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Saturday October 13, 1973

Get up after 10 o'clock. Mother is complaining about the dilapidated condition of the bathroom - so without further pressure being placed upon us - John and I go up and begin decorating. We rub all the gloss paing from the walls, but when Dad comes home we all decide that perhaps the bathroom needs tiling and not painting. Mother also wants a shower fitted.

Mick Knowles and Lynne were married this morning. Christine was a bridesmaid.

Later. Chris rings. I tell him to go to Christine W's house at Yeadon for 8.30. John and I are with her at 8.15. Andy, Chris and Marita____arrive at 8.30. At 8.45 Marita, Chris, John and Christine W, leave for an unknown destination. _____.Andy and I go to the Emmotts where we meet Philip Cartwright, Ray, Steve Cottle, etc. We pile into cars and go to Bramhope, then to the pub where Brian and Valerie had their wedding reception in July. Sit joking and drinking until 11.10. Steve gives me a lift as far as Guiseley Swimming Baths. I walk home. Unknown to me Marita passes me in the other direction on Park Rd. On arrival home John says the 'foursome' had a good time at the Fox and Hounds in Menston.__________.

Later. See a good Cary Grant film. Bed at 1.40. What a fantastic evening we've had for a change. Andy and I may be going swimming at Guiseley baths tomorrow.


Letter from Christine Braithwaite {Postmark Oct 13, 1973}

76, New Road Side

Dear Mig,
Thanks for your letter. I only got it this morning - and the letter. Sorry about paper, but I didn't bring any proper notepaper with me. MM's sat writing to David and I'm supposed to be writing an essay, but I can't be bothered so I'll have to make yet another excuse. Well, I found your letter very exhilarating! In fact, it lifted me out of my hum-drum, kitchen-sink drama situation which I appear to be in. (Sorry, I'm in one of those moods ~ Oh!). Your diagrams were exceptionally explanatory, and your rules for terminating consumption of oil were ... dare I say it ...yes, I dare ....  were.....O.K!

There is one point I wish to elaborate on....
I WANT AN UMBRELLA FOR CHRISTMAS! I an cold, wet and hungry because I have been disarmed  of my brolly. Just cut along the dotted line and send a £1 note (no coins please) to the following address: "Glenview, 76, New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds. <------- ..............="" cur="" here="" nbsp="">

However good your bargain for £89 may sound, I want a brolly!

Michael L. Rhodes I wish to present you with a writ demanding you to appear in court, on the morning of December 17. I am acting on behalf of a certain Miss C. Braithwaite, who is prosecuting you for liable (sic), insisting that, in one of your communcates (sic) to her you said, quote "have you given up the drink?" How could you say such a thing? How could you be so callous? How could you?

Philip and I (sorry, your Majesty) go out only on Fridays and Saturdays now, to try and save some money. We haven't been to the Queen's for ages. We might go down this Saturday though! On Saturday we're going into Leeds, and we might get the ring, I see one I like. We'll probably be getting engaged on December 29 (Saturday), which is the weekend between Christmas  and New Year! But we're not sure yet. When are you getting yourself hitched up then? June was up at school the other day, but she didn't stay long. Your poem referring to Irene (MacMahon\) and Andy Maud (that's the poor fools name!) was stupendous! A copy is contained herewith and within.

Some sad news Mig, please ....... whatever you are doing - stop it, your dirty beggar!....  No please sit down..... I have something to tell you .....are you ready? The Cow and Calf has closed! Arghh! It's now Samantha's and anyone who gets drunk is thrown out! I think the whole thing is positively disgusting - they should have asked us first. No, in fact, it was a bit of a dump, we only went so that we could get drunk - still memories will be nice - and of the Cow and Calf.

Well, must go now - got a lesson - write soon, and don't forget that £1 for my brolly!


Christine (Your Honourable Madame Chairman)


Friday October 12, 1973

At school I speak with Jackie Petit, who tells me she is giving a camp-fire rave-up in a field near the home of Michael Stott this evening. MM is close at hand, and he also sees the fun which is to be had at such a gathering - and especially with Miss Petit. I inform the delectable Jackie that I may pay her a visit after closing hours. She smiles amiably.

Later. After the usual round of telephone calls I arrive at the Fleece half an hour later than everyone else. From 8.30 until 11 I am sandwiched between Miss Christine White and Miss Laura Butchard. Laura is clad only scantily, in one of her very low-cut gowns, but reeking of those intolerable moth-balls. How weird all these evenings are without Dave, poor soul, whi is flogging his guts out in Worcester - and four four years!

Tragedy! At 11 o'clock MM just stands up and announces that he's going home. I ask: 'what about Jackie's party?' He quips: 'Oh, it will all be over by now.' I disagree and tell him so. He gives John and I a lift home.

See a good film starring Stewart Grainger as a brutal wife murderer. Lynn also sees it with me. I am in bed by nearly 2am. Sleep soundly.


