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Thursday September 5, 1974

Ring John & Sheila in Windsor and they are very enthusiastic about Denny and I going down on September 14. That's our autumn holiday settled anyway, and I can hardly wait to go. Uncle John says that Uncle Harry is also going down on Sept 13, so it should be a very nice cosy, family affair. Ring Denny at 6.30 but Mrs Akroyd says she isn't in & I put down the phone and sit smiling to myself about the fantastic times I've had at the seat of the British Monarchy. Denny rings after 7 and is thrilled at my Windsor news.

Hear that Andy's grandmother died last night and he therefor may not be going to Grassington tomorrow, which is quite understandable.

See the TV till after the 9 o'clock news. An attempt was made last night to remove the Stone of Scone from beneath the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey. Had to laugh about it, because when I saw Dad tonight and told him of this he said: "Oh, not again." As though it's something that happens every six months. Mum had exactly the same reaction. The last time we had such an occurrence was on Christmas Day, 1950, when the stone was taken by Scottish Nationalists out of England and deposite in Arbroath Abbey. Mum and Dad have good memories or they have become very ancient.

Ring Chris and Dave L. Dave is at one of his (tropical) fish meetings tonight and Mrs L says he'll ring me later.


Wednesday September 4, 1974

Nice day at the YP. Weather shocking and what a let down it is for September which is usually very nice. Moving all the dead folk out of the personalities files and move them to a section separate from the rest. Get as far as the 'C' section. Moving files of characters varying from the 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, KG (a right old sod, ho helped to shove poor King Edward VIII from the throne), to Sir Winston Chuchill, who's been glorified far too much since his death. Most Prime Ministers this century have received peerages on retirement. I think the following list is correct:

Herbert Asquith, Earl of Oxford & Asquith
Arthur Balfour, 1st Earl of Balfour
David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor
Stanley Baldwin, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley
Clement Attlee, 1st Earl Attlee
Antony Eden, 1st Earl of Avon

Can't really see Harold Wilson ending his days as the 1st Earl Wilson of Scilly, but let's wait and see.

Go to the Hare and Hounds at 9 after collecting Dave L in the 1100. John did this of course. I a what you can call in no uncertain terms, pedestrian. The crowd at the Hare is very amusing and I fall around laughing at Linda Smith who's arranged all the meals for the camping trip down to the very last detail. After taking Dave home the car breaks down and the clutch and gears sound absolutely terrible. Dave takes us home in the Sunbeam and Dad later goes to Tennyson Street - after returning from the pub -in order to salvage the car. Rains all night.


Tuesday September 3, 1974

Boring day. Weather bloody awful. World War II began at 11am 35 years ago today. See a TV programme tonight about Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, who was a war correspondent throughout the war, who saw horrific atrocities in Belsen and Auschwitz. He predicts that future historians will make out that Hitler wasn't all that bad, and we'll forget these foul, sub-human, animal-like horrors. Let me make it quite clear. Adolf Hitler is not regarded with sympathy by the youth of today, and millions continue to view him as the most evil swine ever to darken the doorstep of the world.

Clive Jenkins, a filthy old TUC associate, today made a speech at the Trades Union Congress meeting in Brighton to the effect that he House of Lords consists of thousands of Royal bastards or descendants of David Lloyd George. Mr Jenkins is very much mistaken in his assumptions. Indeed, no royal bastards sit in the House of Lords. I think Mr Jenkins meant to say "descendants" of royal bastards, i.e. those families descended from Charles II and William IV, to whom several dukedoms and earldoms owe their existence.


Monday September 2, 1974

Lousy day with constant rain and drizzle throughout. Nothing much doing at the YP and I don't get out at lunchtime because of the weather, sitting looking at cuttings on the death of George VI instead. Kathleen goes at 4 leaving Sarah and I quite alone for the last hour. Peter Chapman comes in to see us and we laugh at his escapades in love. He's a childish sod.

Home at 6 for tea. Feel like going to see Marita tonight to look at the Appletreewick photos, which should be fantastic if they come out like we intended. Give her a ring at 6.30 and she says they are fine. Tell her about Fridays camping expedition to Grassington and she promises to ask MM whether they can go or not. She certainly fancies th idea but cannot answer for her espoused.

