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Thursday May 20, 1976

Out with Christopher to the Hare & Hounds and the Black Bull. Discuss Miss Phillips. He says she asked him out today and that she's started to phone him twice every afternoon. He seems angry about it, but insists he's made his feelings quite clear. He tried to put her off by telling her he only goes out with women 'for one thing' - Oh, big mistake. Knowing Carole such a statement will only make her all the more eager, because if anyone's a nymphomaniac she is. I have no intention to be catty about my ex, but it's plainly obvious to me that she wants a man quite desperately and isn't particularly bothered who he is , where he's from, or in what circumstances he came into her possession. I, quite naturally, caution Chris, but he seems to know the dangers. He cannot understand why she should have started professing her love for him, whilst sending revolting romantic bosh, in letter form, to me. The poor girl is neurotic or something and should not be touched with a barge pole by anyone in trousers until she matures enough to form serious feelings for an individual. Here endeth the lecture. Besides, a barge pole wouldn't be big enough.

Finish up at the Black Bull and arrive home at 11 o'clock to hear that John had been round wanting to know my whereabouts.


Wednesday May 19, 1976

Mum and Dad are purposely refraining from letting me know just where they are going at the weekend so that I will not make arrangements for the usual orgy. However, I am gambling that Saturday morning will see their departure north, south, east or west. They know full well that I will have a 'party'.

All Carole's letters to me are now destroyed. She sent me yet another one today vowing the usual things - eternal love, devotion, &c. I find it nauseating to say the least and will prove this by burning every item of her correspondence. Never before have I thrown letters away. June's are still intact, and of course CB's are piled up in bundles. Carole's are nothing but paper to me. The words are uninteresting and strangely false, as though she's copied the lot from a sickly, grotesque romantic novel. I would never have read them again.


Tuesday May 18, 1976

A warm, pleasant day. Go into town at lunchtime and collect the two Elton John records and at the same time order 'Make Me Smile' by Cockney Rebel for Christine. Why can't a chap buy a ladyfriend a gift occasionally? Nip unaccompanied into the Ostlers and have a couple of lagers.

Main topic at work is the coming events of Saturday night. Darryl Wills says he's coming when he hears that Sarah is attending. If she brings Peter, her boyfriend, we'll all be done for, but knowing Sarah I can see her turning up in a single capacity just to please me (wishful thinking).

Mr Monkman was buried today at 2.30. Dad and Ernest Blackwell represented the Hawksworth Lane residents, but I didn't fancy the idea at all. Funerals are not things one should rush into are they?

David rings at 7 o'clock to say his Dad is in hospital following a mild heart attack! God Almighty! That family is in a bad state! Mr Lawson always appears to be such a healthy chap too. He comes up to our place at 8.30 (David) and we go to the Queen's on Apperley Lane to meet Marita and Denise for a few drinks. It made a change going out on a Tuesday. We had a few laughs. David goes back into hospital on Friday and doesn't think he'll be well enough to come on Saturday.


Monday May 17, 1976

Woke up at about 5.30am and staggered to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. Don't usually see the light of day until about 8 o'clock and decide that Dad getting ready for work is the cause of my wakening. Climb back in bed and sleep until 7.30.

To work with Jim. He doesn't have much to say but I suppose affairs of state are preying on his mind. Monarchical duties should never be taken on by one who isn't willing to dedicate his life to the service of his country.

Nothing in the news. Write to Jackie about the possible events of next Saturday.______. I'd still like her if she made it common knowledge she'd slept with Rudolf Hess. I am a very broad minded cousin really. Sarah, Carol J and the others are also coming on Saturday. However, seeing will be believing I'm afraid.

Salad for tea. At Whitsuntide I suggest to Susan that she should invite John and Maria to stay for the weekend because otherwise she will be alone. I'm going camping with Chris and Peter, Mum and Dad will still be on holiday and Lynn and Dave are also venturing off. The poor girl can't spend a weekend in solitary confinement.

Look at the garden after tea and notice next door that old Mrs Monkman is sitting watching the TV quite alone. She must feel horribly lonely.

See a good film starring Franco Nero at 9.20 and come to bed at 11.30. Tired and shagged out.


Sunday May 16, 1976

4th after Easter. A long, typically tiresome Sunday. Watch television until 5pm with Mum, Lynn and David. Kept enthralled by 'The Best of Upstairs, Downstairs' and part 96 of 'World at War'. Fall into a nice bath at 5 and wallow listening to the radio until 7.

Worried about my photo albums. Should I dismantle them and send Carole a selection? She did pay for some of them after all. Can't make my mind up what to do.

Chat with Lynn and Dave about the holiday. They question me about Cala Millor.

To the Clapgate at 8.30 with Chris and Peter. Chris drives to Bramhope then we go the rest of the way in Pete's van. A good time. My first visit to the pub, somewhere near Sicklinghall or Kirby Overblow. They (C & P) were both out with John and Maria last night. Home at 11. Ugh, Monday tomorrow.


Saturday May 15, 1976

David L's renunciation of alcohol deters him from dwelling for long periods in public houses and I sympathise with him entirely. If I'd been told not to touch the stuff again (drink) a dimly lit ale house would be last place you'd find me. The poor sod must have suffered a lot because his diet now prevents him from eating virtually anything he ate prior to his illness.

Go see 'Cabaret' with David at 6.30 in Shipley. Excellent film. Four years old though, but much better than I thought it would be. Only about 20 people in the cinema.

