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Wednesday March 28, 1973

Such a beautiful day! Had barely any breakfast and arrived at school at about 9. I set to work on a revision list (again!) for Mrs Lane. I had finished it by 9.30.

June did not arrive until about 10.30 because her poor Aunt Mary Ellen, who is 88, fell down the stairs, and June sat with her to give her some comfort. What an Angel she is!

In her Commerce lesson this afternoon she typed me a beautiful letter. I have never laughed quite so much at a letter before. What imagination she has!

"Dear Michael,

Are you feeling better now? You were in a very bad, aggressive, irritable, aggravated mood, and it was not like you to be like that. Me maybe, but you, definately not. At least I just pretend but you were being serious and I thought my end had come. The finale was in was a good performance but all good things come to an end!

Anyway,as long as you have taken your tablets and become your nice, normal, lovable self we can forget all about the Mr Hyde side of your nature. A human being has many aspects of his personality. Just as a diamond has many facets and the majority of the time we only see one side, but occasionally we catch a small glimpse of some of the darker depths of human nature.

Wot a load 'o rubbish.

I xxxxxxxx


I love you."

Today is Auntie Hilda's birthday. I always joke with her about her age and on Sunday I reckoned that she is 52. If only looks could kill I doubt very much that I would alive, well, and here today.

We are now growing quite sick of having to give in to half the 6th form and go to the shops every lunchtime. If we could only be more selfish occasionally. I am sure it would do us a lot of good.

Wednesday afternoons are usually quitev interesting. Today we discuss whether 18 year-old kids still at school should be allowed into the pubs at lunchtime. Groves said that alcohol slows down a person's brain capacity. Trust him to come out with something like that!

Came home at 5.15. Had tea and sat in front of the TV feeling very guilty about the 'A' levels in 10 weeks time. Oh God!


Tuesday March 27, 1973

Yes, still no change in the weather! What a beautiful year, weather wise, and in every other way, it is going to be. Got up at nearly 8 and postponed by bus ride until 9. June arrived almost simultaneously and instead of sitting with me, she went over to sit near the record player with Vilma Crosfield. She must have started her 'isolationist at school' thing. It was only yesterday that she said I must be growing bored with her because we are seeing too much of each other. Christine almost bit my head off when I happened to comment that June was ignoring me. (I was simply worried). "You can't bloody expect her to follow you around like a bloody dog", she said. She made me realise I am being childish.

Today we continued our argument on personal opinions. I made some attempt to disagree with abortion but June quashed it with shouts of: "Male chauvenist Pig!" and "horrible fascist". We then ventured onto the subject of the Royal Family, and believe it or not Benita and Linda agreed that the Queen does a very fine job. Linda goes on to say that Her Majesty is "lovely and graceful", an unusual remark from a 16-year-old girl. Despite her provoking, June was really delightful today.

Came home at 5 o'clock. The evening was very pleasant. I walked down to work at 6.50. For some unknown reason I was listless and bored. At 11.30 when everyone had gone, a couple of Sue and Toffer's friends came in. We played records and sang until nearly 3. Toffer used to have a disco and he has about 500 discs from the 1960s. They didn't half call to mind some old memories. Came home after 3. Ate 6 pikelets and fell into bed.


Monday March 26, 1973

A really horrid day! For about 30 minutes this afternoon June and I seem to have fallen out! Over what I simply do not know. Mondays are always such depressing days and in the afternoon a group of us started arguing - debating - about abortion. Benita, Dave, Vilma, Christine, and dear June took the opposing view to me. We argued right through the 4 o'clock bell and on until 5 when the 'fight' ended with Christine and Dave going off for buses.

The weather is marvellous again. But I was unable to appreciate the weather and at 5 I drifted to the bus stop feeling devastated and quite alone. All she could say was "goodbye" and I left school alone. I was a total nervous wreck, and for some unknown reason I rang Mum and told her I was going to be late home. She must have thought I was being very strange. I mournfully made my way to the bus stop where I sat on the Post Office doorstep feeling very sorry for myself. Hursty went past with a horrid grin spread across his horrible face. Obviously, he thought the finale had come to our romance.

God, at last June came. We both realised in an instant that we were being foolish, and within 2 minutes we had made up. June waited with me until 5.15. What a blissful half hour it was! We were kissing and then joking how the 'Grand Finale' had almost caught up with us. Good Grief, I did not really appreciate just how much I would miss her until we had this small, innocent squabble. May it never occurr again!!!


Sunday March 25, 1973

Sue woke me at 9 o'clock!! I have not been out of bed so early on a Sunday for at least 2 years. But a brisk swim will do me much more good than simply rotting in bed! Sue and I listened to the Ed Stewart Show on Radio 1 whilst we had breakfast. Alison came across at about 9.45 to walk with us to the swimming baths. We left 5 minutes later. On arriving at the pool at 10.20 Sue and Al went inside leaving me sitting on the wall waiting for June until nearly 10.45. She came running down the road looking very distressed saying she had been waiting for me for half an hour!

From 10.50 to 11.55 had a good time in the pool. June looks so different in the water. I cannot really say that Susan liked her, but what does that matter? She's my girlfriend at that's that. At noon went to get changed and then spectate until nearly 1 o'clock, eating cheese and biscuits, crisps, and "Pink Panther" chocolate. The weather was really miserable and at 1 it began to rain. I accompanied the girls to the bus stop. We waited for nearly half an hour and June, Linda and Janet finally got their bus. I ran homeward in the rain . Had lunch of rabbit pie - yes, the actual rabbit that I gutted yesterday.

Mum and Dad were in an argumentative mood and I was greatly relieved to hear that Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony and the girls were coming over to see us for tea. They arrived at about 5. I was reading a very tatty copy of "I Will Repay" by Baroness Orczy.

Tonight was my first Sunday evening at home for 2 months! Absolutely dreadful without June. Anyway, we're going out tomorrow evening instead. Dad went to work at about 7. Mum with Auntie H and Uncle T went down to the Commercial at Esholt until nearly 11. We all had a good supper and I departed to bed at about 12.30. Auntie Hilda will be 37 on Wednesday. She was born in 1936 during the brief reign of my hero, King Edward VIII.


Saturday March 24, 1973

John woke me at 10.30 with the radio on in the bedroom. The actual record being played over the air was "God gave rock and roll to you" by Argent. Not one of my favourite discs at the moment.

We had an argument about going to Leeds, and in the end, owing to the sorry state of my depleted financial monetary situation, I decided in the negative.

After breakfast I made my first ever attempt to skin a rabbit which was most interesting. From past experience (watching Papa) I know that the smell is utterly nauseating, but by simply breathing through my mouth I found it quite tolerable. Dad was pleased with my effort. For Dad to actually like something which I have done is a point to be noted.

At about 3.30 occurred a historic event of great magnitude. June actually rang me. Oh, her sweet angelic almost child-like voice over the phone! I was able to tell her about the new arrangements for Sunday. We decide to go the baths at 10.30am. Janet and Linda W are also coming, as is my own sweet sister, Sue.

Hot bath later. My evening at the Chuck Wagon was quite good. It felt unusual walking to work in the sunshine. It has always been dark in the past. Pauline was being her usual sexy self. Quite repulsive really.

Came home at 1.30 after having three nice beers. I have opted to work on Easter Monday afternoon, which is April 23. It will be a bit of extra money. Dave seems to think that I am a millionaire in my own right which isn't quite accurate.