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Friday May 11, 1973

Got up at 6.20. The start of a really wonderful day. The sun was shining in a clear blue sky and the birds were singing merrily in the newly-full-leafed trees. Dress and run down the lane to catch the 7 o'clock 55 bus. Arrive at school at 7.25. Sit on the bus-park wall and wait for the economists and other hangers-on all going to Washington New Town, County Durham, today.

By 7.45 Louise, Christine, MM, and I are on the back seat of a rotten old coach. Dave arrived and joined us 5 minutes later. What a hysterical laugh it was on the journey there. After a few minutes on the road Christine decided she wanted a coffee and scalded everyone by pouring it out going down Pool Bank - where the road is very unmanageable. What a mess we were all in. We sang songs and played games - 'join the dots' etc. Our only stop was at a Forte's cafe where MM spotted a really pornographic magazine being displayed for all to see, next to a copy of Vogue, with Princess Anne on the cover. MM persuaded, or I should say 'dared' me, to buy the porn mag. I did, but he paid for it! What a laugh we had with it on the way home.

Washington was a really hateful place. The architect should really be strung up by his ankles. What a tip! And that's all I intend saying about the place. We set off back at about 3.30. Going home was even more fun than the journey going. In order to clean up the mess of any future 'coffee' incidents with Christine, MM and I stole a couple of toilet rolls from a public convenience and hid them behind the back seat - we certainly needed them!

Back in Rawdon by 5.30. Home at 6.20. Dave picked John and I up at 7.40. Spent an hour at the Emmotts where June, Sue B and MM arrived. June thought the porn mag was "terrible" - I have to agree with her to keep the peace. From the Emmotts we moved on to the Fleece at Horsforth. MM left us at 10 and we set off for the Elma at Shipley - where we were refused entry because it was a members only do.

We went on to the disco 'Caroline's' at Kirkstall. Before entry can be made you need a tie. John did not have one, so we used Dave's yellow handkerchief and a safety pin from Sue B's trousers, and pinned it to his shirt. June was hilarious. We got into the club at 11 o'clock. Remained until 2.05 am. The lights, music, drinks and atmosphere make it a wonderful place. Dave felt ill at midnight and he sat down in a dark corner. June and I danced some romantic steps and good old Dave managed to get John to dance with Sue. Dave brought the girls home at 2.15, nearly falling asleep at the wheel. John and I were home by 2.30. After he'd left I suddenly realised the porn mag was on the back seat of Dave's Dads car. The horror of it all! Mum was growing worried about the whereabouts of John and I. Straight to bed.


Thursday May 10, 1973

No school today. A very windy day. Do a 'Bank of England' essay - but scrap it after a couple of minutes.

Go to vote in the afternoon. Vote for Philip Cartwright's Dad - a Tory - then for another Tory and a nice little Liberal. It is the first time ever that the electorate have had more than one vote on a polling day. A silly man on the tv says that those who perm their votes, which I did, are idiots. What the Dickens is wrong with feeling sorry for one pathetic little Liberal? Anyway, in a few years time it will be nice to see the ex-Lady Harewood in Number 10. I hope it won't be an embarrassment for the Queen having the ex-wife of her cousin as wife of the PM.

Spend the evening at home. Go to bed at about 11.30.


Wednesday May 9, 1973


Tuesday May 8, 1973


Monday May 7, 1973


Sunday May 6, 1973

Get up at 11.15. Overcast, humid, and rainy day. Have a beef curry at 12.00. Auntie Hilda, Uncle Tony and the girls came home from the continent last night. They are coming over here this afternoon.

Walked to the CW at 12.45. A completely dead afternoon. Pauline came at 1.10. Sue went upstairs for a while whilst Pauline, Toffer and myself watched the tv, drank coffee, and ate ginger cake. No customers came in until 3.30. We bought Mars bars and put them in the refrigerator until they went hard. Very tasty. It began to get busy at tea time. Pauline left at 7.
Sue and I had a mixed grill, with a bottle of red wine, then apricots in brandy. We went upstairs to watch Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. Came home at about 12.


Saturday May 5, 1973

John gets up at 6.00 and goes to Wembley with Geoff Saxton. Yes, the day has come. Leeds United are playing Sunderland in the FA Cup Final today. How can Leeds loose? Sunderland, a second division team, have only played at Wembley once before, way back in 1937. Watch the build up to the kick off from 10.30.

Mum and Dad go shopping a buy a few large cans of ale. Bill Stott rings up at 2.15 and asks if he can come round to see the final on our colour tv, which, incidentally, is one year old today. Mum is furious when Dad says yes to him. When he does come he turns up with his father-in-law - both nice blokes really. Kick off at 3. The Duke and Duchess of Kent in the royal box. At half-time Sunderland was winning 1-0. We all seemed to take it for granted that Leeds would snatch two goals in the second half. Full-time: Sunderland wins 1-0. We are all stunned. Poor John, going all that way to see his idols defeated! Geoff Saxton will no doubt commit suicide. Tragedy!