At about 7 Mama suggests that John and I take her to Pudsey to see Auntie Hilda, who doesn't know about John's little 1100. Papa is working until 10 so we leap at the opportunity. Arrive at the Gadsby residece at about 7.30 and we sit with dear Auntie H and Uncle Tony and the girls drinking home made wine commenting on how revolting it all is (the wine that is). Call in at Westfield fish and chip shop on the way home. Home at 10.30. Dad looks rarther pale tonight.


Sunday September 1, 1974

Up at midday. Andy rings and we decide once and for all to go to Rufforth. John takes Chris and I, and Denny of course. But before leaving we have to push Dad's car out of the drive in order to move John's - these old cars really are shocking. Quite a large body of neighbours came to assist. Mum was annoyed with John when he kept broadcasting the fact hat Dad's car has no handbrake. When sods like Harry Monkman overhear such titbits they never let it drop.

To the Station Inn in Yeadon at about 1pm where we meet Andy. Drink Campari and soda - an excellent drink which makes a change from bitter. Collect Linda and Carol at 1.30 and we take Carol with us. Andy has acquired a new rally car to sell - it's up for sale at £350 - and he hopes to get rid of it at Rufforh this afternoon.

At Rufforth for 2. Pleasant afternoon but I become very easily bored by the racing. Eat my head off all afternoon. The beer tent was full of wasps which kept me away for most of the time. At 5 a lage black cloud came over and we piled into the cars, parked close to the track. I fall asleep in front of the 1100. Home for 7 and chicken for tea. Ring Dave L, whom we pick up at 8.30 - then ring Marita who spent the whole day in bed, brooding over the fact that she has six free tickets for Rufforth but no one to go with. I console he and tell her to come to the Fleece tonight.

To the Fleece with John and Dave L at 8.30. Move on to the Stansfield Arms after a few camparis. Don't like the Stansfield at all and glad to get out at 10.30. Dave is now coming camping with us next Friday - should be a tremendous laugh. Home by 11. Bed at 11.30.



Saturday August 31, 1974

Up at 7.30. Feeling terrible. I had far too much to drink last night.

All day, till 4, at the YP. Give Sarah a lesson on the monarchy. She thought that a monarch did not succeed to the throne until he/she had been crowned. I insist that the succssion takes place at the exact moment when the late sovereign has passed on. She has lived under the false impression that the throne was vacant at the time of her birth in November 1952, nine months after the death of George VI and seven months before the Coronation of Elizabeth II. What the hell do you say to an apparently intelligent 21-year old when they ask why the Duke of Edinburgh isn't King when his wife is the Queen? Pathetic it all is.

Finish work at 4. Home for tea at 5. Salad with Mum and Dad. Everyone else at work. To the Hare & Hounds at 8.30, but do not stay long. Linda and Phyllis are back from Gt Yarmouth, but don't talk too much about it. Move on to the Red Lion at Burley-in-Wharfedale, then Denny, Chris, Christine W, John and I move on to the Queen's Head, leaving the loving couples Andy and Linda and Peter and Carol. Have fish and chips which are exceptional before leaving for Guiseley. Denny and I go to Wikis. Very strange being the only two from the crowd. Stay till 2. Don't drink much. Just a couple of pernods each. She comes back to Pine Tops at 3 and stays in Lynn's bed. She's out at a party with Christine Dibb for the night.


Friday August 30, 1974

Good day altogether. YP as per usual - where I hear from Sarah that's she had been dreaming about me last night - which can't be bad at all. Evidently, I'd gone into the office with a serious amount of gelignite on my person and terrified everyone to death. Strange dreams some people have. I had hoped it would have have been something sexy - but it was not to be. Unless of course the gelignite is representative of my sexuality - a bomb waiting to go off. Sarah could be a real raver with a few gins and tonics down her.

