who sit and eat themselves silly. Back to camp at about 10 where, to our horror, we realise we have no light of any description amongst the pile of equipment. We open the bottles and slurp the contents in the darkness, spilling vast quantities on the ground. Get drunk. I do a "tea-towel dance" and Marita takes several photos. W all collapse shortly after midnight. Have hillarious time in the tent. I sleep sandwiched between Marita and Denny and am the most comfortable member of the party. Sleep soundly until 7.30 on Sunday morning.


Friday August 16, 1974

Very warm and sunny. My half-day. John passed his test at 2 o'clock this afternoon and the events of this evening confirmed my long held opinion that dear Daddy is a bastard. I know it's not a nice thing to say about the man responsible for bringing me onto this earth but there it is. A typical Rhodes through and through. He refused to allow John out in the car on his own, making feeble excuses about it being dangerous____.To the Hare & Hounds with John at 7.30 and we attempt to get drunk before all the others come an hour later. John gets fresh within the first half hour but I stay quite normal. Gang comes between 8.30 and 9. Sit with Marita, MM and Denny. Decide to to Appletreewick tomorrow for the remainder of the weekend. John, in the meantime, is becoming all the more drunk, until 10.30 arrives and he finds himself unable to move. Chris takes him home and my designs to get MM and Marita into Wikis fails. I go alone. But inside meet Andy, Linda, David B & Carol & Christine. Home at 1.30 then pack a bag ready for tomorrow.


Thursday August 15, 1974

Princess Anne was made a DCVO this morning - her 24th birthday. The Queen, in the citation, made reference to her daughter's "calm and braveness" throughout the kidnap attempt in the Mall on March 20, saying the same about Capt Phillips, who becomes a CVO, and Rowena Brassey, the lady-in-waiting, who becomes MVO. The lower class newspapers headed articles on this event "YES IT'S DAME ANNE", and "OH WHAT A DAME", etc. The papers no longer mention the fact that HRH is in line for the title Princess Royal. No doubt the princess dislikes this style and will not let Her Majesty revive it. Mind you, it is dowdy sounding for a young woman I do suppose.

Warm day. Sunny, but windy. Nothing of interest at the YP except my pay. Home at 6. Denny finally sent me the letter she owes me, and I decide to write back immediately. Mum is still not pleased about me going camping on Saturday, though she leaves the whole affair entirely in my hands.

John takes his driving test tomorrow and I only hope for the honour of the family that he will pass this time. He can do no more than try though. To change the subject, I now feel as though I made a mistake treating Judith Beevers the way I did. Recently I've missed our little 'tete-a-tetes' in front of the TV or in front of the TR6 - and in my own silly way I must have fancied her. Keep wondering whether or not to ring her. Don't suppose I will do. Hell, aren't I a burke when it comes to women? Look at the Bottomley Affair, which dragged on for months purely on my part, involving fantasies about the re-estabishment of a relationship, etc. Bloody well brainless, that's what am.


Wednesday August 14, 1974

Rains all day. Bloody awful weather conditions for August. YP not outstandingly interesting & come home in rain, minus raincoat, at 5. Uncle Harry is here for tea - most pleasant, and I never tire of my favourite uncle's visits. What a character he truly is! Lynn and Sue are at Denny's until tomorrow and so Mum is left with Uncle H, John and I. Papa is also not with us due to work. See TV all evening including an interesting programme about the life of the late Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, who was killed defusing a bomb in the Second World War. Uncle H was in stitches at the antics of this aristocratic war hero.

By the way, Denny rang me at 11am and asked whether I'd like to go camping on Saturday night. I say yes. Michael or Marita will provide transport and Denny will supply the tent. I think it's a good idea but Mama thinks otherwise - she's never been an advocate of outdoor sleeping, she has obvious objections.

At 10 Mum goes with Uncle H to collect Dad from work. John and I sit listening to Radio Luxembourg and discussing the American charts. Mum and Dad come from the pub at nearly 11 with fish and chips, but minus Uncle H who decided to make his way straight back to Wakefield.

Come to bed at 11.30 with a cup of cocoa and am in two minds whether or not to take a bath. Decide in the negative. An early night will do me goog for once.