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Saturday April 16, 1977

Arose at 10.30am to a brilliant morning. The warmest of the year so far. Mum and Dad go off to the cash and carry in Leeds and they give me a lift to Guiseley with my library books. A 60p fine for allowing four miserable volumes to go two weeks overdue! A somewhat severe penalty don't you think? Blimey, one would think I'd torn them into tiny pieces and devoured them. Back home by 12.

Have two cups of coffee and look at volumes of Queen Victoria's correspondence with the Empress Frederick, 1861-1871.  I believe I've read the 'Dearest Child' letters which covers the period prior to 1868, I'm not sure. I also got two volumes of Trollope's 'Palliser' novels. Don't know whether I'll read them or not.

Later sat in deckchairs at the front of the house with Mum whilst Dad messed about under the car. John and Maria brought baby at 1.30 and Maria went off shopping to Bradford leaving both Johns with us. The baby is taking much more notice of things. A delight he really is. Expect to see Tony who said he might call in with his son, Stephen, who is two and a half, but we see no sign of him.

I retired to the lounge at 3 to watch the ancient film 'The Winslow Boy' on BBC2. Sue and Peter joined me with JPH and they attempted to feed him with chocolate buttons and a Milky Bar.

At tea time Maria returns from her shopping trip with a Boots gift token for 'someone' she tries not to mention. Is it perhaps for Miss Phillips's engagement? I wonder. Why keep it all a secret?

John announces he is going to the Hare and so I give in and say I will join him. Willpower isn't one of my strongest points really. Out to the Hare. Stand with CB for an hour until she goes off with Chris Blades. I then spotted Cowie (remember him? The Emmotts with June, Linda West and me in the Spring of 1973). I stood with him and his common-law girlfriend until closing time. He gave me his address and said something about keeping in touch. Great stuff. Pete M is hilarious. 'Orgasm' appears to be his favourite word at the moment. He must have just discovered them or something.  Supped Guinness tonight.

Tony and Linda came in at 10 o'clock. We were all laughing about Christmas babies for some reason.


Friday April 15, 1977

Spring morning. Spring afternoon. Spring evening. I have yet to have a Spring night because it's only 7.30pm, but I suppose I will do.

Duchess of Gloucester
It was announced this morning that the Duchess of Gloucester is having a baby in November too. The PA report in the EP stated that the child, if male, would assume his father's second title, Baron Culloden. Balderdash. The barony of Culloden is a courtesy title to be borne by the eldest son of the Duke of Gloucester's eldest son, the Earl of Ulster. The baby will be either Lord or Lady (Christian name) Windsor. It took me about an hour to convince the subs desk that this was so. Evidently it was a Kensington Palace spokesman who announced the crap information. Two Royal babies in Jubilee year eh? I could say the year is going with a bang, but I won't bother.

Work until 5pm and find myself in a traffic jam on Kirkstall Road for thirty minutes. It was too hot and people were dropping like flies on the omnibus. Home at 6. Dad is doing his bit 'giving blood' in Guiseley. A hideous thought which brings to mind the likes of Count Dracula and that ghoulish lot. Surely, if we're given eight or ten pints of the stuff I think it must mean we need every drop for ourselves - selfish maybe but that sort of thing just isn't for me.

Later: yes, it was a Spring night. Went to the Hare with Sue & Peter expecting to get up to our usual activities but instead met up with Dave L and a group of his friends from deepest Gloucester. The four of us go to Woodhouse Moor fair and have a great time.It is revolting that David is no longer resident in these parts. It was just like old times on the waltzer, cyclone, the toffee apples, candy floss. Back to the Hare & Hounds at 10.30. Dave and friends left at 11 and Martyn and I waited for Tony to arrive. With Chris & Pete M the 3 of us go to Oakwood Hall. Not much doing at all. Completely uninteresting and dead. The place is full of unattractive prostitutes - but no, because most of the girls here are quite willing to do it for free. Home by 1.30. Everyone got on my nerves. The trip to Oakwood ruined the whole evening. Christ. Have I mentioned that Peter M is to be Andy Graham's best man? Dave L quipped that he is on the short list to be one of the ushers.