John goes from work to Donald's with the new car - and stays till about 10.30 doing odd jobs on it, etc. At about 8.30 I walk to the Hare with the new umberella for Dave B which only cost a quid and a half. Keith comes down and together we get merry, or perhaps I should say pissed. Carol is now going out with Peter, & Dave is recovered from last Saturday's accident. This is all the latest news. And, oh yes, Keith hasn't seen Helen for about a week. See Laura, who accompanies us to the Commercial. On to Wikis at 10.30 where we stay until about 1.30. Got the hiccoughs and had to make myself sick to cure them. Keith kept trying to help by punching me in the stomach, but this drastic plan failed miserably. Home and sit in the toilet reading Arabella Buckley's 'History of England' - very old, but fascinating.


Thursday August 29, 1974

Warm day but somewhat cloudy. Nothing much of importance at the YP. It is disappointing that Sarah and Carol do not want to go on the weekly pub crawl which we agreed would be held every Thursday from now to eternity. Draw £30 cash from my Barclaycard which I give to John towards his car fund. £195 is rarther a lot for a 17year-old boy to fork out. You must understand that I haven't given him the £30 and he must pay it back at a date yet to be decided by my solicitors.

Mum tells me that Denny rang at ablout 5 o'clock to ask if I am working tomorrow. She'll be disappointed. I have to work all day Saturday too.

I would like to alter the style of my diary which, since its beginning in January 1973, has been boring and monotonous. Can't imagine why I ever bother to write it, but no doubt it will be worthwhile in 100 years time.

Princess Anne and Capt Phillips are staying in Yorkshire this week for the Bramham Horse trials, which are held at the home of Colonel Francis Lane Fox, a relation by marriage, of the YPs beloved chairman, Sir Kenneth Parkinson. It's about time the princess got herself pregnant. The Queen should be a young granny. But before then I hope to see Capt Phillips ennobled with a dukedom or marquisate.


Wednesday August 28, 1974

I hate using biro at any time, but especially in my diary which I consider to be a sacred document. However, it happens that I have used up all my blue ink and so I have now to stoop to this cheap form of writing until I lay my hands on a new bottle of Quink.

Quite a warm day though not a good one at the YP. Sarah is not in a very good mood.

The man who is 28th in line of succession to the British throne, Mr Haakon Lorentzen, was seriously injured by a thug in a Newcastle pub yesterday, Mr Lorentzen is a son of Princess Ragnhild of Norway, and a grandson of King Olav, making him a great-grandson of Queen Maud, and thus a great-great-grandson of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom of Gt Britain, etc. A sign of the times when royal scions cannot refrain from the plebian vices of hooliganism and brawling.

Mum, Dad and John go car hunting at 7.30 and I ring Marita only to discover that she is out. Keep ringing for an hour without any success. Talked to Kathleen about the next General Election. She says it will be next year and not in October like Michael Foot keeps suggesting. It could be October 3, 10, 17, 24 or 31. Just to be on the safe side!

Sorry about this but I've found a supply of ink - Lynn's I think. Well, have done nothing all evening except inspect John's NEW CAR. Yes, I can't really believe any of it either. An 1100 - white with red interior. Surely, this is a historic day for us all.


Tuesday August 27, 1974

Lynn wakes me at 10.30 saying Denny is on the phone. I stagger downstairs. Denny says she can get a weekend trip to London for two - completely free - this weekend. I say I think I'm working on Saturday but just to be certain I ring the YP. Carol informs me that I am on all day on Saturday which puts paid to to all possibility of a weekend in our glorious capital city. Denny isn't too bothered and says she'll ring me later this evening. Lynn departs to work at 10.45.

At lunch Dad says he is to take the job with the CID after all. I don't know when he takes up the appointment, but we are all very pleased he's taken it.

At 2 I go into Guiseley with my library book 'Queen Mary' which was due back last month. The library however is closed for Bank Holiday.

Go to Bradford where I see that the Barbra Streisand's film 'For Pete's Sake' is on at the Odeon and make my mind up to see it tonight. Call in to see poor Denny, who is mad about the London weekend, but she says she'll go to the cinema with me. Then go see Lynn, working busily at the British Home Stores - she says she'll also come to the flicks, but then changes her mind because of a pre-arranged date with Ronnie._____. Go to the Wimpey Bar with Denny for a greasy cup of tea- at 49p each. To the Odeon at 5.30 - both films are excellent, but 'For Pete's Sake' is great and Denny enjoyed it especially. Both get the 55 at about 10.30 - and Denny goes to Yeadon, where she intends getting a taxi. Home by 11. Hear from Lynn that Marita rang.


