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Friday December 28, 1973

Mum got me up at 7.15 and I went to Leeds on the 8.20 train after having only a lemonade for breakfast. Most unusual morning - only 3 hours work because it's my half-day. Have finished all my filing and everything by 11.55. Home by 1 o'clock. Have soup for lunch. See Mother for only a few brief minutes and she dashes back to work until 4.0.

A rainy, uncomfortable day. All we've had this Christmas is rain upon rain.

Poor Sue Riley is showing little, or no, signs of delivering a child into the world. I don't think it will come until the New Year now. A pity really. Sue's baby would have been a fitting close to 1973.

Chris rings and I say I'm not going out. John triies to convert me into celebrating Friday. Dave rings at 7.15 and I decide to go to the Fleece with the gang. Everyone gathers at about 8.15. At 10.15 Peter Mather takes 8 of us back to the Emmotts where we all have one more drink. In all, I consumed 4 halves of Guinness and 3 packets of nuts. Andy was annoyed when Linda, Christine, John and myself refuse to go back to his house for a drink. Andy and Chris don't realise that some people have to work Saturday mornings. Home at 11.30. St with Mum, Dad and Sue until about 12.30. Quite a laugh it was too.


Thursday December 27, 1973

I wonder if Sue Riley's given birth yet? When I pass the CW on the bus I see no sign of life and therefore pressume that the poor girl is in the clinic suffering the rigours of childbirth. The little blighter is already four days late. Discussing this with Mother she says I came on the exact appointed day; John should have been born on September 22; Lynn was six days late and I think she said Susan was early.

Rushed home from the YP in order to prepare for this so-called party in Horsforth. Hell, what a total disaster the evening was. Arrive at the house at 8.30. And from the start Helen Taylor thinks that she has me hooked. After 90 minutes of wandering around the streets of misty Horsforth - past June's house - I tell it's no good us starting anything permanent. I admit to her that June is still the only girl in my life. She begins to cry outside Diane Rushworth's house in Horsforth and I make a hurried departure. I do so hate upsetting these females, but what else can I possibly do?

Pam Barlow rang to invite me to Judith Lea's party on Saturday - I refuse, using Chris as an excuse. Helen also asked me to go to the same party - not knowing that Pamela is also after me too. Generally an intolerable evening.


Wednesday December 26, 1973

Get up at about midday. Denny, Lynn and Susan are chatting downstairs. See a bit of tv and have a delicious lunch.

Denny is a marvellous darling and I get on with her more than any other girl - at this moment in time._______________.She is a perfect thing. She is so undemanding and never tries to force her views or ideas upon one. She leaves about 2 o'clock. See a horrid Doris Day film.

Go to cousin Derek's at 5.0. The first time I've been to see Derek and Jennifer. She's pretty, but quiet. Auntie Eleanor, Uncle Jack, Jackie, her sailor boyfriend Neil, Stephen, Brian and Valerie were there. I love Auntie Eleanor. Spend the remainder of the evening at the Gadsby residence. The usual 'soot' jests and things. Auntie Hilda was a bit slewed, but I drank very little. John had virtually nothing alcoholic. Mum was on lemonade! Auntie Eleanor won the 'press-ups' competition. Uncle Jack was second and Tony third. Dad refused to enter. After an exchange of gifts we all go our separate ways. The whole clan is to meet at our place on New Year's Eve.

Home at about 2.0am. Turkey sandwiches - succulent.


Tuesday December 25, 1973

Christmas Day. Awake with a hangover at 12.30. Mother is not too pleased at my drunken arrival home. John was also sloshed at midnight - when Andy and Chris brought him home and carried him upstairs and dumped him on the bed.

Christmas dinner is excellent. The 20lb turkey is exquisitely cooked. Meal begins with prawn cocktail. For the first time in years I do not have any Christmas pudding - my poor misguided stomach couldn't tolerate it.

See the Queen on tv at 3 o'clock and fall asleep immediately after the 15 minute broadcast, and sleep until almost 5.0. I have no recollection whatever of the traditional rubbish-type BBC pantomime which they try to force onto us once a year.

The weather is abominable for Christmas. Rain, rain and even more rain. See a bit of the 'Morecambe and Wise' Christmas show then have a shower.

John and I leave for Dave's at 9.0. Meet Denny in Guiseley. The party is genuinely a success. Two flashing Christmas trees! All the gang came - every single one. Denny was pissed by 12. She comes back to Pine tops at 2.0 - and camps down in the girls room - won't they have a surprise in the morning.


Monday December 24, 1973

Christmas Eve is here at last. Finish filing at work at 11.30 and we all go behind the filing cabinets for a makeshift party - received 2 nice presents. The afternoon is given over to enjoying ourselves, and I get a train at 1.10 out of Leeds.

John and Lynn are watching tv and poor Sue is working all day at the hairdressers. Mum and Dad are shopping until 3.0.

