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Monday March 6, 1978

Lynn's 20th birthday. She came, like a radiant angel, to grimy Leeds, bring a refreshing air to my Monday lunchtime. With Dave, John P, and Alison, we took refreshment at Parker's wine bar and they later called in at the YP to stir up mass hysteria amongst the staff.

Alison and John haven't heard of the latest 'Ripper' who roams the streets of Leeds, but then I don't suppose it matters to people in far off Hampshire, or which ever county it is they hail from. Very little work was done and Sarah and I entertained them until 4.

This evening John, Maria and JPH came up to see us. I fact it was a birthday celebration for Lynn and Mum cooked for 10 people. Roast turkey followed by strawberries and cream washed away with gallons of wine took us to 'playing out' time at the dreaded Fox.

After dinner Tony and Martyn paid us a visit with a birthday card for Lynn. __________. At 9 we all went to the Fox. Joined by Miss Dibb and Graham Airey. Just like old times. Back home at 11 and JPH entertained us until after 12.


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