Monday August 26, 1974

Denny wakes me at 10.30. We have toast and lark around. Chris brings John and I home at 12.15. Lunch with Mum, Dad and Lynn who is bored sick of staying at home but she cannot come out with us this afternoon because she expects a social call from Miss Dibb.

The papers are full once again with stories of a romance concerning the Prince of Wales. The young lady in question is Miss Davina Sheffield, daughter of a dead colonel. I have given up hope of ever seeing the heir to England's domains walk down the aisle with his bride by his side. Somehow, I thought she (the bride) would be Lady Jane Wellesley, but I cannot see the future King marrying a convicted drunkard.

Chris picks John and I up at nearly 2. Carol is with him. We go to Dnny's where Dave B sits in an armchair looking horribly pale, and he continues to look ill for the remainder of the day. We go to the Dyneley Arms where we meet Andy and Philip Cartwright. At 3 move on to Harrogate and the fair. Thunderstorm there. Get a thorough soaking. Have an enjoyable time. Stay until 6. On to the Travellers Rest for sandwiches and a few drinks and a game of darts. Home at 8 and decide to stay in. Feel very tired. See the end of the film: 'It's a Mad, Mad World'. Bed after 12.


Sunday August 25, 1974

Up at about 10.30 for breakfast. Miss Dibb joins us for toast and marmalade, etc. Worried about Dave B I ring Andy where I learn from Mrs Graham that Dave spent he night in Otley Hospital. At least they'll be able to deal with his injuries, which certainly needed some medical treatment. Ring Denny who asks if anything exciting will be taking place tomorrow, then ring Chris, where Mrs Ratcliffe informs me that his lordship is still asleep in his bed.

John drives me to Guiseley Railway Station at about 5 o'clock - in pouring rain - and I have a nasty experience with Dave B's umberella, which completely collapsed about my head. Arrive work at 5.30. Shortly afterwards Denny rings and invites me to her house, where by all accounts a party will be commencing from 10.30 onwards this evening. Go to the Central with Tony K from 9 till 10. Taxi to Denny's at midnight - it only takes 15 minutes. Andy, Carol, Peter M, Chris, John and Denny are the sole party attenders. The girls are busy making chips. Before 2 everyone goes except Chris, John and myself and we argue about what we intend doing for the day tomorrow. I think we shoud go to the seaside, but everyone says I'm mad, and shout abuse concerning traffic jams and other such rubbish.

Denny and I sit in her lounge drinking Dry Martini until after 4am. We then both go our separate ways to bed. I sit reading 'The Betsy' by Harold Robbins, which I've read before, and also glance at an autobiography of a one-time Hell's Angel. Daylight by the time I eventually go to sleep.


Saturday August 24, 1974

Believe it or not I think now that I could quite easily have any girl I wanted. Even Sarah isn't such a fantastic possibility as I would have thought only a week ago. God! Stop me if I become vain, arrogant and big-headed.

One year ago today Miss Bottomley finished with me. obviously, you are all sick of hearing about this infantile relationship, but it had an extremely deep impact upon my life, which I cannot ignore. I'd have thought that it occurred two years ago. These past 12 months certainly have dragged by.

Get up at 10. Do nothing all morning other than go for my first car ride with John. We go to collect Sue from the hairdressers.

Chris calls on us at about 3pm and we sit in front of the TV watching 'Blithe Spirit', the brilliant film adapted from the play of the same name by Noel Coward.

John took the car out on his own for the first time and we experienced something horrific. Going to the Hare and Hounds at 9 everyone decided to move on to the Commercial & we all departed. On the road to Esholt Dave missed the bend in the road and crashed. He went through his windscreen - wrecking the car but only slightly injuring himself. He could quite easily have been killed. We are all shaken up. From around 9.20 to 10.30 we hang round the car whilst Dave cleans himself up in the Commercial. Poor Carol was shaken.