At 7.30 John, Christine W and I go to the Emmotts where Marita, Laura, Chris, Andy, Peter, David and MM all assemble. A boozy evening.Feeling totally pissed. Denny and I go on to Peter Lazenby's party on Park Road, Guiseley. My God, don't ask me what I drank, but the whole evening from midnight onwards is a complete blank to me. Home at 3. Immediately to bed. Sleep until noon on Christmas Day.


Sunday December 23, 1973

4th in Advent. Awoke at 12.30. John says he had a great time at the 'Cat's Whiskers' in York, where Christine W and he exchanged Christmas presents. He received a record token, and she received a watch. He says Dave is coming up today with a written invitation for a party on Christmas night. John received his invite last night.

Sandra and Doug have separated. She is now living at Dave's. All couples seem to be doing it these days.

David and MM came at about 4 o'clock and they sit with John and myself until about 5.30 when Dave goes home to tape 'Solid Gold 60'. Both were quite pleasant but I can't help laughing at____.

Mater and Pater collect the turkey from Rose Farm at Burley-in-Wharfedale - a real whoppa it is too!

Auntie Hilda and family come at 7. Their first appearance at our place since early November. They go for a drink. Kim Dean rings at 9pm. At 10 John and myself go up to his house near JCT600, where a party goes on until 12. Glynnis and the girls are there. Poor Helen Taylor still fancies me. I give her a good time. MM brings John and myself home at 12.15. Very enjoyable party indeed. Diane Rushworth was pissed out of her poor mind.


Saturday December 22, 1973

Dad wakes me at 6.25am and I wash, dress and go downstairs where I blow up several balloons in the lounge. Mrs Blackwell bangs on the door at 7 with a story about the taxi driver being late. They are going to Torquay for Christmas to see their son and four grandsons.

The weather is shocking, fog and rain both at the same time. At 8.0 I get the 55 bus arriving in Leeds at 9.0. Spend three hours and £6 buying presents in near torrential conditions. See Sue Bottomley in 'Scene and Heard', who says June didn't enjoy the party at Benton Park on Wednesday. I tell her that I didn't enjoy it either, and she gave a wistful smile.

On arrival home I try ringing Jackie in order to get to the bottom of these latest 'June rumours'. Whilst talking to Uncle Jack the line goes dead and at 5.30 I had heard nothing further from Pudsey. Even Mum is hopeful that June and I will get back together. The prospect literally makes me feel like going hysterical with joy. Who knows what might happen?

John, Christine W, David, Marita, MM and Linda go to York until 4am. I await further instruction from higher places. I went to the Emmotts and sat with Ivy until 8.30 when Chris, Andy, Peter Mather and gang joined me. At 11 we went to a party near the Golf Club - gate crashed it. Remained until 1.30. Peter brought me home.


Friday December 21, 1973

The coming joys of the festive season have yet to take hold of me and all I think about is June. She's driving me crazy. I think I'll go and see her tomorrow.

Now that Princess Anne is truly established as a married woman I think it indelicate to retain her portrait in a prominent position in my bedroom. I have therefore replaced her by Miss Bottomley. The most angelic portrait I've ever seen.

At 5.0 I decided to ignore the EP editor's party and come straight home. Chris rings at 8.05 and says I can get a lift to Farsley if I'm at the Emmotts by 8.30. This is impossible. Sue and I remain indoors and see Stanley Baxter imitating the Queen's Christmas message - quite authentic.

Tonight was the first Friday since November 2 that I didn't enter a place set aside for the consumption of alcohol. It made a change.

I put up some mistletoe for Mother and sit by the light of the Christmas tree feeling generally sorry for myself.


Thursday December 20, 1973

Slept in this morning. Work by 9.50. Feel like breaking down and __________.Pathetic isn't it?

Everything was so bloody happy last Christmas. At this time I was madly in love with June. I still am, but at least last Christmas she felt some affection for me. I saw her last night. God, it will kill me. Cousin Jackie told Mum that she (June) was still very fond of me. Jackie sees her at college. I just want to be sick. If she is fond of me, and if I love her, why aren't we together? Christ, why must I suffer such tortures? I wrote her a letter again, but don't suppose I'll get a reply.


Wednesday December 19, 1973

Saw June at the Benton Park Christmas dance. She didn't say much and seemed disinterested in anything I do or say. Love sick, that's my trouble.

Generally, the whole thing (the dance) fell through. People trying to be things which they aren't. David didn't say much. MM had been for a haircut. June looked lovely. Lynn went to the Emmotts for the first time - and little Janet Roots managed to get a sherry out of me. John and I were wearing identical jumpers, and all the lower 6th girls had the usual fight on the topical question "who's gonna _____Mig Rhodes first".

I now know why Pamela Barlow rang. She's a bloody sex maniac. Talk about throwing yourself at someone! Laura attended in her usual capacity as "Tart of the Year 1973".

Ah well, if Liz Taylor and Richard Burton can get back together then June and I still have a chance. God, the thought of it makes my life a lot warmer. She's the only one to give me a purpose to live for.


