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Wednesday August 7, 1974

Tremendous evening. Lynn joins John and myself, or perhaps I should say joins John, Peter Mather, Carol and Anne S, Dave (Bless Him)Baker, and voluptuous Carol Smith down at the Hare and Hounds.

Lynn drinks no alcohol whatsoever, and we move on to the Malt Shovel, then on to Dave's where we go through a bottle of Pernod and a massive bottle of whisky. I drink whisky from a pint glass, and I don't really mind admitting that more than the required limit passed through my person. Stay till about 1.30 - just Lynn, Carol S and Chris and myself then Dave brings us home. Coming through Yeadon at nearly 2am we were stopped by PC Copsey in his cop car who just asked Dave the preliminaries etc. Quite frightening really and it's the first time I've been in a car nabbed by the cops.

Back to Pine Tops where John and Peter M entertain their American friends for the last time. I become slowly more intoxicated until at 2 I stagger upstairs and sleep.


Tuesday August 6, 1974

Hot day - which makes a change. This summer will go down in history as 'the summer that never was'. Hear from Lynn tonight that she is the proud possessor of five 'O' levels. That is one more than me. Feel really happy for her.

Denise rings me at work and asks if I'd like to go to Scamps, the disco at Bradford, tonight. I plead insanity and say I have no money, which is perfectly true. She doesn't really object and we promise to meet on Friday at lunchtime again.

Nice day at the YP but too warm for comfort. Home at 5.45. Ring Marita after tea who says she's completed her decorating now and for the duration of the conversation I had the feeling that she was concentrating seriously on something else. I ask: "Have you seen Michael today?" She answers: "Yes. He's here now." I make a speedy exit from the line. The poor sods are in love_________.I keep getting different reports from private sources about __ but knowing ___ like I do_________.

No real news to report this week other than the fact that horrid President Nixon finally admitted that he knew about 'Watergate' all along. Disgusting American politics is not a subject I wish to dwell on.


Monday August 5, 1974

Funny day at the YP. 'Ann' the office girl sends me a note and I almost answer it in a very rude fashion but I hear from Carol Johnson, via her husband, that it is all a joke.

Sit watching tv until 8.30 when Marita rings. She is bored being on her own and I admit that I had forgotten all about her. I say I'll help decorate tomorrow straight from work. Makes a change anyway. She says she'll pick John and I up in half an hour's time to go for a drink. The three of us go to the Grey Horse on Town Street at Horsforth. Tremendous time had by all reminiscing over last years events. I argue with Marita about the night we went to the Cow and Calf and I put her off eating her hamburger by saying it was made from sheep dung collected whilst still warm from Ilkley Moor. We only have two drinks and rush back to Pine Tops in order to read last years diary and settle some arguments. Sit with the '73 journal and coffee until 12.30. Lovely evening. Marita goes home still unaware of the date when she finished, or I should say he (Chris) finished, with her. Sit in bed and at about 1 I discover that Chris and Marita finished on October 15. Most enjoyable night I've had for ages (not counting Saturday night of course).


Sunday August 4, 1974

As I've already said, I woke up at about 10.30 or thereabouts on Auntie Eleanor's lounge floor - not two hundred yards from the house where I was born 19 years ago.

Auntie Eleanor and Uncle Jack seem very unsociable and not very talkative. They don't really speak to poor Neil who is going to Cyrpus or somewhere equally offensive until Christmas at least. Sue and Peter are still in love - after last night, though she still feels very sick. We leave the Myers home at 11.30 after bidding farewell to dear Jackie, my favourite cousin of all time.

Walk to Auntie Hilda's where we drink home brewed beer till after one without having any food at all. Sandwiches with the Gadsbys was quite a laugh, though Uncle Tony departed up a ladder to paint the bedroom windows with the aid of Steve, Karen's boyfriend. Leave for Bradford just after 2 and we are all back at Pine Tops by 4. Mama makes tea for us all - that is Denny, Sue, Peter, Ronnie, Lynn, John, Carol and myself - not forgetting the most important one of all - Uncle "I'm God's annointed" Tony.

To the Hare and Hounds with Denny at 7.30. Carol doesn't speak to John and I fear that Linda must have told her of John's liaison (set for next Wednesday) with his American friend, Carol Shires.

"Rock Your Baby" by George Macrae.