Home at 10.45 and see 'The Hound of the Baskerville's' on the BBC. A pathetic film in which Peter Cushing gives a poor, half-hearted performance as Sherlock Holmes. Conan Doyle would be spinning in his grave I'm sure. Never once seen Cushing in a decent film.

Retire to bed at 1.30am or thereabouts and sit watching the moon which looks quite full.


Friday May 14, 1976

Eileen and I go to the Ostlers at 1pm for yet another 'liquid' lunch. We havn't been out together for quite a long time and it certainly made a change. Leave work at 4.30 for yet another weekend.

David, out of hospital, collects me at 8 o'clock and we go to the Hare & Hounds. Christine Dibb and her boyfriend are holding court, and Judith R and Kathryn are in. J offered her condolences about Carole. I feel nervous and peculiar because I know Miss Phillips will be coming in. She arrives with Chris and says hello quite cordially. They're followed by Andy, Linda, Pete M and Denise, and then Keith B and John and Maria. CB comes in with Roger. Poor David cannot touch alcohol before Christmas and even after that he'll never be allowed to get pissed again. Horrific isnt it? He drank tomato juice, but this disagreed with him, and he had to drink water. We decide to go see Liza Minelli in 'Cabaret' tomorrow.

Move on to the Black Bull in Otley. ______________________________.


Thursday May 13, 1976

Pay day. Meet Dave B for lunch at the Ostlers. Purchase the LP 'Elton John's Greatest Hits' and ordered 'Island Girl' and 'Someone Saved My Life Tonight'. Busy time really. Lunch 12.30-2pm. Writing it all in brief because I cannot be bothered with detail. Home on train at 6pm and hear that Harry Monkman died at Falmouth in the night. I last spoke to him a week last Wednesday when he passed comment that his lawn was in a far better condition than ours. He'd just put tons of fertilizer all over his, at great expense, and I'm saddened that he'll never see the lush growth that his labours will undoubtedly produce. He must have been 80, and I feel a bit sorry for Maud, who is almost blind. I was never fond of him.

Ring Dave L who came out of hospital today. He will be out and about tomorrow night - but no alcohol whatsoever. Glad he's home. Probably going to see 'Cabaret' on Saturday. Dave B brings me the 'Who Loves You' LP from Denise. She bought me it in return for the Cow & Calf excursion last week. Play both LPs - they're really great.

Hear that Uncle Peter came for lunch today. He's brilliant - salt of the earth.


Wednesday May 12, 1976

At 9pm go down to the Hare with Chris. Denise and Marita are sat therein - Marita!!

Not a good a night really. Sickened off with things. Bugger off.

No, hang on a minute. Chris took Carole out on Monday and I bet she's worming her way into his affections now. ________________________________.


Tuesday May 11, 1976

Another boring day at work. Sick to death of the damnable place. Should I run away to sea or not? What sort of lolly are Admirals of the Fleet on at the moment?

Leave (the YP) at 4.30 and get soaked in a bloody downpour. Home for dinner with Mum, Dad, Lynn & Sue. Mum and Dad discuss family marriages and things and say they want plenty of notice before the three of us take the plunge. I assure them they need not worry about me rushing down the aisle in a hurry. I'd like to be the last one in the family to be married off - the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Don't bother reading the papers today. They're all full of trash. 'The agony of Jeremy Thorpe', &c. and 'Marion keeping vigil at husband's graveside', &c.

CB rang at 2.30 and I told her about the weekend. She was amazed that Chris took Carole out. We had a good laugh at the general state of affairs. She is still going strong with Roger. No more to be said about that.


Monday May 10, 1976

A bright warm day. Boring at work and uneventful. Jeremy Thorpe resigned as Liberal party leader this afternoon, which is no surprise really. After seeing several letters from him to Norman Scott published in this morning's papers it was obvious he had to go. No doubt Cyril Smith will be pushing his way to the front line now.

Meet Carole in Guiseley - quite accidentally of course, and walk with her to Ridgeway where she's going to see Maria. She seemed composed and calm. She was pale and drawn and I made no attempt to act soft with her. She asked me why, on learning of her suicide attempt, I had not sent her a bunch of flowers! I told her quite seriously that circumstances almost made it possible for me to send her a wreath. She called me a 'sod'. I ask her to pass on my regards to Maria, but don't think they'll be conveyed.

Home for tea at 5.30. The news is dominated with Mr Thorpe's resignation. I can't help feeling rarther sorry for him. However, the world isn't quite ready for sexually deviant political leaders.

Watch TV all evening and have a bath at 10.15. Finish 'Service with a Smile' by Wodehouse and begin 'Bachelors Anonymous' and retire to bed after midnight.


Sunday May 9, 1976

3rd after Easter. In contrast with yesterday it is wet, cold and dismal. A typical boring Sunday.

Denise rings at mid-day and says she's going to see the David Bowie film this afternoon and cannot come up to see me.

Do nothing but eat all day. Sometimes I wonder why my apetite is so large. Must be all this sexual activity and generally dissipated way of life. No such bloody luck!

See the D.H. Lawrence film 'Virgin and the Gypsy' which I first saw years ago with David L. A good film, but my memory of it was that it was much more 'dirty'. However, what is 'dirty' at 15 is very often tedius and insignificant at 21. Yes, it's senility creeping up on me.

Ring Chris and he says he took Carole to the Craven Heifer yesterday. He didn't go into great detail but tells me she was more 'cheerful and back to her usual self'. John and Maria went too. No doubt my name was dirt.

Bed at 11.40pm. Read P.G. Wodehouse's 'Service with a Smile'. Very funny indeed.