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Sunday October 3, 1976

16th after Trinity. Don't get up until very late. Do bugger all this afternoon and we all have a very late Sunday dinner at 5.30. Too listless to go out tonight & so I attempt to get Tony's phone number by ringing Auntie Delia in order to get Carol J's number and thus, eventually, discover Mr Brotherwood's. Delia says she wants some decorating doing and I immediately offer my services. A few extra quid wouldn't go amiss. Anyway, Carol says she doesn't have Tony's phone number and I get the distinct impression that I've put my dirty great foot in it. He rings me at 6 o'clock and I tell him not to bother coming up. We're going to see 'The Omen' in Leeds tomorrow.

See 'Fawlty Towers' and a film about German POWs attempting to escape from a camp in Scotland followed by a Sophia Loren film which takes us through to midnight. No news from John today but we presume Maria is now safely housed at Otley [Hospital].


Saturday October 2, 1976

Out with CB, Martyn, Chris, Pete M & Jane S to the Hare & Hounds, the Knights Bar at Ilkley, and then the Stoney Lea. A good time was had by all but that's all you're going to get on the subject. Bye Bye.


Friday October 1, 1976

Before I start I must say two things: WHITE RABBITS. John Philip Hugh Rhodes is one day old.

Celebrate my nephew's anniversary at the Hare & Hounds with CB and Martyn. Quiet really. Tony calls in with Stuart and the lad from W.H.Smith's Travel and T shows great surprise when I say Lynne is in Spain. They go off to Oakwood Hall and minutes later we are visited by Mr C. Ratcliffe, Mr J.P. Rhodes, Mr L. Rhodes and Mrs N. Rhodes. Haven't seen Christopher for ages. __________.

John, Mum and Dad had been to Hyde Terrace to look once again at Maria and John Junior. I still can't believe it myself.

Home with Mum, Dad and John at 11.15 and watch a silly Beryl Reid/Flora Robson 'horror film' on the BBC.

Bed at 1.30 after having had a 'friendly' argument with John about hospital deliveries. I see nothing wrong with women giving birth at home. Risks are in all things.


Thursday September 30, 1976

Awakened at 7.15 by Mum rushing into the bedroom. It's a boy! Maria was delivered of a 8lb 7oz son at 6.05 this morning. John was with her from 1.30am, and Mum, Molly and Jim were in the waiting room. I leave for work at 8am an uncle. The folk in the office are cheered by my good tidings and I have great difficulty in working. Attempt to ring home all day but the phone is constantly engaged.

At 4.30 I go up to the Reference Library and get thoroughly soaked in the process so much so that a 'new baby' card I'd bought for John & Maria is ruined along with a couple of newspapers. The rain was running down my back and in an attempt to keep dry I zipped up my bomber jacket and caught my gold chain in the zip and snapped it. Home at 6 o'clock dripping wet.

Mum and Dad visited their first grandchild this afternoon and Mum says he's the most beautiful baby - ever. Today is also Hugh Macdonald's 29th birthday and so the new baby is to be named John Philip Hugh.

John comes at 7.30 and he takes Susan, Lynn and self to Hyde Terrace. We each spend 15 minutes or so with John, Maria and the baby. He really has the most beautiful, unblemished complexion. So many babies have that 'poached egg' look. John is over the moon. None of us can really take it in. Call in at the off-licence and buy £5 worth of booze. At home discover that Mum's spent the same amount on the same commodity, and so we have a little 'wetting the babies head' treatment. Take a few photos. Bed at 2am.