See TV. Christine Dibb is staying the night and we all retire at about 1am.


Friday August 23, 1974

Warm day. Climb out of bed at 10am and have a little breakfast. Susan is the only other member of the clan at home. Play records till after 11 when something possesses me to ring Marita. I do so, and we arrange to meet in Leeds at 12.30. I miss several buses and arrive 15 minutes late. We go to the Wellesley, where she devours a salad sandwich and several lagers, and I a cottage pie and a few pints. She leaves me to return o work at 1.30 after pouring out all her troubles to me about what will happen when MM goes to Sheffield in October. I sit on my own in the Wellesley until 2 before scooting off in search of a hairdresser clutching a pack of twenty cigarettes. Go into WH Smiths to look at a few dirty books & feeling quite intoxicated. Whilst rumaging through ther dirty magazines I feel a sharp poke in the back, swinging round I see dear Sarah standing before me brandishing an umberella. Quite a surprise. She gets a couple of books and then we go to Whitelocks for a few drinks. Sit talking with her until 3, then she goes for her bus home. I madly search round Leeds for a toilet - six pints of beer becomes quite a torrential possibility after three hours of solid supping. Look around, after relieving myself, for something of interest and end up in Leeds Reference Library looking at peerage books until nearly 5. To work where Kathleen asks me whether I'll work Sunday night and have Tuesday off. I say yes. Work uneventful, and feel drowsy from the ale. Go with Tony Kelly to the Wellesley at 9 and return at 9.45. Intend goint to Wikis but Mama rings me to say John is already home by 11.20. Dad's been offered a new job in the CID but he doesn't know whether to do it. Come home by taxi for 12.15 & feel really tired - glad I didn't go to Wikis after all. Bed immediately.



Thursday August 22, 1974

Cloudy, overcast day but really enjoyable. Sarah, Carol J, and I go to Whitelocks, a charming 18th century pub in Leeds centre. We get somewhat sloshed before staggering back to the YP at 1 o'clock. Sarah really is too gorgeous when she's sloshed - a pity she can't always be that way.

Katleen isn't at all nice about our boozing excursion, though she lets us out for 4.30. The three of us, Sarah, Carol and I decide to have a night out next week so that we can really let ourselves go.

Today, Sarah confimed that Janice is pregnant, and says that Janice has never told me because she's too shy to do so. Not characteristic of Mrs Beaumont. Come home on the same bus as Sarah, who is too fanciable for words.

Do nothing in the evening except see 'Top of the Pops' and sit with Susan and Peter listening to records.


Wednesday August 21, 1974

Yes, my eye is much better this morning, thank you. Bright, clear day. Both Phyllis Whitethighs and Her Royal Highness The Princess Margaret celebrate birthdays today.

To the Hare & Hounds at 8.15 with Lynn and John. Lynn wears her new Marilyn Monroe-style pullover. All the crowd are within by 8.30. I go home with David B to collect some records which he lent me when we were at his place two weeks ago, then we come back to the Hare. Denny brings me a new single 'Queen of Clubs' by KC and the Sunshine Band and lends me a James Brown LP. MM and Marita come in and ____. Denny seeks refuge in the charms of Graham Pease, who takes her to distant places. Don't really know why Denny and ____.

Phyllis drinks approximately ten shorts before landing flat on her face in the Hare's car park. A frantic departure and Andy, Linda, Carol and Phyllis go home - the remainder coming back to Pine Tops for a coffee. David B is quite attached to Lynn and I harbour secret hopes of a future romance. Bed at midnight. Good day really.


Tuesday August 20, 1974

Very warm day but bloody lousy from my point of view. To the YP at 9am - Janice and Carol are both off leaving Kathleen, Sarah and myself. Quite busy.

Going to lunch at 1 o'clock I get something in my eye which iritates me. By 2 the pain is unbearable, and having puchased a £9 postal order I return to the YP and go to the medical room where the little man there gives me an eye-bath - which proves unsuccessful. At 3 I go back to see the little man and he repeats the treatment - which, again, is unsuccessful. Kathleen finally decides to allow me to go to the hospital and I stagger to Leeds Infirmary. A doctor plays around with my eye and pulls out a piece of grit, relieving me of great agonies. I stagger to the bus station where I find consolation in the shape of Susan Bottomley, who joins me on the 35 bus. We discuss nothing in paticular but she tells that June passed her 'A' level and is going to college for certain.