Go to the CW. Sue and Toffer didn't even watch the match. She said I was a baby for saying I "felt sick inside" when contemplating the defeat. Pauline came in at about 7.10. She says she was on Sunderland's side throughout. Later on in the evening she promised to 'rape' me when I had finished doing the washing up. Not a very hectic evening. Toffer brought me home, un-raped, at 1.15 after sitting with some beers for an hour. Working again tomorrow. Fool, Michael. You bloody fool!


Friday May 4, 1973

Terrible weather. Rain and icy blasts. One would hardly think that it is May.

Take Sue to the dentist and sit in the waiting room reading an old magazine featuring Princess Anne and Lieutenant Mark Phillips. The insinuations that it might be an Easter engagement seem very silly now, to say the least. But, just because the TV and papers stop publicising Pcss. Anne and Lieut. Phillips's every move doesn't mean to say that the romance is over. It seems to me that the couple are being put through the traditional 24-month separation, which the Duke of Kent and many other royals had to go through. An endurance test as it were.

Mr Ayling doesn't arrive for the double lesson this morning. We all go instead to the common room and make some attempt to read Harvey. June and I sit together at break. She does an exam at 1.30. At 2.40 Dave and I rush out of school, along with Denny, MM, Chris, Tim, Liz, and many lower 6th scum. What we get up to when Groves isn't around! I go to Rawdon library until nearly 4 o'clock. Go back and see June. We walk to the bus stop together - it's raining hard.

Go to the CW - quite busy.


Thursday May 3, 1973

June sends me a letter. She has tonsilitis but will be coming to school today. What a relief!

Go on the 8.30 bus. June arrives at 9.30. She sits with Linda who prceeds to tell June about my so-called "affair" with Christine. June pretends to be put out. Linda can be a bitch at times.

We go down to Rigg's at 12.15. She forgets the shopping list about eight times. Christine and Dave are astounded. She tells me, as we walk down, that our meeting at the Emmotts tonight will have to be cancelled because she has an exam tomorrow morning. I quite understand, and I tell her that I cannot go out on Sunday either because I am working. She laughs. Oh Lord, we can't go out until at least Wednesday of next week, and even then she is doing more exams and she may have to revise then as well. At least she is back.

Walk down to the bus stop at 4.30. Paul Cheetham and Sheilagh Thingy-in-the-lower-sixth are standing there. My bus comes. We kiss goodbye. Come home and have tea. Quiet evening in watching the television and reading.


Thursday May 3, 1973

June sends me a letter. She has had tonsilitis but will be back at school today. God! What a relief! Go on the 8.30 bus. June arrives at 9.30. She sits with Linda who tells June all about my so-called "affair" with Christine. June pretends to be put out. Linda can be a bitch at times.

We go down to Rigg's at 12.15. She forgets the list about six times. Christine and Dave are astounded at her scatter-brained behaviour. She tells me, as we walk down, that our Emmotts evening must have to be cancelled because she has an exam tomorrow morning. I quite understand and I tell her that I cannot go out on Sunday either because I am working. She laughs. O Lord, we cannot go out until at least Wednesday of next week, and even then she is doing more exams and she may have to revise then as well. Ah well, at least she's back.

Walk to the bus stop at 4.30

Wednesday May 2, 1973

Get the 8.30 bus. Revise in the library until Mrs Lane arrived at 9.45. We start immediately with the two essays. I tackled the British one first which was: "Discuss the view that Appeasement was a policy which was bound to fail". Very good. I quoted both Randolph Churchill and Lord Avon. The European question was: "The decline of democracy in Germany was inevitable by 1930. Discuss." Finished both by 11.15.

June still away. Last night I wrote her a letter which I posted today. She should get it by tomorrow. Anyway, she's got to be back by Thursday. Sue has asked me to work tonight because Moody Martin has exams all week and he wants to revise.

Go down to the bus stop with Dave again. Home by 4.40. Go to work at 7.30. Sue also asks me to work all day on Sunday! This means I'll be working: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Think of the money? Go home at 12.30. Immediately to bed and sleep.. Please June, please come tomorrow.


Tuesday May 1, 1973

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones is 9 today. June still not at school. Get up at 7.40. Weather beautiful again (or perhaps I should say, beautiful as Sunday). The Glorious 1st of May! (or is that June?) Oh June, why aren't you at school? Life is hell without you.

Read Eden until 10. Then do "Balance of Payments" with Christine. Two and a half hours! What a mess we get into! She re-writes her essay 6 times. Get into a mess with the maths. Run down for the lunches alone. Have soup, crisps and sandwiches with Louise, who goes home at 1.30. Things aren't the same since she finished with Chris.

