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Friday October 25, 1974

King Stephen died 1154. A horribly busy day. Get up after 8 but don't arrive late for work because John's lift to Yeadon helped me get a bus.

The Duchess of Gloucester's baby is a 4lb 4oz boy - or Earl - and he's having breathing difficulties in his incubator. Kensington Palace says the doctors are 'concerned'. A know-all journalist in the Daily Express says that the child will be christened William after his deceased uncle. Who does she think she is? Yesterday, in my anger, I said that the little Earl was 10th in line of succession. In fact he's 9th.

Dave and Lynne M arrived at about 8.15 & we see Morecambe & Wise until after 9. The four of us then go on to Leeds and have one drink in the Highlander before going across the road to Cinderella's. No trouble getting Lynn into the building. You're supposed to be 21 and she's only 16! Drink, pernod, whisky and ale until 2. Truly memorable evening & Lynne wore a white carnation in her buttonhole which looked slightly like we'd been to a wedding reception, but otherwise it was 'fab' (to quote Judith Rushworth). Home at nearly 3 and have chicken soup and toast. Bed feeling unusually tired.


Thursday October 24, 1974

William Wilson born 1875. United Nations Day. My half day. Arrive late at the YP after seeing Sue Crosby on the bus. She's now at art school studying the structure of fungi and broken chimney pots. At about 11.20 somebody tells me that the Duchess of Gloucester has given birth bu caesarian section, but they leave me guessing as to its sex. It's either the Earl of Ulster or Lady ___Windsor.

Meet Mum at Moon's Mill at about 1. She informs me that her car key is broken in the lock. After about half an hour chasing around Guiseley Papa arrives in a police car with a spare key on his person. Home at 1.30. Mrs Rawnsley is having difficulty with her lawn mower and Dad goes round there for half an hour to mend it after taking Mama back to Moon's for the afternoon.

2 hours later: I have just realised that all the horrible things people are saying about this country are quite true.It is a sign of our decline towards oncoming communism when the BBC fail to report the birth of a baby in the Royal Family - nay, a baby who is now tenth in line of succession to the Crown of the United Kingdom. The BBC places greater importance on the price of coal.


Wednesday October 23, 1974

Very quiet day & nothing interesting at all happens. Don't ring Lynne because I forgot all about it until after 9 and decide that it's far too late to bother.

Read a book about the Crown and the constitution till after 12 and drop to sleep with visions of Queen Victoria and Lord Palmerston floating above my head & melting into the wallpaper.


Tuesday October 22, 1974

When we were in Windsor, Denny confided in me that 'the gang' would begin to dissolve within a couple of months of our return. That was said in mid-September, and now I do believe her prophecy is coming true. No longer can 'the gang' be seen each weekend in the Hare & Hounds, and gone is the familiar chink of beer glasses, rising above the drunken laughter in the smoke-filled grotto at Wikis. Phyllis Whitethighs is deeply in love with a 'shady' character from York; John is involved (as you are aware) with Carol; then Andy is with Linda; Chris is in a deep financial mess at the moment and won't probably be back on his 'drinking' feet until the New Year. Poor Marita loves MM and refuses to associate with any of us; and Denny hates the idea of me going out with Lynne and doesn't want to associate with me at the moment. So it's all coming true. The happy family is no more. It may re-assemble when we all tire of our lovers but until that day comes the Hare & Hounds will never be the same again.


Monday October 21, 1974

Nothing to report today. Saw TV all night, and I was joined in this enthralling entertainment by John and Carol. Poor Miss Smith _______________.I can really hear the gentle clatter of wedding bells this time. Admittedly, I also heard the jingle when Miss Phyllis Whitethighs was in the running, but they (the bells) were not half as loud as the ones which ring in my ears at this moment in times. Poor old girl. She is obviously unaware of the real character of my dear brother, otherwise she'd have emigrated to the Belgian Congo many weeks ago.


Sunday October 20, 1974

Up at 12. Nice lunch then see a James Cagney film again.

John goes for Carol who does Mum's hair, then she and Dad go out for the afternoon. Sit in front of the TV all afternoon looking at photographs. Peter and Sue join John and Carol in the lounge and I sit on the floor with a cup of tea. Lynn does her homework.

See in the Daily Express that Rudolph Nureyev and Princess Margaret are having private ballet rendezvous together in his London studios. I can just picture the scene. All I can say is I hope Mr Nureyev is being well paid for it. It can't be a heartening exercise having to hoist HRH above ones head.

Mum and Dad go out in the afternoon and John brings Carol round for tea. We all decide to go to the cinema. I ring Lynne and inform her thus. See 'Three Musketeers'. I've seen it before with Denny, but it was well worth seeing again.

John had to drag us all into the Clothiers before the film started in order that he could consume his revered pint. All back to Pine Tops for coffee. See 'The Saint' on TV which stars Roger Moore in the title role and is superbly done in the traditional 1960s style. Dave takes Lynne home at nearly 1 o'clock and I depart to bed.