My eye continues to be very painful and I don't intend straining myself any more this evening. I'm about to climb into a hot bath and hope to retire early tonight.

The whole family have been very sympathetic about my tragic disposition and Mama expressed relief I hadn't rung her beforehand because she'd hav been worried sick.


Monday August 19, 1974

After the weekend I will never again _________.Wake at 7.30. YP very interesting. Carol, Sarah and I decide to go out for a drink one lunchime later in the week, and decide to make a regular habit of it. Believe it or not, I am now attracted to Sarah more than ever and can forsee the possibility of a future relationship.

File some pictures of the Duchess of Gloucester and decide once and for all that she is now the sex symbol of the Royal Family. Of course, most Danes are fair haired and pretty. That Prince Richard certainly knew what he was doing when he got her down the aisle.

Home at 6. Sit listening to 'Gypsy Man' by War whilst eating a salad, trying to avoid the arguing of John and Mama in the lounge - quarrellng over the serious business of buying and selling cars.

I must remember to buy Phyllis Whitethighs a birthday card for Wednesday August 21. Lynn is to accompany the mob to the Hare to join in the festivities of this joyous occasion - should be fun.

See TV all evening including a programme about the history of the Labour party which was very interesting. See on the news that the U.S. ambassador to Cyprus was assassinated in Nicosia last night. A sticky international situation may well arise from this atrocity. No one rings me by 9 o'clock and I give up hope of outside contact tonight.


Sunday August 18, 1974

Still at Appletreewick: wake at about 7.30 and we all lay listening to the fading radio until about 9. We make the breakfast which is very apetising and then do the washing up in the river - or perhaps I should say that Marita and I wash up in the river - because the other two refuse to do any chores others than those directly involved in eating. Marita and I decide to go into the Wharfe, which is incredibly cold, and glide down some 'rapids' on her inflated lilo. Sit on the river bank and take photos until nearly 1 o'clock. Back in the tent we all stretch out and listen to Jimmy Savile, singing along to the records of 17 years ago. Begins to rain at 3 - spoiling a beautiful weather record for the weekend. We hurriedly pack up the tent and equipment and flee in a torrential downpour to Ilkley, where we sit in a lousy cafe eating fish and chips. Rain stops as we leave Ilkley and I'm home for 4.30. John is at Andy's discussing buying cars, etc. He rings Mama to say he's staying there to tea. I have a steak and chips, then have a bath and wait in anticipation, fo further developments. Peter Mather rings and asks for John. I tell him to contact him at Andy's. He does. I then ring Denny and Chris to arrange something. Denny goes babysitting at 8 and Chris says he'll be at the Hare quite late on. I walk down on my own to the Hare - picked up by Andy on the way at about 8.30. Nice evening and I sit with David B for most of the time. At 10 o'clock we all move on to the Yorkshire Rose. Chris comes to Pine Tops at 10.30 for coffee and Mama and Papa come home simultaneously. Bed at 12.


Saturday August 17, 1974

YP till 12. Not all that busy and I sit talking with Sarah and Carol for a good deal of the time. To Marita's at 12.30 collecting a few loaves and cheese on the way. Mrs Fountain makes Denny and I a nice meal, and MM comes at 1. We pack the things in the car - one would think we were going camping for a month - not just the one night - and depart for Appletreewick at 1.30. We call in at a wine store in Ilkley where we purchase gallons of Cinzano and Martini Rosso, etc. Arrive at Appletreewick before 2 and erect the tent immediately - very close to the Wharfe. The sound of the babbling water makes Marita run to the toilet. W do nothing really other than go for a walk, and scoff a meagre meal, before going o the pub at 7.30. Have one drink outside but the midges and geese drive us in. It's a pub strictly for non-smokers. Have a tremendous laugh at all the eccentic people within, including bunch who sit and eat themselves silly. Back to camp at about 10 where, to our horror, we realise we have no light of any description amongst the pile of equipment. We open the bottles and slurp the contents in the darkness, spilling vast quantities on the ground. Get drunk. I do a "tea-towel dance" and Marita takes several photos. W all collapse shortly after midnight. Have hillarious time in the tent. I sleep sandwiched between Marita and Denny and am the most comfortable member of the party. Sleep soundly until 7.30 on Sunday morning.


