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Saturday January 21, 1978

Sun rises 7:54 Sun sets 16:30

After Breakfast David and I went with Susan and Peter to Bradford. All Sue wanted was a pullover, or whatever women call woolly over garments these days. We didn't even have the chance to get a quick drink anywhere. We laughed at Sue and Pete who fight like cat and dog. Let me tell you, walking around the shops with £4 in your pocket is a traumatic experience. I can hardly wait to lay hands on at least £40 from my National Savings certificate due at the end of the week. I'm going to invest in a pair of 'cowboy' type boots. I've seen a pair in Leeds costing £28.

Sue & Peter.
Tonight. Sue, Pete, Dave and I went with Lynn and Dave to the Hare & Hounds. John & Maria came in too with George and Jane Waite and others. We left at 11 for something to eat and then on to the Elma at Shipley (just Dave G, Sue, Pete and me that is). I don't think I've been to the Elma for 4 years. Things would have been better if a bigger party had gone. Dave was a bit subdued. It wasn't his scene. Back home at 2. Had a glass of wine and retired.

I wonder when Peter Nason will  make a honest woman of my sister? At the travel agents this morning neither of them batted an eye lid when it was put forward that they have a double room on holiday. It wouldn't have occurred in my day. Ha Ha.


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