Tuesday December 18, 1973

Interesting day at the YP. Work for Lynn at the Chuck Wagon . See Sue who is expecting her first child in six days. She's quite massive and is now much more blond and with very short hair. Toffer is much the same. Quite busy for a Tuesday. Les, the so-called "queer" brings me home in his Bentley at 11.45. Have a bath in the newly decorated bathroom, and the new carpet, fitted today, is superb. Not tired at all. Bed 1.30am.

PS - Pam Barlow rang whilst I was out. What can she possibly want ?


Monday December 17, 1973

Princess Anne and Mark Phillips return to desolate Britain. Chaos reigns in all places. Mr Barber announced his Christmas budget in the Commons this afternoon. A typical 'election type' budget, which gets only at the rich. Obviously, Mr Heath is planning an early general election. Some sources are going so far as to suggest January 24! My resources as a voter may be required sooner than I imagined.

An Aide-de-Camp to the Queen has been injured by a letter bomb in London this morning. Brigadier O'Cock is his name. It goes to show that this can easily happen to VIPs. The Queen herself is unaffected by letter bombs. Her mail will be thoroughly checked before it is placed before her and if it isn't, Brig O'Cock is a good example of what might happen.

The tv today closes down at 10.30. I go to bed at 10 o'clock to avoid the humiliation of seeing everything black-out at such an early hour.


Sunday December 16, 1973

3rd in Advent. Glance at the family documents again. The Rhodes family has never passed the same name on from generation to generation like some families do. Only a couple of Johns follow each other.


Saturday December 15, 1973

Go to Leeds with John. See nothing worth buying. Snow in Guiseley and extremely cold.

Later: rush down the lane to get a bus to the Woodside Tavern where I'm meeting Tiff and Martin V-B. Miss the soddin' thing. Go to the off-licence in Guiseley and buy a bottle of apricot wine in a whisky bottle. Get the 33 bus to Horsforth. Call in to see Chris then find Pam's house. Vilma, with her boyfriend, a cheery, bookish lower 6th female, and Pam are the only guests. Judith Lea arrives ten minutes later. Martin, Tiff and Andy Barrett arrive at about 10. Andy B and Judith Lea begin with the orgy. Pam and I make ice-cream for the dinner party - and what a bloody dinner party it was! Never have I seen so much food on one table! Martin and me toast everyone we can think of - for about an hour.

Later. Very much later.We leave for home suitably stashed up with bottles. Martin and I walk towards Rawdon wearing little green police helmets. At the crematorium we get a lift. I get out at Guiseley baths. Home by 2.45. A very good laugh. Especially Martin's impersonation of Tommy Cooper.


Friday December 14, 1973

Uncle Tony 'caught up' with Mother today. He's 38. Haven't seen him or the family since October. This time of the year tends to be a bad one for Auntie Hilda, who becomes depressed at the thought of spending money at Christmas. At the moment her main worry is Uncle Tony. Will he or will he not lose his job in the current economic crisis? We all know he won't, but Auntie Hilda doesn't. She's never content with life like Mum is. Not at all like sisters really.

Chris rings at about 7. Meet at the Emmotts at 9 o'clock. Martin Vere-Bunowsky and little Helen join us, with no Laura for a change. She's gone to a disco with Philip Cartwright. Martin and I discuss the party tomorrow evening. He thinks it'll be an absolute orgy... five of each sex... can you blame the poor boy's mind for thinking that way? All get merry. Leave Emmotts at 11.10. Bus home.


Thursday December 13, 1973

Britain today came to a grinding standstill when the Prime Minister, Mr Heath, announced drastic measures in the Commons. From Monday many industries will be on a three day week, which will create massive unemployment by the beginning of the New Year. Tv will close down at 10.30, and Christmas tree lights will only be allowed to be lit on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The steel industry is to close down and the so-called 'national boom' is dead. Poor Ludovic Kennedy was heart-broken when he realised that his prgramme 'Mid-Week' would be axed by Mr Heath's measures. The poor man was desolate.

Anyway, on the bright side, turkeys are free from the VD epidemic which wiped out millions of them last year, and no restrictions concerning the manufacture of Christmas puddings has yet been enacted by HM Government. Poor Sarah was shivering with cold at work this afternoon due to the ban on office heating. Petrol will not be rationed until the New Year. And if you want my opinion, all we want now is a World War and we will have had everything.

Went for a drink with Peter Lazenby at lunchtime. Didn't return to the YP until 2.20. Miss Went was nice about it. I was pissed. Drinking on an empty stomach always flattens me. Going to the editor's Xmas booze-up on Dec 21.

Bed at 11.30.


Wednesday December 12, 1973

Miss Went came back today after having had two days off. Uneventful day at the YP. Cold and rainy.


Tuesday December 11, 1973

An interesting morning filing the obits. The Prince of Wales was yesterday made a personal Aide-de-Camp to the Queen. The other ADCs are the Dukes of Gloucester and Kent, and Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

See in the Express that another of Prince Charles's girlfriends is engaged. Lady Henrietta FitzRoy, a daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Grafton. However, Jane Wellesley is still tipped for the top.