Friday August 16, 1974

Very warm and sunny. My half-day. John passed his test at 2 o'clock this afternoon and the events of this evening confirmed my long held opinion that dear Daddy is a bastard. I know it's not a nice thing to say about the man responsible for bringing me onto this earth but there it is. A typical Rhodes through and through. He refused to allow John out in the car on his own, making feeble excuses about it being dangerous____.To the Hare & Hounds with John at 7.30 and we attempt to get drunk before all the others come an hour later. John gets fresh within the first half hour but I stay quite normal. Gang comes between 8.30 and 9. Sit with Marita, MM and Denny. Decide to to Appletreewick tomorrow for the remainder of the weekend. John, in the meantime, is becoming all the more drunk, until 10.30 arrives and he finds himself unable to move. Chris takes him home and my designs to get MM and Marita into Wikis fails. I go alone. But inside meet Andy, Linda, David B & Carol & Christine. Home at 1.30 then pack a bag ready for tomorrow.


Thursday August 15, 1974

Princess Anne was made a DCVO this morning - her 24th birthday. The Queen, in the citation, made reference to her daughter's "calm and braveness" throughout the kidnap attempt in the Mall on March 20, saying the same about Capt Phillips, who becomes a CVO, and Rowena Brassey, the lady-in-waiting, who becomes MVO. The lower class newspapers headed articles on this event "YES IT'S DAME ANNE", and "OH WHAT A DAME", etc. The papers no longer mention the fact that HRH is in line for the title Princess Royal. No doubt the princess dislikes this style and will not let Her Majesty revive it. Mind you, it is dowdy sounding for a young woman I do suppose.

Warm day. Sunny, but windy. Nothing of interest at the YP except my pay. Home at 6. Denny finally sent me the letter she owes me, and I decide to write back immediately. Mum is still not pleased about me going camping on Saturday, though she leaves the whole affair entirely in my hands.

John takes his driving test tomorrow and I only hope for the honour of the family that he will pass this time. He can do no more than try though. To change the subject, I now feel as though I made a mistake treating Judith Beevers the way I did. Recently I've missed our little 'tete-a-tetes' in front of the TV or in front of the TR6 - and in my own silly way I must have fancied her. Keep wondering whether or not to ring her. Don't suppose I will do. Hell, aren't I a burke when it comes to women? Look at the Bottomley Affair, which dragged on for months purely on my part, involving fantasies about the re-estabishment of a relationship, etc. Bloody well brainless, that's what am.


Wednesday August 14, 1974

Rains all day. Bloody awful weather conditions for August. YP not outstandingly interesting & come home in rain, minus raincoat, at 5. Uncle Harry is here for tea - most pleasant, and I never tire of my favourite uncle's visits. What a character he truly is! Lynn and Sue are at Denny's until tomorrow and so Mum is left with Uncle H, John and I. Papa is also not with us due to work. See TV all evening including an interesting programme about the life of the late Earl of Suffolk & Berkshire, who was killed defusing a bomb in the Second World War. Uncle H was in stitches at the antics of this aristocratic war hero.

By the way, Denny rang me at 11am and asked whether I'd like to go camping on Saturday night. I say yes. Michael or Marita will provide transport and Denny will supply the tent. I think it's a good idea but Mama thinks otherwise - she's never been an advocate of outdoor sleeping, she has obvious objections.

At 10 Mum goes with Uncle H to collect Dad from work. John and I sit listening to Radio Luxembourg and discussing the American charts. Mum and Dad come from the pub at nearly 11 with fish and chips, but minus Uncle H who decided to make his way straight back to Wakefield.

Come to bed at 11.30 with a cup of cocoa and am in two minds whether or not to take a bath. Decide in the negative. An early night will do me goog for once.