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Saturday June 11, 1977

Thunder, lightning, rain, hail - the bloody lot is brought down upon us. They do say that only people of lower intelligence allow the weather to depress them but today cannot have any other effect.

Princess Alice.
It was out of bed quite early to view the Trooping the Colour on tv. The crowds in the Mall look to have been static since Tuesday's jubilee and even the rain could not dampen the singing and the cheers of loyalty. Saw the RAF fly-past at 1pm. Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone was on the balcony. When Martyn came up at 1.30 we worked it out that the princess will be the oldest ever living member of the British royal family on July 15.

John comes up in his work gear this afternoon and within minutes he's changed into some of my clothes and we go - the three of us - to the Station on Henshaw Lane. He says Maria is entertaining Carole and Peter (Fogarty). I could have fallen through the bloody chair. John assumed that she had told me the full details of her 'other' arrangements and he showed surprise that Carole was out with me last night because Friday is Fogarty night. So too is Saturday and no doubt every other night except Thursday. I bet she was out with him until 11.30 last night then out with me until 2! God. I suppose I have nothing to be mad about. She hasn't lied, but I have been deceived. It's only a matter of weeks since she sat and laughed and said she did not believe in 'two timing' and believed in being utterly faithful. This little revelation just goes to show what shit she hurls at Tony - and he believes everything she says. John says Carole is the biggest liar he has ever met and he's always held this opinion.

Martyn stays to tea and we don't go out until 9.45 and watched tv with Susan and Peter until this disgustingly late hour. The four of us went to the Malt Shovel in Menston and then back home for more television - three of them with Chinese food and me with fish and chips.

Friday June 10, 1977

Carole phoned me at the office and apologised for her abominable behaviour last night. I accepted her apology and she kept repeating her apologies over and over again. She put it down to the atmosphere at Oakwood (Hall) and suggests going to the cinema to see 'A Star is Born' next Thursday.

She says she's sending something in the post. No doubt another apology. I feel sure she went out last night with every intention of causing trouble and anarchy - she's just like her revolting mother.

Phoned Tony this evening and he analysed the situation for me. Carole only behaves in such an antagonistic way, he says, because deep down inside she wants to behave in exactly the opposite way. Er, right. Rubbish if you ask me. The girl is just mucking me about. However, it is impossible to tell Tony that.

Within minutes he rings back to say Naomi and Carole want to know if we fancy an evening at Il Travatore. I agree.  He laughs and says "what did I tell you?" Just what did he tell me? To the Bod with Tony & Martyn. Tony is quiet and reflective. From here we went with Michelle and Co to the Hare & Hounds at Heaton. Then on to the mortuary-like Il Trovatore. Linda is in with Denny and Naomi and Carole don't arrive until after12. She arrives with a new hair-style and looks stunning. I dragged her off to the balcony until 2. She won't let me kiss her and is extremely cool. She was still very apologetic about the Oakwood Hall incident but I still feel as though I'm playing the mouse to her cat.

Naomi brought us home. I prayed for our safety en route. When Naomi's had a few she's the maddest driver on the road.

Thursday June 9, 1977

Mum rang me at lunchtime to say she and Papa were leaving for Gloucestershire this afternoon. No idea when they'll be back. They phoned tonight (Lynn took the call) to say they were safely housed in Stratford-upon-Avon - town of the immortal Bard and all that. I shall never forget my day at Stratford with Dave L two or three years ago.

Oakwood Hall
A disastrous evening. Got home at 5.30 and found a note from Susan asking whether she could join Carole and I at Oakwood Hall. Readily agreed, of course.We met Carole at 7.45 and went to Bingley. Carole and I got on famously in the pub, but at Oakwood it got just like old times. I was having a chat with Peter N about politics and became aware of how sombre she had suddenly become. When I questioned her about it she snapped "you see Peter every night of the week - I expect all your attention on Thursdays". I went berserk and said it was hardly my fault that we only saw each other one night a week and accused her of seeking vengeance on me for what took place in May '76. She slapped my face. God only knows what Peter and Susan thought of it all. The fracas continued in the rear of Peter's car and we were still arguing at 2am. She was the one who picked the fight. I just wanted a pleasant night.

Wednesday June 8, 1977

Jubilee over and back to work. In keeping with tradition the first day back to work after the bank holiday is one reminiscent of a tropical heatwave. Someone up there must have it in for us, I fear.

The newspapers are full of jubilee articles. It is estimated that a million people were on the streets of London for yesterday's pageant. The Queen, if she's not doing so already, must be jumping for joy.

Carole phoned. She can't find any company taking parties to the Trooping of the Colour on Saturday. Thwarted yet again for the second year running. We're going to Oakwood Hall tomorrow for our weekly meeting. I suggested we might meet on Friday instead but she soon put a stop to that idea. Who will the lucky man be that night, I wonder? You can't tell me she leads a life of innocence from one Thursday to the next. Mind you, what else can I expect? Not much. Besides, I thought it was always the idea that I had a lady with interests other than myself? Carole's possessiveness during our last liaison virtually deadened the whole affair so now I should rejoice in the fact that she's far from besotted.