Thursday October 11, 1973

Nine months ago today started the romance to end all romances. Yes, June and I went to the golf club dance at Rawdon, from whence we never looked back until that tragic day in August when she gave me up. I will never understand why she left me.We were always infinately happy together. People admit that we were made for each other. Old Ivy at the Emmotts thought we were a fantastic couple. Christine B could tell by the expression on my face that I loved June...


Wednesday October 10, 1973

Get up at 8am. The rain is pouring down outside and I decide to spend the day at home anyway. I have no lessons today. Lynn and Sue go off to school at 8.30 and Dad takes Mum down to work and comes back shortly after 9 and we sit drinking tea until 10.0 o'clock. I then take out my file and look at the Economics I have to do - not too much.

The post comes and I see I have a letter from the Yorkshire Post. They have placed me on a short-list and want me to return for a further interview next Tuesday at 10. Mum is very excited and feels sure I'll get the job - I do hope so.

Dad and I are alone all morning and he is fed up with the weather because he will have to stand out in it all afternoon when Princess Margaret comes to Yeadon. He'll get absolutely soaked.

Later Mum comes home. At 1pm I sat in the lounge playing Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto and sewing some new buttons on my old coat. Dad goes to Yeadon at 1.30 and I get the 2.30 bus there. I stand in a bus shelter until 3.40! Arrive at the airport at about 3.50. Dad shows me the public gallery overlooking the aircraft of the Queen's Flight which will take the princess back to London. Shortly after 4 the motorcade arrives. Police outriders on motorcycles are at the head and tail of this 'procession'. The Rolls Royce goes very near the plane and the princess alights from it onto the wet tarmac. She is very petit, and not at all fat which seems to be on tv. She is in green and grey. Within seconds, and after a curtsey from the wife of the Lord Lieutenant, Princess Margaret is on the plane, her lady-in-waiting having fallen on the steps due to the slippery, wet conditions. Five minutes later she is gone. Go home in pouring rain.

Saw Philip in Yeadon and he tells me about last Saturday's stag party. Spend the evening watching tv.


Tuesday October 9, 1973

Another rainy day. I think it's shocking the way that Princess Anne and Mark Phillips have had to give up Oak Grove, near Aldershot, simply because everyone in Britain, except me that is, is opposed to them paying only £8 a week rent. So what? Why can't the couple live more like the ordinary Briton? We only pay £8 rent in our council houses. Why can't they? The British do have a wicked and cruel streak in their character which I cannot tolerate. Cheer up Anne and Mark! Keep your royal chins held high....


Monday October 8, 1973

Get up at 7.50 feeling very sprightly and awake. Eat very little and depart in the rain for Benton Park where I arrive, still in the rain, at 8.55.

Spend the whole morning with Christine laughing at the 'Wyndham-Logg' books. I ought to be thoroughly ashamed of myself. Six weeks to the 'A' level and 'O' level and I am messing about with rubbishy made-up stories which benefit no one.

Christine and Philip today celebrate their second anniversary and are getting engaged at Christmas or New Year. Of course, only a select few have been informed of their future marital preparations.

Later. I promise to go to the Fleece tonight where Christine and Philip are burning the midnight oil. However, on arrival home Mum says I shouldn't be going out, due to the fact I have only 50p left. I agree.

See Dad who tells me that he will be at Yeadon airport on Wednesday afternoon when Princess Margaret leaves after engagements in the county. I decide I'll go see her off on Wednesday. Mum also considers going up with me, but she changes her mind saying: 'would Princess Margaret go out and give me a wave?'

Strangely enough no one rings me tonight and I go to bed at 10.30. Having an early night is certainly a rare phenomena where I am concerned.


Sunday October 7, 1973

16th after Trinity. Leap out of bed all fresh and alive at 1pm. Have a mediocre breakfast and depart for the bathroom to remove last night's dirt.

See in the Sundat Express that the Jews and Arabs are still 'at it'. It's the first time they've had a full scale war since June, 1967. I do hope that the Jews will win. The poor sods have ahad to put up with a lot. What with the Nazis and now the Arabs. Anyway, the Arabs are such hysterical bods - either killing one another or people in airport VIP lounges.

Later: see a corny film on the BBC. Read in the Express about the events of October 1963 when Macmillan threw his cards in. It seems that no one knew who to turn to after the demise of Super Mac. The Queen sent for the 14th Earl of Home who jacked in his title in order to form a government in the Commons. He didn't do very well.

Later: Chris rings. We decide to go to the Malt Shovel in Menston. John and I nearly walk the whole of the way. Arrive at 8.40. Marita, Chris, Andy, Christine W and Laura are inside. We sat chatting and arguing until 10.45. They all leave with Marita and John and me walk to the White Cross. We got on a bus to Hawksworth Lane and are home for 11.10. Mother had baked the Christmas cake and the house smells heavenly. Little supper. Bed by 11.55.