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Friday December 23, 1977

_.Roaring drunk all day with consequences nauseating and dire.Please do not read on if you are of a weak or delicate nature. At the YP we sank a bottle of gin before going over to the pub - the Central - and whilst having Christmas drinks in this ancient pub I am sorry to say my mind disintegrated. Everything became blurred and warped. I managed to get a bus at about 3 and at home I fell of a chair several times whilst attempting to stick balloons to the ceiling for my irate Mama.

From home I went with dear Dave L, Sue, Pete N, Chris, Pete M, Steve Hudson and a scattering of Pete N's pals to the Fox. I remember nothing. Evidently I was drinking Tequila and orange.

Junction, Otley.
I am told that Dave left for home at about 10 and we moved on to the Junction in Otley - of all places - where a breach of the Queen's peace occurred and possibly a case of Grievous Bodily Harm. Whilst making my exit from the said tavern I was, allegedly, set upon by one ANTONY KIRK, of Otley, who assaulted me in the face, my nose, mouth, &c. Supposedly I accosted his tart (she is from Otley and so she must be one), but dear Sue and Pete insist that on leaving the pub I did nothing to provoke an onslaught upon my person. The lad just landed one on me for no apparent reason.

My body was borne in great mourning to Peter (Nason's) where my wounds were dressed and a Mass was said. On my arrival home, it is said, Mama went hysterical and I sat drunk, quietly bleeding.


Thursday December 22, 1977

_.Received two weeks pay, which is fatal. By Christmas Eve it will be sadly depleted. I went out and bought a couple of presents and intend purchasing no more. Blimey, I'm no Paul Getty. Why spend when it's just for spending sake?

David 's party is on for Dec 26, and John's on Dec 28, but other than this I don't think we're in for a riot.

Her Majesty with her first grandson.
Master Peter Mark Andrew Phillips was baptised today at Buckingham Palace. The poor soul going through life with such a pitiful name can find comfort in the knowledge that he is the oldest grandson of Her Most Illustrious Majesty our Sovereign Lady the Queen and it is unlikely that Master Phillips will ever endure the horrors of our state education system or experience the agonies of taking home £30 per week. Oh I'd change places with him and dip my head in that font any day.


Wednesday December 21, 1977

CB: voluptuous as usual.
_.The week is dragging by nastily, as it always does leading up to Yuletide. What more can I say really? Not a lot. To tea at John and Maria's and was joined by CB.  Carole and Fogarty came later and we drank coffee and gossipped. It was my first visit to No 69 since June.  CB is voluptuous, as usual, and is in love again. She insists I'll see her over the Christmas period but I know Christmas and I know CB even better and when she has a man the rest of us don't stand a chance. But we do laugh all the same. ______. JPH is incredible. He's a pearl.


Tuesday December 20, 1977

Prince of Wales: sworn of the Privy Council.
_.Phoned Jacqui to say thank you. She says she's coming from Dec 30 to Jan 3. I hope Mama will not be upset by this arrangement.

The Prince of Wales became a member of the Privy Council today. I have always assumed that he's been a PC since becoming 18 in 1966. Wrong again, Michael.


Monday December 19, 1977

_.Rumour has it that Judith is living in sin with the manager of the Hare & Hounds and that she is now resident at the pub. What has become of the poor, demented landlady? ________.


Sunday December 18, 1977

_.4th in Advent. To Jacqui's mum's. To a pub where Mrs Holroyd drank pints of tarvern ale. J's brother, Pete, is very likeable. He had only arrived home at 9:30 this morning which his mother found remarkable. Back to J's mum's flat and then to Victoria at 5:30 and left at 6:00pm. Jacqui has invited me down to parties in February and March and I have invited her to Pine Tops for the New Year revelries. In Leeds by 10, and home for 10:45. John, Maria and JPH are just leaving. _________.


Saturday December 17, 1977

Party goers at Muswell Hill.
_.To a disco at Hatfield in Hertfordshire. Only half a dozen of us in the place but we enjoyed the scene. Fun really.  Just Jacqui, Joy, Pete (Jacqui's brother) and I went. Home at 2:30am. Drank whisky. All really pissed. Jacqui says she may be moving to Leeds next year.


Friday December 16, 1977

_.To London with my nose running all over the coach. Jacqui met me at Victoria and we went straight to Muswell Hill, which took hours. Party there tonight. My Groucho was good. Jacqui was Shirley Temple, Joy was Liza Minelli, and Jan a gypsy.

Jacqui as Shirley Temple.