Read through Eden again until 2.30. Tomorrow is Mrs Lane's timed question and so in the afternoon I devour several important paragraphs of Randolph Churchill's "The Rise and Fall of Anthony Eden". Have a laugh with Christine. Walk to bus stop with Dave at 4.05. Awful without June. Miss the 55 and get the 35 with Dave. Get off at Yeadon. Dave goes to Ray and Marian's. I go to the record shop until the next 55 bus comes at 4.50. Come home and have tea.

Read Queen Victoria until 7.15. Go to CW. Sue and Toffer went to see some pubs yesterday but the state of them quite put them off. They are staying at the Chuck Wagon after all. Not a very busy evening. Toffer brings me home at 12 o'clock. We sit for ten minutes in the car talking about buying pubs. Come in and have some eggs. Go to bed and sleep immediately.


Monday April 30, 1973

Feel really terrible. Both John and I have stomach upsets and suspect it was the beer we had last night. Oh, how uncomfortable it all is! 1st day back at school after Easter. June did not come. The first day back is always miserable! Did Economics.

Do excuse me but I'm in a pretty rotten mood. I have to revise Anthony Eden and the Dictators 1930-39; Germany 1919-39. I also have to complete by Balance of Payments essay - and ALL before Wednesday morning.

And June didn't turn up today. She said nothing about it last night. What can be wrong with her?

Sit with Louise for lunch. We share a tin of cream of chicken soup. She got all the meaty bits! I love those juicy bits of chicken, but no, she had to have them. Louise and Denny were talking about me in sign language this afternoon. I'm not sure but I think it was something about the holiday. Oh June! Why can't you be coming on holiday? You are an Angel. How can I look at another girl after looking at you? But, I do realise that Angels can only be looked at, and are not for earthly love. I would have to ascend into Heaven in order to understand you.


Sunday April 29, 1973

Low Sunday. Get up at 9.30. Early for Sundays. Beautiful day. Hot sun. Unfortunately I have to sit and do my international trade essay - from 10.30 till 1.30.

After lunch I go out and cut all the lawns. The birds were singing. The sky as blue as Wedgwood.
Oh why can't they weather always be like this?

Come in and sit with John who is watching "Goodbye Mr Chips", the film made in 1783 starring Charles Boyer, Mae West and Dame Laurence Olivier, etc. "Wot a load 'o rubbish". He then goes on to watch the 1903 version of "The Diary of Anne Frank", the girl who lived for 2 years in an attic cupboard and was eventually found by the Nazis, convicted and put to death for being a Jew. What a way to spend a hot, Sunday afternoon.

Mum makes tea of salad and then goes for a ride with Father. The girls go to Ally's for a couple of rounds of Badminton. John and I prepare for out trek to the Emmotts. I have a bath. Dave rings at 7.00. I am still in the bath. John takes the message that Dave isn't going out. I think: "what the bloody hell's wrong with him?" I get out the bath and ring Dave. I persuade him to come out. He picks me up at 8.10. Arrive 8.30. June arrives simultaneously. E. very full. June looks delightful. We go on to the Tudor Bar, Burley, at 9 o'clock. Very posh, but full of teeny-boppers. Don'y like it very much. Came back to E. at 9.50. Stay an hour. Dave takes June to Horsforth. We secretly follow her to Featherbank Lane. She mustn't want us to see the house where she lives. She's so sweet. Come home at 11.10. Mum and Dad and the girls just retiring. John and I watch television. Come to bed at 12.30. Wore my new "bunny" for the first time. June thinks it's cute.


Saturday April 28, 1973

Get up at 10.0 and go to Leeds with John. I buy another jumper. He gets a "lumber jack" type jacket - £7.

Continue with Queen Victoria by Cecil Woodham-Smith. Victoria and Albert was one of the greatest romances of all time, others include (to quote Frankie Howerd) "Anthony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Nelson and Lady Hamilton, Robin Day and himself...." etc.

Oh what a darling Victoria was! The more I read about her (and I've certainly seen a lot) the more I believe she was the greatest person flung-out by the 19th century. Prince Albert was responsible for lifting the monarchy above politics. William IV was a rabid Tory and Queen Victoria was an equally keen Whig - but Albert soon put a stop to her involvement in politics. The raised the Royal Family far above the vulgarities and cunningness of politics. This was his greatest achievement. Since then no sovereign has ever identified himself/herself with one particular political body. Therefore, why do certain people shun the Queen and Royal Family simply because they are socialist? Such persons are purely naive. The Queen represents EVERYONE, and not simply the well-to-do and Conservative classes.

Go to work at 7 o'clock. Sue is still in pain following her fall from Polo yesterday morning. Had a laugh with Pauline - we devoured soup followed by ice cream with butterscotch sauce and several beers. Toffer played his Woodstock LP. A HATEFUL recording indeed. Pauline agreed that it was completely lacking in taste. She sat reading until 1.30. Came home at 1.50. Lynn was alone. Her boyfriend, Chris, had been here until 11.30. Mum and Dad were at Auntie Hilda's with John and Susan. The Gadsbys go to the Continent tomorrow. At 2am they arrive home. Have coffee then go to bed.